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Why Does My Cat Groom Me? 9 Vet Reviewed Reasons

Written by: Misty Layne

Last Updated on May 14, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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Why Does My Cat Groom Me? 9 Vet Reviewed Reasons


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Felines spend a big part of each day grooming themselves—about 30–50%, in fact. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that our pets sometimes decide to groom us if we’re nearby. But why exactly do cats groom us? Is it simply because we’re there, or are there deeper reasons than that?

It turns out there are many reasons our kitty friends will begin licking at our skin or hair with their sandpapery tongues! Reasons vary from seeking comfort to wanting your attention, but here are the top reasons your cat will lick and groom you.

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The 9 Reasons Why Your Cat Grooms You

1.  Bonding

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Image Credit: sophiecat, Shutterstock

It’s been debated whether cats consider us large cats that are terrible at being cats or just friends of differing species, but the ways they interact with us are how they’d act with other felines. If you have several cats, you’ve likely noticed them licking and grooming each other; this is one of the ways your pets bond and show affection to one another. So, if your cat begins licking and grooming you, it could simply be doing the same.

2. Comfort

Your favorite feline could also just be showing you how comfortable they are around you. Licking and grooming you can signify your pet is content, relaxed, and happy to be near. Let your pet know you’re just as glad to be around them by returning the favor with some pets and cuddles!

3. Kittenish Behavior

a domestic tabby cat licking its paw
Image Credit: Karin Laurila, Shutterstock

If you got your kitty from a breeder, they should have been old enough to have been weaned from their mother by the time you took custody. But if you found your cat at a shelter or abandoned somewhere, your pet might have been weaned away from mom too early.

So, if your cat is not only licking and grooming you but purring and kneading while they do so, it could be that they were weaned too early. Felines that are weaned before they should have been have a tendency to start licking as a way to receive the comfort associated with nursing from mama cat.

4. Marking You

Cats can be territorial and have a few different ways to mark said territory. They may rub their cheek against what they consider theirs to leave a scent behind. Or they may scratch at something to leave not only scent but a visual marker. Licking you is yet another way they are able to mark their territory. Cats living together lick each other to create a sort of group scent; if your pet is licking you, they are letting others know you belong to them.

5. Finds You Tasty

cat licking owners face
Image Credit: AJR_photo, Shutterstock

Or your favorite feline pal could be licking simply because they think you taste yummy! There are plenty of ways your skin could taste delicious to your pet. You may have been exercising, in which case, there’s a salty residue left on your skin from all the sweat. Or you may smell or taste interesting because of your shampoo, perfume, lotion, or other products. You might have even spilled something on yourself, like BBQ sauce, that your cat finds extremely tasty. There are a multitude of reasons your skin could smell and taste great to your pet.

6. Ready to Play

If your pet is ready to play (or wants some form of attention), they will approach you to try to get your attention. Your cat may paw or meow at you or lick you to invite you to engage with them. Unlike above, this will occur upon your feline approaching you, not when you’ve already been giving them attention. So, give your cat what they want and go play or give them plenty of pets!

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7. Medical Issue

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Image Credit: Vladeep, Shutterstock

On the more serious side, your kitty licking you could be a sign that something is wrong with their health. Particularly if your cat has only recently begun to lick you or if they’re licking in an excessive way, it would be a smart idea to take them to the vet. Pain, nausea, and general discomfort can all lead to your pet licking you or themselves. So, also take note of whether your pet has started grooming itself excessively too.

8. Anxious or Stressed

Cats licking themselves and others too much won’t always indicate a medical issue; instead, it could mean that your cat is anxious or stressed out, and they’re using licking as a coping mechanism. If you and your cat have experienced recent changes, such as moving homes or a new pet or human coming into your place, keep an eye on how much your pet is licking itself and you. You don’t need to worry much about the licking unless your cat repetitively licks one spot enough to begin losing hair or the skin becomes irritated. Try to comfort and reassure your pet in this case, though.

9. Grooming

Finally, your kitty might actually be trying to groom you. Your cat doesn’t realize grooming you won’t actually get you as nice and clean as it does themselves, but they’ll certainly give it a try! Plus, your pet may be taking it upon itself to be the allo-groomer (one cat in a group of cats that grooms all the others) and is engaging in this kind of grooming to accept you as part of their group.

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Your cat will, on occasion, lick and groom you for a variety of reasons. Your pet might want to play or be done with playing, or they could be marking you as one of their own. Whatever the reason your pet is grooming you, unless they’re doing so excessively, it’s no cause for concern. Grooming and licking are just normal parts of kitty behavior and communication!

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