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Zoes secret dreams made public

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My birthday party! Woo hoo!

January 13th 2012 6:35 pm
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Zach said sense I have country music going I ought to have a good old fashion southern redneck party. There's going to be a
Mud bogging

Pig picking

Play some horseshoes

Lets party!


Matchmaker Zoe here...ladies come see what I've found!

January 16th 2012 8:02 pm
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I have just about feel in love at first sight with this new kit. That's good right, no. He's two! Geez, why couldn't he have been older. Well, if you do a handsome list like Samoa, then you can say "Hey! Look at this hottie. Meeeoooowwww!" Wouldn't that be cool to say that without being carted off to jail. MOL.

Gosh what does a girl do? I wish he had a 6 or 7 year old twin on here. Do you want to see him? This is for Zach's lovelies in training, 1 and up. Zach of course will want to tell you that you can't talk to this guy cause he doesn't trust any guys with you girls but if I was you and 4 years younger.....Holy Cat!

I enlarged his pictures so you could see he's beautiful face so they are just a tad fuzzy.

I love a man that wears eyeliner!

Look at this walk! I can her Zach's theme song can tell by the way I walk, I'm a womens man no time to talk!

His name is Charlie, he lives on a farm (I think) with three generations of cats, all beautiful. His best friend is a dog named Riley and his owners are three little human siblings. who obviously adore him very much. Mom even says Samoa should check this guy out for a future Dreamboat.

Interested? Valentine's is coming up, let Matchmaker Zoe hook you up! This is his URL: Sorry i didn't do the link, Mom is in a hurry.


Kringle's meltdown!

January 18th 2012 1:24 pm
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Poor Kringle. I can just see him mooping around the house, eating every thing in sight and biting at his nails. Poor Kringle. I hope the depression is mild.

What am I talking about you may ask?????? He's upset with not being picked as a dreamboat. And now his brother Tigger was picked as the Angel Dreamboat number something. Zach and several others have told him it's no biggie not being picked. Zach is actually happy he hasn't been picked. He says he can't remember all his lovelies now. Can you imagine what it would be like if he was.

Anyway, Kringle's diary about not being picked.

You know, he practically lives in a gold zippered strait jacket that Zach bought him, anyway. Zach has always liked Kringle around cause you just never know what that idiot will do. He's such a goof ball. And no matter what you do...don't feed him. He spits out these little gremlins after eating. MOL! Just kidding.

So I've decided to do a Non Dreamboat Edition just for Kringle! I'll call it our "Notoriously good looking crazy friend of my brother's Undreamboat Team" abbreviations will be NUT. Put that behind your name! Hee hee.

We love you Kringle!
Look at how handsome he is.


Mom needs a break...from us!!!!

January 19th 2012 1:24 pm
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Mom says the way we were acting she would have done better with 5 human kids running wild around her. My allergies are going nuts, I've pulled all the fur off my belly last night and chewed the top of me feet till they have just a few patches of fur. Mom has been giving me my allergy meds but something is definitely a miss, then she found a couple fleas on Gris. remember all it takes with me is one bite. She said there you have it Zoe, you must have a flea. So it's off to the vets for that little special pill that kills them off of you in hours. Mom is curios of what that pills name is. It can't be good on us if it's that strong but desperate measures you know. Oh yeah, and I'm showing my dissatisfaction with how I'm feeling by pooping and peeing everywhere I can. Even in the closet!

Then Gris is messing with everything. Knocking stuff off tables, trying to chew through the bag of dog food (he has food in his room, he's just doing it cause he can) trying to play with Diamond which in return makes her dart off immediately which then alerts the sheriff Zach and he goes after Diamond! Mom holds her head yelling Calgon take me away!!!!

Mom wants to know...have you ever wished they would just go lay down for a couple hours?????? Can't send them to their rooms for peace and quite. Cause they would just break something in there or have Diamond hiding under the bed within minutes!

And on top of all that, every bad habit Zach has acquired over the years has been officially taught to Gris. Zach's little masterpiece is done. Mom turns her back just for a sec. while washing dishes and Gris is trying to drink the soapy water!!!! Last night Mom kept catching him trying to climb up to the stove top. I have to admit, when she told him "down" he got down but with the most pitiful look on his face. He even told Mom it's not fair!!! Mom said "I'm not giving in."

PS- Gris tried 3 different times to get on the stove. Stubborn that one is. Good news..our "Miranda" the orchid is doing very well and is as beautiful as the day we bought it.


Guess What!!!!! I have a secret admirer!

January 22nd 2012 4:23 pm
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One question has been running through my head today.......who is it? Who has such good taste? Who is crushing on me? It could be anybody.

See I got a giftie in the mail yesterday. Zach was yelling we aren't expecting any gifties! Who's it from Mom? Mom opened it up and there was a beautiful wrapped little present. Grandma was here and she said "Oh this is a special gift cause of the pretty wrapping." Mom opened up the card and read was for me!!!!
It said "Lovely Zoe" right then Zach said I like this guys style. Then it said "enjoy playing with this special heart. Love, Your secret admirer." Gosh who could it be..what could it be????

Mom and Zoe delicately unwrapped the giftie and it was a heart! A gorgeous red heart with a cute pattern on it and little sparkly specks on it. And man did it smell good. Of course it did it came from Happy River Dances.

Isn't this exciting!!!! River wrote Zach earlier and Zach told him Zoe got the giftie. River asked does she know who it came from? Zach wrote back that she has an idea but it could be anybody. River said he will never tell that he promised not too.

Mom is posting picture of me with someones heart.

My new heart!


If you ask me....

January 31st 2012 5:46 pm
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If you ask me.....15 some days is too late but finally Mom has decided to do my Birthday thanks diary. So here it goes.

