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If you take me home with you, you'll find the real jubilation!

Getting to know me, getting to know all about me....

May 6th 2010 1:04 pm
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hi! Hi!! HI!!!

My name is Jubilee, and I certainly have a lot of reasons to be this happy, wouldn't you love to be best one?

My foster mommy says to introduce myself and tell the world what I'm looking for and maybe one of you will come and take me home with you like all the other foster kitties she has helped out. I certainly hope it works, I'm really looking for my forever home!

I'm a pretty big boy, there is so serious fluff on me but underneath that, there is still a lot of cat! I can be your big tom ruling the roast of your home and keeping you safe from the scary things in this world!

I have A TON of energy. My foster mommy says I'm a bigger nightmare than her own baby boy. What can I say? I love to play. Don't worry, it is all good energy. I don't break things, attack people, or destroy furniture, I just have lots of energy to play!

That being said, I do have big paws with big claws and sometimes I don't know my own strength. My foster parents have a glove with ribbons on the fingers and whenever we play together I always attack their hands because I'm so excited to be spending time with them and for the attention. You have to be careful about me though, I may dig in and get skin with my teeth and claws while playing. Tell me no and I will listen, but I just get so caught up in the moment. While chasing ribbons I have also been known to attack toes... again... I just get so caught up in the moment I can't help myself! I'm pretty capable of keeping myself entertained though if you get me some toys. I really love jingle balls, I chase them all over the room. I also like fuzzy mice toys with long tails, I throw them into the air and carry them around in my mouth like a prize kill. Hey, I can't go outside so this is the best I can do! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE catnip. It makes me even crazier but I just love it. I have a sock ball full of it right now and I clutch it to me and kick it with my bunny feet and rub my face against it and chase it and... and... and.... oh I just love it! LOVE LOVE LOVE CATNIP!

All that being said, I do really love just chilling out with my people as well. When my foster daddy is at his computer I hang out under his chair at his feet. You may have to check before moving a chair if you take me home with you because chances are I'll be right there with you, guarding you from all the scary stuff in the world. If you bring me into your life, I will never let you regret the decision, I'll stay with you forever and ever.

I'm not much of a lap cat, I'd rather lay at your feet than in your lap, but I do love to be picked up and hugged. Being smothered in kissies is always fun too. That's right, I love hugs and kisses! One look at me and you'll want to hug me to, I just have that huggable look to me, like a big stuffed animal! I may chew on your hair while you hug me, but you can forgive me that little sin can't you? It's out of love, I promise!

I really like being pet, but you should watch out for me, sometimes I can be tricky. If I'm showing you my belly, don't rub it, it's a trap. I hate belly rubs and will grab your hand to wrestle with you if you try it. I do love being brushed though and will go absolutely mushy if you do, I just melt!

What else can I say about me?

When I get really happy and excited I often leave my mouth wide open and my eyes alert, I look kind of silly doing it.
I have a great set of Dracula fangs, but don't worry, I won't hurt you!
When you come into a room, I'll greet you with my happy purring/chirping/meowing sound. It's awfully sweet sounding, and who doesn't love to walk into their home after a long day and see a happy kitty waiting for them who greets them excitedly and runs over to rub against their legs? That's me! That's the kind of guy I am.

I like other kitties so far. My foster parents have two, they are kind of territorial to me but I do my best to be friends with them. I think the big black and white one is coming around to like me, we keep booping noses with one another and he doesn't hit me, so that's good. I would probably like the companionship of another pet in the house, because I get lonely and cry sometimes if I'm not with other people.

Well that's about all I can think of right now.

Please come visit me this weekend at the Folsom Petsmart, all my information is right above in the profile. If you want to know anything, send my foster mommy a message or call the rescue group, they'll do whatever they can to inform you about me. I'm really looking forward to meeting you and going home with my new family. I promise I'll be everything you're looking for in a kitty!

So by now I hope you've moved beyond merely getting to know me to getting to love me!!!

see you all this weekend!!!


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Purred by: Pixie (Catster Member)

June 23rd 2010 at 6:38 pm

Oh I wish we lived closer so that you could come live with us!! You'd fit it perfectly since we all love to play :) I hope you find your forever home soon sweetie!

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