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Exciting things and and exciting day coming

September 10th 2011 8:33 am
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Well furs happy Caturday!

Glad the rain has stopped and hope you have all dried out.

Thanks to Spice fur the GREAT Got-Cha Day Photo! I was so surprised to see it in my paw-mail I just cannot stop purring! Wow! So nice!

So that is the exciting day. Now to the exciting thing.

I was exploring! Way way way way way way up high! Not high! Way way way high high high! Near the clouds. Next to the moon. It took great courage to get up there and I found wonderful things. Jewels and gold and...

*Buddy Yells Over*
"Youz didz nonna dat whut youz jus say! Youz jus be inda bafsroomz an get onda shelfz."

No no no! it was a big exciting adventure. And when I needed a hand getting back home Timmy came and helped carry all the wonderful...

Buddy: "Noez he did'n do dat! He jus yellz up ta jumperz and you skeered and he say JUMPERSZ an you did and datz dat."

Well... OK... Maybe there was no treasure. But it was high high and...

Buddy:"Youz furgetz dat Buddy Bud Livez in dat dere linen closertz fur a mont or 2 when Buddy Bud furst move herez. It all high high fur kitten. Not fur cat. You say tanks to da Timmerz! Yessir!"

Ah shucks. Well. Thanks Tim for helping me get down, ah, off the linen shelf.

Toby: "Is he talking about the shelf again?"

Buddy: "Yup"

Tim: "Comon cats. Give him a break. He's still a kid. We furget that cause he is so big but his breed takes 2 years at least to mature."

*Da Boyz all yell out* Rumpy we are just messin wit-cha! Youz a good Fur of ours! We are glad you came to live with us!

*Rumpy chokes up*
Thanks Cats! You really are a good bunch of furends! I am such a lucky cat. Meow!

Happy Caturday all!

Your fur Rumpy Bump


New this! New that!

August 27th 2011 1:03 pm
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Rumper-Bump coming atcha from Byootiful downtown uptown all around.

I have a really Kool new harness! This one is a step-in. Wow it is grreat! I do not mind a bit and I will be...

*Buddy Yells: Yezz Yoo Doo! Yooz jus bout hit da ceelin when Popz putz it onyoo! He hadda go anz givva little babee kitee a cuddlez twoz calmz ya downer!" Buddy Chortles*

Uh... He was not cuddling me cause I was upset! He was giving me a Man-Bear-Hug OK! OK. Where was I? Oh yeah! Pops says when I get used to it we will go outside and, WOW, do all kinds of neat outdoors things. That sounds fun. I Can hardly wait.

So I am hoping all my good furs are safe during this hurricane storm thing!

Purrs and Man-Bear-Hugs to you all!
Rumpy Bump


Cant a cat have a little fun? Me-Ow!

August 14th 2011 12:20 pm
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Hi all! Do not believe all that Tim says for a mouse tail minute! He is not the only one working around here. I have been working. I work on... Ah OK then there is the... Hmmm... Well...

Alright alright I do play a lot. But I follow Pops around all day and give him Prrrttts! You know that is my signature sound. Prrrttts. Like a half meow with a purr. Very cool. Very cool indeed. Good for the moral around here. Yes

I also make sure Buddy gets his exercise and...

*Buddy Yells:"Yo doo naught! Yooz kawzin big problemers all da timz! Yo jus say dat you playin but you gonna git a bit by Buddy Bud! I bit you if youz cum klowz! Youz lak dem Demon hoomans on dat Super-Nadder tele-bishin!"*

Well. Humph. I never. Buddy is nipping every cat and...

*Buddy:"Nawt truez! I nebber nip Timmerz! Well almoaz nebber"*

OK. OK. Buddy! Listen! I will be nicer. Geezo-Cat can't a cat have a little fun and by the way; I DO NOT LOOK LIKE A DEMON CAT! So there!

Rumpy Bump
Workin hard at hardly workin!


A good summer

June 26th 2011 8:10 am
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So furiends I must say this has been a good summer.

