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Life with the Boyz

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Wow Weekend is Flying so here are Updates on Updates!

December 12th 2010 6:06 am
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Remember! Tonight is the trip to the North Pole with KCK's! Wowzers!


***ROO is HOME*** Yay! Keep the Purrs Coming! What a wonderful guy!

Honey: Our young lady is Adopted! Whee! She will go to her forever home next week when she gets home from her neuter! A very nice family who have 2 other kitties who will welcome her I am sure!

Annie: Our special little girl met a wonderful older couple who were looking for a mature, but loving, cat. Annie is all that and will be warming laps next week!

Our family seems to be calming down. RUMPY! MOL! He has started to chill out A TINY LITTLE BIT and, of course, me an him are pals! The other guys seem a little confused but I keep telling them he is just a wild teen and he will be alright in the end! We even laid on the couch for a bit.(Shh... Quiet... Toby was seen playing with him just last night)

Pops is kind of beat as he was Santa at the local PetCo. He was "volunteered" and did not know about it till 12noon yesterday. He is bushed as he was going full tilt all morning to have the afternoon and... well... A good cause and lots of families and children were happy.

Atta boy Pops! Take a break! MOL! Check his funny picture out! MOL

See all you friends tonight! Me-ow!
Timmy T



December 11th 2010 4:46 am
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Hi Furiends!

Another busy week around here. We have four VERY important things to say!

1. We love all the fun on holidays but life does not always go along.
Please send some Big Purrs to our Furiend Roo! We love him and he needs a lot of support!

Please Purr for Roo

2. Pops got a call last night to help with volunteer work because the volunteer who volunteered had not called to confirm his volunteering.
A Good cause and all that but we need some time to Cat-ch up with our Furinds here on Catster and we just cannot type like Pops!(Darn those funny looking paws...MOL)

3.At least we hope to see everyone on the
*Horns and Drumroll*
Koolest Catster Kitties Grand trip to the North Pole on Sunday!
(We have the bestest music too... Just leave our page open and you can enjoy this to the max)
*Drumroll and horns fade out*

4. We would really love to sent a Purr-sonal holiday card to our Furiends. Yeah, OK, we should have been getting addresses and stuff all year, but, What Do You Expect From a Bunch of Tom Cats!
So if you would like send us a pawmail with your address and we will respond ASAP (As Soon As Pawed)

So thats it for now... We have to work with Honey to... Oh... Did we mention that Honey has a Forever home for the Holidays! A wonderful and kind young lady just fell in love with her when she saw her photo!

Pops told her that this is his really wonderful present. Another forever home! Wowzers! Meowzers! Ops 5 things... MOL!!!

Love you all!
In a Man-Cat way of course!

Timmy TomCat


Tank Yew! Tank Yew!

December 8th 2010 4:05 am
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I would like to thank the diary cat fer picking little ol'Tim!

I am flabber-catted. Just the other Day my Buddy Big Buddy was in the spotlight and now Me!! Wow! Yeppers it is a good year for cats! Our family helped 5 foster kittens find new forever home so remember! Every little kitty helps!

I also when my friends come by to check I would love a private mail with contact info so I can sent a holiday thought. My thoughts are pretty good so... Join the club... I will recipro-cat.

Anyhow enough about me!
It was a VERY INTERESTING night here at the ranch!(You know what I mean! We do not have a ranch! MOL)
Pops was on the couch and had just finished talking to a friend, and,

When back in the bedroom there arose such a Caterwaul,
He sprang from the couch to see what was the matter.
Away to the window Rumpy flew like a flash,
And he hid and looked out from the sash

The Television glowed on the breast of the now-fallen book
Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects in da room.
When, what to Pops wondering eyes should appear,
But a Toby chased by what was way more dangerous than eight tinny reindeer.

OK, OK, it was Buddy! Not Santa! Or the Elves! Buddy-Bud!
We have been commenting on how Buddy has a new level of energy due to his new thin 15-16 pound svelte and fit self!

We have been warning Toby about the little bully stuff he does. A whack here. A stolen treat there. A sneak attack daily.

Well Buddy chased Toby into the living room and I mean chased! No fun play run here! Big tail on Toby! I puffed my tail too and ran in to break it up. Well I may have given Toby a whack in my haste. MOL.

