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We Bees' Inspirations and Wise Tidbits

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Meowmy Is Pretending To Be A Dog

November 9th 2014 10:18 pm
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Meowmy Is Pretending To Be A Dog

We haven’t been here too much of late, we just mostly check-k in…snoop around and leave…fleas too pesky.
Sure hope that soon we will have a good Catster again, cause we miss it!
Meowmy went to see her sister and aunt. here is what she put in our blog.
Its here is you wish to see it:(and some pictures, too.)

WeBees Blog

Meowmy came back with a new identity we think, she sounds like a barking dog. OMC, we don’t think that is a good thing.
So we will purr and keep her warm and resting down in the recliner so she can get her regular identity back. She said she will have to visit the human-vet tomorrow, because she has been running a fever for 5 days, now. UGH. But you know being as she is hot, maybe we will want to keep her as a purrsonal warming site, MOL!

She was gone for several days and pawppy had to take care of us. Well, better than a stranger right?!
And now she is back things should be OK.

Meowmy didn’t feel too good today, so no selfies were made…sigh…but we will show you the main reason why meowmy was gone:
Great Auntie turned 95!

We didn’t have sun puddles today it was dank and cloudy…at least it wasn’t raining or snow showering. Just like on the traveling days of meowmy’s trip. UGH.
At least there weren’t any snow storms.
Meowmy says her vacation time is a wasteland die to all the yucky weather and her being hostess to a nasty virus. She hopes it isn’t going to reactivate her EE-Bee-Vee…(mono). That would be far worse than a cold.
Oh well, at least she doesn’t have to call in sick from her work, MOL! Her residents do not need her barking at them! Some things are fur sure not shared.


DDP?? Again?? OMC! MOL!

September 21st 2014 11:03 pm
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Yup, we are and what fun., except that meowmy had to be at work all day.
Thanks for all the prezzies, and comments and p-mails!

We did have Pawppy here most of the day. His lap is a big kitty magnet! Esp when he takes his Sunday nap...

Rory and his helpers opened their picture shop on a Sunday...just for us! MOL!
They made this fun picture for us,

Fun Piccie/DDP Badge from Rory and his helpers. Thank mew so furry much!

We like to still stretch ourselves on that divider ( Which is actually a barricade to keep dog-guy out of the living room, cause he tries to dig his nesting spot on the furniture...sigh...) but somehow we don't climb is nearly as much.

We are happy that I-5 peeps and crew are working hard to make things work better here in Catsterland. Thanks I=5!!

We hope you all have a wonderfur week!


Pirate Mews-Speaking Day!

September 19th 2014 5:48 pm
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Ahoy you swabs, mateys and rapscallions! Arrgghhh!
It bees Pirates Day!
We weren't 'nuff of fast...
caused we missed
that free gift.
It was a flag waving,
So now our skin we are saving-
by saying Oopsie
And Doopsie!
Wait -
Thats not pirate jargon...
We need to be gone
Cause our galleon is sailing
On the seas a-raging,
with winds and gales'
In those tattered sails...

We pulled up the anchor,
And search for our succor,
On our pallets of pelts;
And a dinner of smelts.


Triple Time!

September 17th 2014 8:23 pm
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This is the third DDP in recent days we've had.
Hmmm, we think its time to let some other furs have a turn, MOL!

Here is a sweet picture that Tundra and her artistic crew made for us:

A Nice DDP Piccie from Tundra and her helpful crew.

Meowmy was in winning mode, too! She spun out a wee poem as a cheer for a team contest that was going on at her job, and had several lines done in about 5 minutes, MOL!
Her team won the cheer contest! Hooray!
Then they had a raffle, and meowmy won that too!

Well, that's about all we have to mew and purr about fur now...we are both taking a doggy bed and napping. Doggy had to take a bed on the floor, MOL!


A Duo Of DDP's

September 13th 2014 9:02 pm
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Well, kitty pals!

It seems the picker machine stuck us into their slot again today!
What fun...only we just now are being allowed a short visit to the interwebs we love to peek we are late and all.
We thank each of you fur your comments and prezzies. We will try to get meowmy to thank you all with a P-mail...sometime soon...
Today we had quite a cool day, rainy in the morning and not much sun later, but way late in the day it did show up, but it furgot to come through *our* windows. Hey doesn't the snow know we need our daily dose of sun puddles?

From our kitty pals we got a lot of hugs, A Beachball,and a blue ribbon!

We are blessed to have so many furends.
Thank Mew to all of you!
Rory sent us this fun badge:

Our DDP Badge from Rory and his furmily. Thanks evfur so much!

It makes us feel all wild, MOL!



Oh, Wow!

September 9th 2014 8:56 pm
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We are a DDP today!
We almost missed it too, because the catretary was going to say we couldn't get on here today...but she relented. It was a good thing we reminded her that since Catster is working so much better...well there are still some fleas about...that we really needed to check on things...and voila! DDP!

We want to thank Tundra and her talented crew fur making us this picture/badge as a memento of today's 'honor'.

Our DDP Badge from Tundra and her furmily. Sheesh we were so young here!

We got lots of big hugs from our pals, and a blue bird singing to us, and a ribbon, too. Thank mew all so furry much!

We hope all of our Catster pals feel well, and you are all invited to visit us in our blog, and also feel free to make comments. We try to get the catretary to answer all of the comments that come...eventually, MOL! Here is a link for you to copy/ paste:

Ya'll have a great rest of the week!
Happy 'Catstering' too!



Soooooooo Much Better!!