It was the day of Bast, the wonderful Cat-Goddess of Love, music and dance on the 21st. This is when cats the world over ponder that wonder of wonders, that best of all possible things, being a cat.

Just this past month I have had a mouser. I have had the friendship of good brofurs. I have deepened my connection with Pops. My life is full of wonderful blessing. I thank you Bast Mother of Cats.

Also the little kits we had been mentoring have all been taken in by caring persons who love those little fursons!

What a life!

I am even getting along with Buddy!
May you all be blessed by Bast this summer and Head Bonks to all!

Rumpy Bump


Long time no purr!

June 18th 2011 5:23 am
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Hi furiends!
Sorry about being so long fur an update. I am not really comfortable pushing keys. I am an Action Cat! MOL!

So last week we got us a mouse! Cat-O-Cat what fun! My furst! Timmy said to just go with what was natural, and, ya know what, it seemed like I had done it all before! Tim says that is why we are different from all other creatures and why the hoomans write and talk about our mystical connections. Now I understand!

It was like I was on a broad plain next to a crop of trees! The grazing creature wanders into my line of sight. I know he is there as I have the scent. I explode into action. As he turns to run I cut his legs out with a wide swing of my paw. I follow up with the other and he is disoriented and I have a bite on him. I loosen for a moment to get a better grip and he bolts into the trees. I rush in and chase him to my den-mate who has come around for just such a try to escape. We have him. We are mighty hunters!

All that skill was just in my paws! It was Magical. Wow. Me and Tim had such a grreat time. Another mysterious thing; I kept going "RRRRRR, RRRRRR"! I did not even know I was doing it. Tim kept saying "Rumpus! I am not going to eat that. Chill Dood!". Bast knows? MOL! What grreat fun.

So me and Tobers have been doing pretty well too! We have a box and swap who is "Charging the Castle". MOL. We get Tim to play too and even old Buddy-Bud was in for a round. Fun!

So we play a lot cause I really like Toby; even though he is such a serious cat. He gets all like "No it was not" when I make up fun stuff! I kept telling him "THAT MOUSE WAS HUGE!" and I would put my paws out like it was big as a cat! MOL! He just keeps arguing. Grreat fun. I just laugh and turn to play with a nanner or something and he keeps up with the: "No it wasn't"! MOL! Love the Tobers.

In closing I am very happy to say that my "trim" has grown in. I think I have figured the pan out so I no longer have any, uh, stuff, stuck on my bump. Finally! Whew!

So I will try and keep this up to date over the summer!

Head Bumps to all my furs.

Rumpy Bump


My New Look!

April 24th 2011 1:14 pm
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Hello Furs. Lots of news and views!

But first.

Happy Easter and Passover to our hooman furends who take good care of all my cat pals here on catster and all over the world!

We know it is a special spiritual time for them so we need to remember Bastet. Purr a bit for those in need of a home! Those in need of health. We are very lucky cats. Our hoomans are very lucky to have us but that is another days tale.

So about my new Photos.
I got busted with the bacon! Ah well. I just needed a bit more. Comon Pops I am still growing. MOL.

I have also been playing up a STORM! Zoom Zip Jump Flip MOL I am an active dood! Pops caught that photo of me while I was checking for the toyz under the box. That Pops!

And me and Buddy are really getting on. The big Galoot is OK in my book. No matter he nips every-cat now and again. It must make you cranky to be that old.

*Buddy glares and says:"Now youz tellem! Tellem Nowz so Buddy Bud laffz tooz!"*

Well... Uh... Well... *Rumpy whispers* I have no more problem with a messy bump. OK Now about...

Buddy Bud: "YO! DOOD!"

Ahh... OK Buddy. OK.

I Got a Sanitary Cut! See! Happy!
I still want to know who took that photo!
Thank goodness Pops saw it before it went live!
Goodness. There are kittens on this site!

So any cat with, ahh, dingleberries, get a trim. Works wonders.
There! Happy Buddy?

Buddy Bud "Yup. Yes-sir Yes-sir"*Buddy chortles as he lumbers away*

So Spring is here and may all cats be healthy and well fed.
Remember those in need who may be at shelters or feral!

