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what a day !

January 16th 2013 9:41 pm
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I had a great day on my birthday! Thanks to all of you that made it so wonderful! Mom and dad both gave me lots of cuddle time and I had some quality balcony time.
I slept with mom and I tried really hard to get her to sleep in for my birthday and all but she said some stuff about work and gotta get up then she left me with these youngesters.
I will be back later to properly thank everyone love "yall"
little boy


Got cha!

October 29th 2012 9:47 pm
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Hello everybody and many many thanks, for the well wishes. Mom has said she will update us back to plus real soon and let us all back on we miss yall. Life has just gotten so busy and now she barely even makes qualtity time for us amy more. Tonight Calie just threw herself and mom's feet. Mom's heart was so touched she stopped everything to sit on the floor and give her belly rubs and lots of kitty luvin. Calie was like in kitty heaven.
Four years ago I was gotted and the time I was a "foster" outdoor kitty living on the patio. So I roamed the streets and returned to eat at "home" Mom wanted to keep me as her own little boy kitty but dad was not really wanting them to have another kitty. Well we convinced him, I talked to him and head bonked him each time he came out on my patio and he finally gave in. The night before I was to go in to have surgery on my fruit cups,was Halloween,and well I left. Mom cried and she called and she walked the streets looking for me till well after midnight cause things do not always go well for black kitties during Halloween (I am a tux but mostly black) When I finally showed back up at "home" she took me into her arms, heart and home and I have never left since.
It is so great to have my very own furever home even if I do have to share it with the little brat cats.
Kingdom kitty out
Have a good night


a challenge

July 9th 2012 11:11 pm
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Hey my friends I wanna challenge you and ask you to pass the challenge on to all of your friends and if they tell two friends and they tell two friends and they tell two friends ..... you get the point.
OK I am calling this the /787922#comments challenge. He wrote a great diary how to keep the love and fun ongoing here on catster so let's all try it. I love to read diaries and make my comments and wow are there ever some really good photos here! Be sure to visit some angel pages and tell them what beautiful angels they are.
Read /787922#comments 's diary to see the complete challenge. Remember he did not call it a challenge I am challenging you to spread the love and while you are out it share the challenge.
This is still a great place to be and cats like me oh errr mmmm MOL I mean cats like you make it so grand.


tender beef jerky strips

June 30th 2012 12:02 am
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That is what mom called them and she said I prolly do not need to eat them but I walked all over her and right up her chest to smell her mouth and yep it smelled like real beef every time she said no little boy you do no need this. SO she relented and gave me three little tiny bites and of course Moe Calie and Tiny had to come see what it was but no they did not want any.
Mom says I should not have people food but my friends that know me well, know that I love to tsste the stuff mom likes to eat and she likes to eat JUNK mmmmm


DDP Hairball? and update on grandma

June 1st 2012 11:14 pm
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Oh check that out my cute hiney got a diary pick! Tonight it seems like I got a hair ball I never get those. Well I did when I first got here to my furever home but it has been a long time, not hair ball came up but I hacked a lot mom was concerned so she loved on me and rubbed my throat that always used to help and it did again to night too.
Thanks for purring for mom's mom (my grandma) she is feeling better but still taking it very easy. She will get her stitches out and the results of her MRI on Monday, thanks for purring and praying.
Mom has talked to her every day and she was going to leave us and go see her this week end but now mom is feeling a little yucky so she is going to stay home and rest with us. Grandma said a friend from church has plans to come and visit with her tomorrow. Grandma cannot drive per the Dr orders until they can figure out why her balance is a little off that was the second fall in less than two weeks. The Dr thinks that sinus drainage into her ear causing them to have fluid might be affecting her vertigo, so she will have to see a ENT.
Thanks Big Harry and KCK for my photo and thanks my friends for celebrating my DDP with me.


wiggle that hiney

May 29th 2012 9:36 pm
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Mom chuckles she thinks it is so cute when I wiggle my cute little hiney just before I pounce on MoeMOe MOL moe does not like it! Boo and I used to play like that and in the beginning Boo hated it to and used to scream at me, then she learned to love it to the point she would entice me to chase her. Well now moe has said she wants me to play chase with her so let's let the games begin. I fell much more like myself these last few days, that mournful sad look I was giving mom is gone I still cry with what sounds like a question in my voice. Mom does not see me searching for Boo any more.
Gotta go Moe needs for me to chase her and tinister has gotten to big for his fur these last few days I gotta let him know i am still alpha cat here in my kingdom