September 6th 2014 9:31 am
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Catster is doing evfur sooooooooo much better today!
We only seem to have a wee trouble when we want to make a comment somewhere, but even we can get there with a bunch of extra clickings. We are becoming clicker trained, MOL!

Thank Mew I-5 Publishing fur working so furry hard and with great diligence to fix our most beloved site(s).
We are so gratefur!

Through our long deflea-ing process we are revved up and ready to mew and purr all around, but meowmy is busy with tons of not kitty stuff these days, so you may notice that we are not sending our art works lately...we do a-paw-logize.
And well, we do know that we have missed lots of doings and spawsial dates, too. Sorry and please let us hug you ((( ♥ ))) to make it up!

We hope all is well with our many furry pals and their furmilies.
We have missed you all!

And meowmy has a question.

Recently she applied Frontline to us, the real deal...but Pipo seemed to have lost all his fur where it was applied. Sheesh. He was red there too, not sure if it was the reaction or from scratching. He seems purrfect otherwise. Has anyfur ever had that happen? What to do?
That was the third dose he had, we do not want to go through what happened to Minko a while back with the Lyme issues from ticks.

Purrs and MIAOW!


A Note From Meowmy

June 12th 2014 6:18 pm
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Hi Kitty Pals!

Meowmy is in a coffee shop. To let you know our internet is kaput and we can not play here. SO frustrating, and annoying.

We apologize if we are missing our pals special days. And honors. We hope you are all fine and having good times.


Bits & Pieces of This & That

June 8th 2014 9:33 pm
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Here is a link to our blog so you can see our pictures, that go with this text:
And our bloggie of course, MOL!

WeBeesBloggie: Bits & Pieces

We are still here, MOL!

We haven’t been around here either too much…bad catretary, maybe we should fire her…on second thought maybe not, cause then who would feed us and clean out our boxes…and give us our belly rubs?

Oh well…
We did a lot of napping and some getting woken up, too...sigh...

Pipo spent a time chattering at the yard TV. (That is true wide screen high definition!)

Minko used meowmy’s sandals for his scratching post…yet another of his ‘traits’, MOL!

We both have made secret excursions into the back porch and beyond, judging by the pukes we leave on the carpet! Eeuuwwwww!

Wait, ‘we’ leave behind?

I, Pipo beg to differ. Out the four recently found, Minko was seen producing three of them…UGH.

He is the naughty dude who goes out onto the sidewalk…and nibbles the grass.

Who knows who made that other one…

If we grow cat grass here or nip plants they have to be grown in a separate room and rationed, OMC! (Else we will chew the whole lot down to the soil level.)

Meowmy thinks she needs to fork out some $$ and invest in a different kind of doggy door, an electronic one that will only let a fur with a ‘key’ get through. Then we won’t be able to use that fun swinging flap anymore. We of course will try to dissuade her. MIAOW!

It has been lovely weather here, a rainy day here and there, but mostly just great. Last night it rained, but then the sun came out once again. We love us our sun puddles!

Pawppy has another kind of problem. Oak seedlings. They are all over our yard, with lots of walnuts and locusts too.

Those squirrels sure were busy over the winter.

While we just pull out all the unwanted species such as box elder, walnut (too messy), and others, the oaks are nice trees fur sure. And they sure do take a long time to get large enough for shade…but some that we planted many years ago when our unfurs were small are now giving a fair bit of shade to sit under. Yeah!

So meowmy went out and staked as many as she could find, and sometime later she will transplant them to other more appropriate spots.

Hmmm, we think that maybe the next generation may have shade from those wee oaks. MOL!

As soon as those stakes were in, the first thing meowmy saw was a large shimmering dragonfly sunning himself on the tip of one of them! To bad her camera was in the house at that time. Oh well…She needs a camera in her finger! Hah!

Can we go back to our nap now??


Who Has More Fun??

May 30th 2014 8:38 pm
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Dog-guy gets all the fun around here…

Well, it seems that way to us at any rate.

He can go outside at will through his doggy doors…

He can chase critters and bark at hot air balloons, and woof through the fence at the neighbors kid lets and pups…and he can run like the wind…

Lets see now…we get to sit in sun puddles, chase some bugs, drool ovfur the things we see in the yard outside but we can’t do anything more than chatter and lash our tails.

We get to sample all and any of the warm laps…we can chase our tails, headbonk the dog-guy, we can jump on the dining room table…oops, not supposed to do that…we can make bread on the peeps, too bad they can’t gobble it up!

We have two rooms as dog free zones, with lets see…at least eleven soft places to choose from as well as two condos to hide in and innumerable hidey-holes to play peek-a-boo in…oh, and there are some fun boxes to sit/play in too, and loads of kitty toys in a basket, mostly catnip filled mousies and such-like. There are feather wands, crinkle balls and some old socks filled with fresh ‘nip.

So…why meowmy asks, do we try to go through the doggy doors, chew on usb and power supply cords. Hiss at the peeps when its time to have our teeth brushed…knock items to the ground such as pencils and earrings…among other nonsensical kitty amewsments.
(Minko chewed through yet another cord…we need to get out the cayenne pepper).

And we do not have to ask to go outside to go potty if the doors are locked…nor do we need to go for walks, though that might be interesting we think…

Well, come to think of it, we seem to be rather pampered, MOL!

We have pawppy especially wound around our paws, MOL!

Meowmy had to work on Memorial Day. There are some residents there who are veterans and how proud they are of the work they did. Meowmy and all of us should thank all those who have and are serving whenever we can.

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