Rumpy Bump (cat with the close shave)


My Birfdayz

April 6th 2011 4:30 am
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I want to thank everycat who took the time to wish me a wonderful Birfdayz...

Me and Da Boyz(Pops Too) had a quiet day cause Pops had to work and all.
This coming weekend there is something they are plannin so I will letcha know what happens. I am purring that it will be Sat instead of Sun cause I cannot wait...

Thanks again

Rumpy Bump



February 23rd 2011 4:40 am
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Whew! It has been a long haul.
Pops took my suit off on Sunday to give it a wash and, well, I gave myself a little wash and off came the last of my ouchie hard part. He ran (Well he does not run but you know what I mean) and put my collar on because he was worried I would do a bit too much licking and make it raw.

Well I tried to tell him! I am not a silly cat. But he had to see for his hooman self. He would take the collar off and I would lick lick lick... See Pop! I am licking AROUND my ouchie! See! See!
So this morning it was off for good I think. I did a bit of licking and then just, well, did some of my stuff. I asked for treats(I know we had our morning treat but it cannot hurt to ask right?) I played with Pop! I asked for head scritches! I rolled around! I gave Pops Prrttt Prrttt's like I do. I took a nap in the window! Gee lots for an hour or so! MOL!

Now there is more big news! Spring is here! Well my Spring!
I play with my spring all the time so I am happy Spring is coming MOL.

So all my Fur Friends! If you are not feeling well! If you are under the weather or have an ouchie! Give it an effort and listen to your Mom or Dad cause they really really love.
That medicine may be yucky and that collar may be uncomfortable, but, Stick with it like I did and soon you will be enjoying good cat time and purring away!!!

Thanks for the Purrs all my furs!
Me and Pop really needed every One!
Wow we had a great time at KCK over the weekend!
Check it out!
Rumpy Bump


Rump Date for Sunday

February 20th 2011 12:48 pm
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So update on my favorite subject: Me! MOL

Pops had all the writing for the weeks records about my burn done and was finishing a story for a local newsletter and Boom... No Lectrical... Puter stuff all gone... He was making them noises like he does when I am really, uh, well, bad... So we got him smiling by acting like we do. Chasing and jumping and rubbing and purring. Pops says we are good at that.

So my burn is almost gone. I still cannot see but he said I will have my suit off this week. Wow. I forget I have it on. Without this suit Pops says I would never have healed this fast.

Thanks again to Toki!

If you have a kitty with a problem I suggest the Toki suit! 110% good!

So we are going to KCK today for Bird Watching! How Cool! I cannot wait! See you there!

Rumpy Bump


I am much better

February 14th 2011 4:14 am
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Hi Furs!
I have not been here much as, well, I am doing Grrreat.
My ouchie is nowhere to be seen? I can still feel it itching so I am purrplexed! I think it has to do with my new short fur. And what is that all about? My fur is still long and wonderfully fluffy on my legs and head. I still have those really neat puffs of furr between my toes.
Maybe it it this "Suit". I am so used to it I do not even know it is there. Hmmm... Or is it???

I am spending these cold nights in with Pops along with the brofurs. Brrr it has been cold at night like 22 last night. OMC!

Hugs and kitty kisses! Prrttt! Prrttt!
Bye fur now! Happy V-day!
Rumpy Bump

Note from Pops:
"My little fellows burn is almost better. It looks like a week or so and the scab will be falling off. Of course this is not set in stone so keep the purrs coming.

This has been very difficult. I have faithfully documented this whole
process and am amazed at the time it takes. I am looking forward to Rumpers being fully healed and out of his suit and posting this for others who have kitties with burns and/or long healing wounds.

Our next thing is to see if all of his fur comes back. He was so handsome I was going to show him at TICA events, but, just having his wonderful personality back is plenty. His is such a joy he could be quasi-cat-modo and I would love him to bits.

HAPPY VALENTINES I love all my Catster Pals!
In a very manly way of course LOL
Pete AKA Pops"

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