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kingdom kitty

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she kicked me in the head!

November 27th 2011 10:02 pm
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Tonight when mom went out to clean the boxes in our outdoor enclosure, I went through my door to join her and then calie came out with us too. Since we were already out there mom sat out there with us for a little while, but it was too cold to stay out long, so she went inside and I did too. Ok so my door is on one side of the fire place and her door is on the other side of the fire place we both came in and went toward the fire place and as she lifted up her foot to step down I ran into her foot (yea that's what she said but I felt a kick) I guess my head and her foot came foreward to the same place at the same time. IDK. I ran and she wanted to come and tell me she was sorry and that she loved me yada,yada,yada,whatever I was kinda scared to trust her. I finally did let her love on me and check my eyes and nose cause it was a hard kick! I am ok I later gave her lots of love and now as she types for me I resting on her feet and watching Abraham (my bird in a cage)


thanksgivng what will you be doing while your pawrents are- away?

November 23rd 2011 11:18 pm
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Hey I am very thankful that mom will be home with us she is not going to be gone for 2 or 3 get ups! Some times she leave us with a sitter, and even on the holidays! IT will be a great day for us she will go have dinner with her sister and family then she will be home with left overs to spend the rest of the day with us!
So what are your plans? are you home alone while your pawrents are away? or will you party with them at home?
IT was so good to hear from everycat in my diary yesterday there are lots of kitties that are free to roam even on the kitchen counters and there are some that are not allowed when their pawrents are home MOL of the kitties that commented yesterday it was like 50/50.
Happy thanks giving my catster friends.
lots of love from our houe to yours


do you see yourself? in this forum?

November 22nd 2011 10:25 pm
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This was my very first forum post when I got on catster
cats and a clean home MOL mom is still trying to win this one over a year later.Ok so I did not know many kitties when I posted here but a lot of kitties posted here and we can see some of our friends there when we look back,so were you there?
Let me know here in my diary or re-open the forum and let me know you posted there. I just mom does many of my friends are forced off the counter and how many are allowed to rule in your kingdom. Dad does not mind if I get up there but mom hates it so he makes me he tells me "little boy what are you doing up there" when mom is home, but when she is not home, well I have have dinner there with him, but ssssssshhhh do not let mom find out.


so what do you think?

November 19th 2011 9:57 pm
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What do you think of all our new pages? Dante and his mom made them for us! Thank you my dear friend you are totally pawsome.

All our pages look so pretty now. OK so Dante and his mom really like my page and they like Tiny's a lot too. Mom really likes tiny mighty moemoe's page. What do you think, I mean really dont' you think mine is the cutest of all?


what a moma wants.

November 12th 2011 7:43 pm
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I have been really loving my mom, not sure if I am concerned she is replacing me or ditching me cause she has 5 other cats here and that Ivey cat is sticking to mom like clue, well she ain't gonna take my time no more. I already mentioned I been sleeping with mom most every night and boo comes with me to mom's bed. Lately I go looking for mom during the day and evening and if the ivey cat is not to close to her, I get real close and talk to her "neeeeow" "yeeeeow" mom and dad said I never say meow it kinda sounds like I try to say "now" in their lingo, well just tonight I was talkin to mom and telling her how much I love her, and I pawpaw her and shower her with lots of kitty love and she said "oh my little boy moma has missed you" well I didn't go anywhere and I want my mom time back. When I first came to live her I was with mom all the time, so I know what moma wants from me and only I can give her little boy lovin so I am loving her every chance I get. I want to remain her # 1 kitty only boo can share that space with me MOL cause she was here first and I have come to respect and love her.


Did I t tag her?

November 11th 2011 6:43 pm
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Tonight I played hard and ripped through every room in the house I tried to get some cat to chase me and no kitty wanted to play chase so I kinda chilled....until.... I hear the dingle sound of the Ivey cat's bell collar, then I got real low to the floor at the bottom of the stairs and waited for her at the bottom and when she got there I jumped at her! MOl she backed up real fast and walked real wide away from me. Okay so I guess that freaky scary cat does not want to play chase either. Then....only a few minutes later she chased me right behind the sofa. Oh urrgh I thought she did not want to play chase mom said maybe I tagged her as "it" well all I know is if we are going to play I want to be the chaser not the chased.


thanks! hey let's go night night

November 1st 2011 8:28 pm
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Thanks to everyone for making my gotcha day and diary picks so furry pawsome! Wow can you believe it TWO diary picks almost back to back! I think the pretty charming diary lady really loves tux kitties and our ramblings. DDPs are always so much fun for us.