It ended with Toby hiding(he never does that) and Buddy sitting, glaring! He is good at giving that Buddy Bud Grump look! MOL!

So it was over really fast. In 5 minutes everyone was out and about and playing and washing. But it was a good lesson for Toby! Hope he learns something.

We thank you wet food! Boo Dry grazing!

*Buddy walks up* "Wahl... Ya no... Dat waz comin fer a time. I do sayz to mah frens dat may be a bit big-huge's ta tink bout loosin... I din wan it. I DID NOT WANT! Buddy Bud does lahk hiz new energies. I be runnin jumpin climbin! Yessir!"

Well right from the cats mouth! Thanks Buddy Bud

Friends! Have a wonderful week. We really really hope there is time this weekend to come by... we have axed Pops to leave da puter on when he werking but you know dat Pops! Head like a sieve. MOL

Timmy Tomcat


My Feets

November 28th 2010 9:11 am
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OK Pops OK!

Yes I DO pay a little attention to my feets!

Maybe a little bit more than a little... But Geez...

Is that so bad to have clean neat feet?

I have nice white boots so I have to really pay attention to details.

And more importantly! My trademark moves all have to do with my Fast-Feets. I have been working with the youngin, Rumpy, doing Fast-Feets on him when he needs correction!

And how about Buddy and Toby? Feets! Fast-Feets!

So you see it is just that I need clean neat feet cause they are in their faces all day.

I will not be known for stank-foot! No No No-Sir!

Pops:"OK Tim... So, having 'filet of sole' are you?"
*Pops grabs Tim and gives him a belly Rub*

Oh Pops you are a tough cookie! MOL
*Tim purrs and grabs Pops back to play*


A Very Happy Holiday!

November 28th 2010 8:52 am
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I want to wish all my pals the start of a happy holiday season!

We had a great Thanksgiving!

Pops has a small family so it was we boys, Pops and his sister. Pops cooked and it was an excellent Turk!

Since it was so cozy and quiet I decided to came out! I mean I never come out. I was feral you know! But I decided to make an exception for Pops and am I glad I did!

I got a very nice head scratch by Pop when I came up and sat next to him. Then I decided to let his sister give me a little pet. Not much, just a little. It was very nice and I gave a huge purr! Maybe it is OK to come out and visit when Pops friends come over? Hmmm? We will see. At least his Sister is OK and I will come out for here from now on for sure.

Anyhow, everyone was well behaved and there was no sneaky-grabby. Well Rumpy did try once, but, I told him NO!(Pops did too) and he behaved himself after that. As we were so good we all got a nice Turk Snack! Treats too!

When Sister left we helped lick the plates clean and checked for crumbs. I told Pops he should have vacuumed, but, Sister did not seem to mind.

We had a great Thanksgiving day.

On Friday cause Pops had a lot to do and let us play all day. Saturday Pops had an adoption event and here it is Sunday already and this fine holiday is almost over! Ah-Well.

So me and the Boys pray you had as nice a time!
Be nice to those who love you!
Life is so short and goes so fast!

Timmy Tomcat


Catching up, Caught red toe'd, and sneak-a-do

November 21st 2010 5:10 pm
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Well Hi there all my fabulous fur friends!

Thanks to all the powers that be for our warm homes full of loving hands and bountiful harvest... Well, OK, We did not harvest it directly, but, you know! Its the thought that counts! Mice are hard to find for insiders like us.


And we really do have big thanks cause our little girl Phantom was adopted this weekend! Yay! Now when Mars finds a home we will have 5 little kittens fostered out! Yippee!

It was a really heavy kitten season this year so remember to remind your persons to have all their kitties spayed or neutered ASAP! You have to be careful! Our little foster Honey went to heat! Luckily Mars is a bit young, and, she is an insider. Goodness.

So Anyhow...

Pops is really beat. He is back full time. Different shift but 5 days where he used to work 4 x 10. He says this is better but he needs to get used to it.

And more about that Pops as we were wondering? Last week he went to see a cat for a scan? Then he he needed a, what-cha-call-it, Hmmm, M-eeoo-RI-ii? So why not stay home? We can look or "scan" him while "meow-ri-ing"? It was all OK, but, still? Pops! Wise up Dood!