a DDP! and grandma's fall :(

May 28th 2012 8:36 pm
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Oh mom has had a very emotional roller coaster week-end. Her niece was married on saturday she got married on the anniversary of grandma's wedding 49 years ago! It was a beautiful garden wedding this niece was like an adopted daughter to mom, mom's sister let her go with mom any time she wanted and they spent many week-ends and weeks together this little girl went on trips with mom and dad from the time she was only three years old. Mom is glad to see her so happy.
The next day on sunday mom was spending time with family and her little cousins (7 and 9 yrs) out by the pool. Grandma was there for a while and when she started to leave she tripped and fell on the cement at the pool! Mom was right there and she saw her stumble and tried so hard to catch her but it all happened very fast (even though mom saw it in slow motion) mom and her aunt rushed grandma to ER and they put five stitches above her eye right where her eyebrow should have been there was a large gash. Grandma loves three hours away and was here for the wedding. Grandma ask one of her nieces to drive her car and take her back home, they followed grandma sister and her husband back. Please purr and pray for grandma to be well she has to follow up with her dr tomorrow.
Please go by and read moma Ivey's diary where are are asking if you can help us help Elwood
Thanks to everyone for my DDP photos! mom got them up on my page tonight. Thanks to for your congrats and pawmails.


outside cat !

May 23rd 2012 10:23 pm
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I was hanging out on the balcony it over looks the courtyard and the pool, there are critter flying in the air and I like to chase them, then I look down at the other end of the balcony and there is Moe staring down at very intently at the ground and then mom heard Moe scream at me so she came out and Moe went inside real fast! I puffed up big and my tail go and I looked over the rail to see a long lanky black cat coming down MY sidewalk, yea that's right he Saundered right down MY sidewalk. I ran inside and downstairs to get a better look from the front window and but could not see any better so I came back up and mom said he had left. Well I had to check it out myself and I was still mad. Mom talked to me and wanted to pet me so I grabbed her hand and was about to bite down when I caught myself (about to bite the hand that feeds) and I backed off to look for that punk again. Mom said for me to go inside so I whined and then hissed at her. Then when she put me inside I went after calie and bobbed her good while she was resting quietly under the bed, then I went for Tiny and he left the room. Moe stood her ground with me and mom grabbed me and the bottle of resuce rememdy and headed for the bathroom where she treated the back of my neck and ears then rubbed by lips with the left over. I do not like strange cats on MY sidewalk! Now I am chilled and acting like my little boy self again. I did let all the cats here know that when the fur flies I am still top cat (never mine that tiny moe cat).


getting my game back

May 5th 2012 11:17 pm
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Yes so they want to play chase like Boo and I used to do....well bring it on! I was messing around kinda playing with the rugs ( I always like to tunnel under throw and room size rugs) in mom's room and Calie insisted on moving in to make this a game for two, then Moe had to put her two paws into the mix, so I got up and flew by Calie like a flash of pure black and white kitty power, yup left her eatin my dust and lookin like "where did he go?"
Then tonight Moe wanted me to chase her real bad so we had a little game of chase but that girl is really a baby cry and squeals everytime I get the upper paw in the game and of course I always have the upper paw. I am normally pretty laid back so they forget my speed and power until I get in a mood to run and play. I am very Fast and I have a powerful jaw and paw yea even in play calie cries too. Boo was a tough girl cat and she could handle our game. The others will have to learn how to play the game of chase and tackle Boo and Little Boy style. IF they wanna play with me, I am such a loving kitty and I give it my all when I am in the mood for luvin but when I play I play hard. Boo was an ex street kitty and she knew how the game went.


so nervous

April 8th 2012 11:24 pm
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I am very nervous lately some days I feel pretty calm and other days I jump at every little noise you know the household noises that I am used to hearing. I napped with mom today and every little noise she made, caused me to jump. Now tonight I could not even enjoy my dinner because something was out side I RAN in from enclosure and halfway up the stairs to look back down at the back door that leads to the patio. Mom opened the door and checked for cats and showed me there were none but I did not want to see out there. So strange no other kitty is freaked out like me. Maybe it is still part of the grieving process Boo and I were very close we were here together as buddies before the others got here. I am not like I was before when Boo was here.... maybe cause she was the brave one and now that she is gone I feel alone and scared. IDK mom is back with the rescue remedy and I have not needed that since Ivey was here. When I very first came to live with mom and dad I was very laid back and chill but over the years here we have been through so much in our kitty household and now I just seem to be kinda high strung. (sigh) just want things to get normal again. Tiny Calie and Tiny seem pretty much the same so I guess they are all better....

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