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Expecting Company

I know it's been forever

October 18th 2005 7:53 pm
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But we moved. A new house. It's big. I even let her have a room. Upstairs and downstairs.

Plus, we have a new game. I meow a LOT and we eventually go for walkies. I have a halter (in black) to match my Harley collar, and I let her follow me and hold the leash.

She bought me one of those electronic fountains, and while that was cute, I still prefer the real faucet.

Now that I am two, the hair on my cheeks is getting longer and longer. She calls it muttonchops and a fu manchu but what does she know.

She promises new pics soon.


She's back from Detroit

March 13th 2005 12:37 pm
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She's back from out of town. She brought me something from the rodeo. Its quite fun, a sack made from fleece on the inside and fabric on the outside. I think she thought I would sleep in it, or some such thing. Not sure why, that's what my nice old plastic crate is for. But we had fun playing with it.

I'm beginning a special relationship with the bathtub. I don't like it wet, obviously. But I thoroughly enjoy playing with the wristband and cardboard tube in the tub. Very very nice.

I'm letting her groom me lately. But don't get any funny ideas. Its all about dealing with the itchies. And interestingly enough, when I am not biting it? The comb does nice things for the itchies.

Uh oh, sun ray, gotta go nap.


She's packing the suitcase again.

February 1st 2005 6:38 pm
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She's packing again. Heard a rumor that someone else is coming to visit while she's gone.

Guess I need to cancel the dancing queens.

I guess I will just finish rearranging the tissue paper.

Gotta work on clearing off the table.



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