Calie, my BFF - heart
Mayflower and mickey- pink ribbon
Tate- heart
Jezebel- heart
Luke Tulley Sammy and Natasha-heart
Maedia -heart
Smiley Cassanova-heart
Finn, Lacey and Alex-heart
Mr. D and Sam and fam-heart
Sammie, Kiki and Ember-pink ribbon
Zoey -heart
Nadia and Gump -cupcake
Teebo and fam-champange toast
Jasmine-birthday hat
Miranda-roll in yarn
Teddy Bear-birthday hat
Tigger-Birthday hat
Skylar and fam-cupcake
Ingen- birthday hat
Sleeper and fam- snowman
Toby -cupcake

Thanks for all the comments too.

By the way, I
m still trying to figure out who sent me that gorgeous heart. Don't be scared, I would love to hear from you, really I would.


MIA this weekend..death in family

February 5th 2012 7:50 am
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Mom got notified at work Friday after lunch, that her aunt had died while napping Friday morning. She hadn't been feeling good but she was always scared of Doc.s Thus she had no medical history or PCP. We really don't know why she died yet but they are doing a basic autopsy. She was 66. Once we get auntie back from Chapel Hill then we can set the funeral date.

Mom said she actually one of the lucky ones because she went peacefully in her sleep. She was supposed to go somewhere that afternoon and not feeling good, decided to take a nap before they went. My first cousin found her. I feel for her and my other first cousins wife for they were the ones that was there at the beginning and called 911.

When Mom found out, they decided to let her break it to her Dad. So she called Grandpa broke the bad news and went and picked him up at work. Mom didn't want grandpa driving himself because of the shock factor. Ever sense Mom has been spending time out in the country with the family. Mom said it has been nice spending time with her cousins, she said they seem to be doing fine but our family are known for grieving privately. I thank everybody really is still in shock cause there was zero signs other than her complaining about feeling bad and short of breath lately.

So, if we are MIA for a while please forgive us. Mom told the family if she can help find important papers (because her aunt wasn't the most organized person) and give the house a good cleaning and help go through family pictures for her memorial then she would be there.

Today, Mom told them she would try to stay home, do some cleaning and shopping for the house. She also figures Brent, our human brother, would be coming over for the football game so she needs to go get some snacks and order a pizza for later.

You know it is funny how everybody grieves differently. The people that was at the house that isn't family was just a balling where all the family members stood around in silence with moist eyes. It's never been so obvious to Mom till this weekend. And my poor Mom, having died on the operating table she is not doing well at all either. She explains that something changes in you and the empathy factor goes way up, just uncontrollable sobbing when she thanks about anybodies death. Grandpa told Mom that her grandpa after he died and they brought him back that it changed him drastically. That he never wanted to go to funerals afterwards, that his personality changed drastically and never wanted to go anywhere alone anymore out of fear. If I have a therapist friend on here or someone who has experienced this can you tell me if there is help for people who have died and came back....Mom's mom is so fragile now. Plus she knows her cancer could very easily come back and I thank that messes with her too. She's not even seen the family but that first day and that was a very short visit. Mom is already on a daily mild dose of Prozac. Even though she bet the cancer she still thanks she's going to die. I wish I could help her.

Zach will still be keeping his Superbowl date with Monida tonight so Mom will be around if she can help it. She says it would be a good distraction. Mom also said she wants to make another treasury list today on Etsy...that's always enjoyable to her. You can find us under Zakori on there.

Love all our friends and thank you for reading this. Sorry about the rambling.


Wan t to know my secret thoughts?

February 10th 2012 2:06 pm
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I thank Gris is a big baby. He gets mad if Mom puts him down before he's ready. The other night, Diamond decided to get out from under the covers on the bed, in the process covering up Gris with the covers. He actually started to cry like a baby. Guess it scared him.

Want to know another one? I thank I'm the luckiest girl ever to have the gorgeous Teddy Bear for a boyfriend. I do thank he is so beautiful and comes from a very well liked family. Mom says that's because they are so nice. Have I mentioned that he is a dreamboat? An honor which has not yet been given to Zach yet (not sure if Bad Boys are allowed in that club. MOL) Did I tell you he has already sent me two dozen roses? They are so beautiful on my page!

I'm such a lucky girl.


Life around here

February 12th 2012 7:47 am
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Things are starting to settle down around here. Yesterday was Grandma's Bday and we are all so exhausted we decided to just talk on the phone instead of doing anything exciting. We have the memorial today and then they can get back to normal for good.

We have a new family portrait! I'm not crazy about it but Mom loves it. She says we were being the typical unruly kids that wouldn't sit still for the camera. Except for Mr. Purrfect.
Family picture

We had a visitor yesterday! Miss Mariette, Gris's foster Mom till he found a home. I sat on her lap all afternoon. She played with Diamond as usual. Loved on Zach and kept calling him Bubba cause he reminds her of a kitty named that.

We had such a great day! There was even snow flurries for a minute or two. Not exactly what we wanted but so far it's the only snow we've seen this season, Mom says without snow the cold is just not worth it. Turns out Mom is having Jet ski and camping DTs. She said she's beyond ready to play. She has made plans to take the camper to the lake in a few weeks and have all the family out for a cookout. She figures that would be nice considering all the trauma of this week. Too bad the boat isn't ready.


Find your Valentine here!!!!! Just call me Yenta!

February 13th 2012 3:18 pm
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Matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof.

My dear lonely and alone friends. No cat should be by itself ever. You can either go partying with your friends and swear that Valentines is just a stupid holiday, drink yourself into a catnip stooper OR speak up here!

I want all my friends to be happy.

There's so many kits without Valentines. Please throw your name in the hat. Make a comment and somebody might say Hey I like him or gee she looks swell.

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