Me myself and I am honing skills of the sneak-a-do, but, there is a catch. When I leave the cabinets they slam shut! Pops always knows I am doing a sneak-a-do cause of the "slam". I come out and there he is looking over the couch giving me the "Pop-eye". He laughs when I say that too! The thing is I do not like my tail caught in the door. I will let you know how I figure this out.

And then there is Pops telling me I have a toe-jam thing going! I mean I do not have... well maybe a little. Its just that I like a clean foot. You know being a cat is all about clean and I know a lot of Tom Cats with nasty feet... Rumpy!!

**Rumpy runs up"It that I am white! I do not have nasty feet! I just have fur in my toes! I was BORN that way!" Rumpy runs off upset**

I was just KIDDING!

So Pops always seems to walk by when I am really getting into the deep bite/nibble and yells:"Hah!Got-cha Red Toe'd!" And then I get all cat conscious, you know, like we do... That Pops...

OK pals hope to catch up more often this coming season!

Have a bite of turk on me!


Timmy TomCat


Tricked Rumpy

November 12th 2010 3:52 am
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Hi Furs

Well I said I had a trick for Rumpy but we had to wait a bit and let him set himself up...

Me and Pops got a whole bunch of stuff for our site to help ferals, Toys, Catnip, all Primo.

When Rumpy got to pick a toy out he was buggin cause he wanted the whole box. So he figures him and Toby will find the box and put toother marks on a couple toys so Pops cannot send them to persons. So Rumpy scouted about to smell out the hidden nip. He did not know Toby told me his plan...

He runs in night before last:"TIM! TIM! Buddy got stuck in with the Nanners!"

Oh Gee Rump Where is that?(He does not know I told Pops and we have moved the box)

*Rumpy runs into the bedroom and starts digging at the antique tv
cabinet(no tv plenty of room)Here Tim in here! Hurry! I cannot even hear him! He must be almost dead!

I play along "Sure Rump! Sure! Let me use my drawer opening trick... Ah there you are... Hurry in...

So Rumpy goes in. And he cannot see the Nanner Box. And he sniffs and looks and looks and sniffs. I come in and give it a once over to keep the trick going

Not here rump. I think Buddy just, well, wasted away to nothing!

Rump:" Uh... No... I mean... Well... He could of... But where?"

Where what?

Rump:"Ohhhh nothing"

When he came into the living room we all gave him the cat-HaHa!!

Then we all got to play lazer catch!

A fun night!

Timmy TomCat AKA Open-SesAmee Cat!


My Very Own Starring Role!

November 8th 2010 2:09 pm
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Hey All My FURRY FANS! Hope you check out my movie!

Just remember Tim is plain old Tim no matter where this starring role may lead. You can say: "I knew him when" MOL

Ah well, lets get down to the grit of the nit. And I mean grit.

Seems that Pops was nice about the treats cause, well, the Rump is getting meds and Bud is getting meds. They both were feeling under the weather, and, OK, it was a nice thing to do for the Illin-chillin.

But...They got the idea that now it is 24/7 treats-ville aroun-here!

Pops had the third "deep-clean" this past weekend(Fosters brought in fleas Oy-Vey) and the whole time it was Buddy or Rumpy following him around screaming, no thats not right, SCREAMING for treats! Like the commerical Meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow... All day... All evening... Saturday... Then Sunday...

And on the desk walking on the keyboard(Rumpy)
And on the desk blocking the monitor(Only Buddy Blocks a monitor like that MOL)

When Toby jumped up on the counter and spilled Rumpys medicine, well, that was it!

Pops chased them all into the bedroom!

He said "Thats IT! Quit IT NOW"

So they did!

For awhile! MOL

No... Really...

Buddy got the hint. Rumpy has been learning about Pops: "Angry at a cat voice". He listens. A little.

Toby is up on the tree.

Me! Well! I am The Tim! I have to teach them how to act. Like children they are. That's why I star in a movie and no one else does!

Hey Look. Storm clouds have passed. Treat time! See ya! Have a grrreat week! Remember to Purr for ferals and fosters!

Timmy Tomcat


Hello Week of Oct 6 TomCat News

November 6th 2010 7:40 am
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Hi all my furiends!!!