I am still sleeping most everynight with mom she needs me, now when she starts to bed she looks for me just like she used to do when I first moved in here and she says "little boy lets go night night" and as she heads to the stairs I streak past her just a flash of Tux kitty and into her room and up on the bed PURRING! as I wait for her to join me! Oh the joys of cool nights sleeping under a fan with mom oh yea and dad is there too. Mom used to always ask me to come with her to sleep but I stopped a long time ago, IDK I guess I have settled in to this life again, they sure keep us kitties guessing. In less than three years we have been through; living arrangements between boo and I. Then as we got comfey they move in FOUR kittens, as we adjusted to that then Alley went to the bridge, just as we got adjusted to losing her....oh then we get the crazy moma cat Ivey. things are better every day with that but she still creeps me out at times. I hope this is all the major changes for a while but there is talk of more changes in our house.
kingdom kitty out


Now that was coool!

October 29th 2011 7:46 pm
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I got a diary pick! I wrote a diary to thank my friends for making my got cha da so very wonderful and my diary was chosen! Thanks again my friends for celebrating with me today and I want to thank, the beautiful, talented, wonderful wise and witty diary lady too for ...oh no mom said my diary was chosen at random, oh well I still think that diary lady must be pretty pawsome to make such a great random choice.
MOL I am just kidding around.
It really was fun to be a diary pick, I just started writing again ( it was hard to get mom to sit still and type) and I like it when my diary gets picked. Moemoe is so jealous of me right now cause she thought she had a cute diary too but I don't think she is as cute as me. Thanks for my photos, prizzies, pawmails and comments.
Okay well gotta run that ivey cat still kinda creeps me out and I don't want to sit still to long or she come stalking me and chasing me under the bed cause is where my kingdom is at the moment! urrgh that cat is getting on my nerves, yea, I know she just neeeds some time I hear that from mom all the time.
love ya catster kitties.



October 28th 2011 10:25 pm
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Oh what a day I had it was was great, you know this is my first got cha day since I been a catster kitty, so I never celebrated it till now. Thanks my friends to making it a great day.
I am starting to move back to mom and dad's room for my might time sleep. I think I kinda miss my time with them and mom said she was missing me she even picked me up and took me to bed with her last night. She had stopped doing that cause I always hurry to get back down. Not last night I snuggled up close to her like a kitten and did my paw paw on her tummy. That is the 2nd time this week, we spent the night together.
Gotta run now, mom is going to help me get some thank you notes out to you all this week.
Catster cats rock!!!


I got lost

October 25th 2011 10:35 pm
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The night before mom was going to take me in for my v-e-t visit I was lost and it was the night before halloween! Mom told me later she was so scared that night is the thing I was a foster kitty and I heard mom say to dad, "I am just keeping him here on the patio until I can find a home for him" Well ok I lived there for a few weeks and I could come and go as I pleased mom even said "if he leaves he just leaves I am just gonna let him stay here till I can find him a home or he finds one on his own or maybe he will just be our outside kitty" Really mom wanted me to live with them but she thought dad and boo would never agree to it. Then mom told dad if he is "fixed" and has his "shots" it will be easier to adopt him out so she made me an appointment. The might before my appointment I left the patio and was gone a long time, moma cried, she worried some mean humans might try to hurt me cause I look like a black cat and it was halloween, she looked all over for me. When I came back hours later, she locked me inside and I have been an indoor only kitty every since. MOL I had to leave so she would know how much she was gonna miss me if she let me slip out of her life.

The vet said I needed 10 days of "down" time of course they fell in love with me and I spent my "down" time in the master bedroom, (big smile) yea boo was put out.
Thanks to my aunt (mom's sister) for the rescue and thanks to mom and dad for my very own furever home.

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