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I have a Furrever Home!!!

My Gotcha Day - TWO years living in my Furrever Home!!!

December 12th 2012 8:24 am
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Two years ago today, on a very cold and damp night, I came to my Furrever Home. I am now all grown up, have had my spay surgery and all my shots, etc., and I am healthy and VERY, VERY happy.

Thanks to my CATSTER friends who sent me pressies and sweet notes. Tonight when she gets home meomwy said she will open a can of PEOPLE tuna!!!

Lizzie Bennett
A Happy Little Orange Tabby Tat


Snuggling on a cool night !!!

October 31st 2011 8:53 am
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The weather has gotten cooler down here in the New Orlean area. Last night I felt really chilly, so I walked from the end of the bed and patted meowmy on the face with my paw. She looke up and said.."Oh, are you cold Lizzie?"....I took my paw and pulled the cover off her and she laughed, and moved it so I could get under the covers right next to her. I stuck my head out and rested it on her shoulder. That felt SOOOOO...good. In no time we were both asleep. Being a short-haired kitty is hard when the weather gets cooler, but I know I can always snuggle with meowmy!!! If she is a "work" (whatever THAT is)...I can snuggle with Punkin, Snowbell or Callie...they all have nice fluffly coats.


Toys and Treats and The Cat Tree....O My!!!!!

January 7th 2011 1:06 pm
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I have been playing with toys my meowmy bought for me, and she gave me a cat treat yesterday YUM!! There is a Cat Tree in the bedroom too - that is me on it in my new Main Photo. I have fun climbing up there. When meowmy comes in and says "Where is Lizzie....I look down from the Cat Tree and smile at her. Then I jump down so she can pet me and give me my dinner.

Nothing is better than having a furrever home!


I adopt a meowmy

January 2nd 2011 10:08 am
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Well, about two weeks before Christmas I was a lost little kitten. I had gotten away from my home (don't remember how), and had hidden in the engine of a car. The girls who lived at that house heard me meowing, and had their daddy open the hood of the car. There I was, dirty, cold and hungry. They took me inside, and gave me some milk (they had dogs only). That was on a Friday night.....well their daddy and mommy started to sneeze and sneeze...they were allergic to cats. So they told their daughters they had to find me a home. The girls said "We know where we can find her a home! It was a VERY cold Sunday night, so one of them put me inside her sweatshirt and off we went, walking down the block. They rang a doorbell, and this lady answered the door. The older girl said "Oh, Miss Faye, we know you have kitties, we see then in the window when we ride our bikes." My now meowmy nodded and said she did have kitties. Well, then the girl pulled me out from under her sweatshirt and my now meowmy took me in her hands. She said, "Of course I will take her and find her a home....(MOL...MOL). Well, for almost two weeks I would not let my now meomwy touch me, I was scared. But she put me in the upstairs bedroom, and gave me dry food, wet food (YUM!!), made sure I had lots of water and a clean litter box.

On Christmas Eve, she came upstairs and said...."Well, little girl, I am going to sleep upstairs here. Hopefully you will let me pet you soon. As soon as she was settled under the covers I jumped up on the bed and snuggled up under the chin and purred......she smiled (and cried) and petted me and kissed me. "Oh, you precious little kitten, you did own people!"...Well, I fell asleep right on my now meowmy. When we woke up in the morning she said "Well, you little orangie girl, I cannot find you a furrever home."....I got scared, what was she going to do with me....then she laughed and said..."THIS is your furrever home!!"...I was SO happy!!!

I have been having a very good time meeting other CATSTERS, and playing with my new meowmy and sleeping with her every night. Last night I played with a toy, and that made my meowmy laugh too....I like to see her laugh.

Lizzie Bennett

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