I miss you now that Pops is full time and is not leaving the puter on all day... What to do? What to do?? Well this is not super important as we can get here a bit to be with those we care about... We have a trick cooking with Rumpy but you will have to wait a bit to see what happens... MOL... Gonna be good!!

So the important stuff:

Buddy had a fever... Got meds... All better... I will allow him to supply the gory details in his diary as I am pressed today for time. Needless to say he is chipper...

Rumpy has a bumpy... Again Rumpy is on a 14 day medication for his gummies. He is fine. He will tell ya later and also about our great trick...

So Today...
As some of us are getting special treats there has been a lot of action regarding same. Since I am top cat I took it upon myself to assist our group gain access to said treats. So we can munch on a more ad-lib basis and with more volume of course!

So as you can see I watched closely. Pops keep the treats in the china cabinet. Then I noticed that there were quite a few more locations, one needs a good eye around here. I found Pops new treat hiding location. The bottom drawer of his desk.

I discussed this with the fellows and we all agreed. The next time the drawer is open rush in, grab the bag of treats, run back under the cat tree, give a "Got It" Meow on completion of the covert undertaking. We were ready...

Next thing you know! Buddy is grabbing at the desk trying to open the drawer!! Of course Pops sees this and pushes each drawer fully closed and gives us THE LOOK...


Hey look! Pops is opening the drawer!

Pops:"OK Guys... All that action deserves a reward. 2 each!"

We have the best forever home and the best Pops!

This holiday give thanks for your forever home and those who care for you!

Purrs to ya from Timmy TomCat


DDP Catster *Fosters*

October 31st 2010 6:01 am
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Hi Furs

DDP: Well I am going to first congratucat Big Head on DDP! He is our huge Angel protector flying above guarding our and your furmalies from as much as he can.

Catster: It is not a good change! I am not going to say: "We are packing up the play mice and catnip never to return!!" or other ranting.
I do say along with Da Boyz that it is not a good Change! I suggest making a comment to HQ. We think a toggle with Detail would be Purrfect!

Foster: Our kits went to an adoption event and are staying at a local place to be out in the public eye. Well, they had fleas. This is a new issue. We had not a flea for years(As long as I have been here) and now, all of a sudden, here they are.

So we did frontline last month and are now doing another round. And the pills maybe. And the vacuum. And moving the fosters to another room and having to spray with chemicals(We hate chemicals).

You may say "Yeah. All of owning a cat." True. But. Da Pops is handicapped from a mean person who ran his motor-cycle into the guardrail. The bits of metal inside make things hurt. The prosthetic hurts too. And then there is only one arm that really works.

So last night he did about 2 hours of this work and then came up to get ready to do our room today. This will be an all day job to make sure they are gone gone gone this time. He called his friend and did not go to dinner last night. Called others about staying home today. He was sick of all of the work. Beat. Tired. Hurting. He was thinking "No good deed goes unpunished! This is too much! I gotta get out of this and give it up!"

So what am I, Tim, the cat getting at.

The fleas came on Annie. A poor scared little girl who had a horrible adoption story. She was abused and brought back because "she pees on everything". It is suspected she was yelled at or beaten if she "set foot on the new rug" as she will not walk on the floor. She jumps from one thing to another or stays in her crate for days at a time. On days she comes out she will sit on the cat-tree in the foster room and reach her little head out for a rub. She has gotten on Pops lap a few times. Just the noise of a truck or wind and she runs back to her crate.

And... Last night I came up and laid on his good leg like I do. I looked up at him and gave a big purr and rubbed my head on his hand.
I am a Foster

And... Today we were reading about Pigeons Gotcha day and how she now has a forever home. She was a foster.

This is the So...

So what a little work, a little cost, a little pain! So what! The rewards of a little furry face looking at you with love is payment in plenty many time over. Give and take. Sure maybe a few too many furs for awhile, but, that will change! Three successful adoptions from his first litter. Honey is doing well!

Today is a new day! Sunshine! Happiness! Purring!

Oh Oh... Pops is getting the hose monster!

Hope to see you later today when it is all done for a fast BOO!

PS Happy Halloween!

Timmy T the Rescued kitty in his forever home! Forever!

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