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What’s the Cost of Cat Grooming? 2024 Price Breakdown

Written by: Lorre Luther

Last Updated on February 20, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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What’s the Cost of Cat Grooming? 2024 Price Breakdown

While most cats take care of their hygiene without human assistance, there are times when pets need assistance in the grooming department. Cats need regular brushing, dental care, and nail clipping to stay in top shape, with longhaired cats requiring more attention.

Most owners can take care of their pet’s daily grooming needs, but many have trouble giving their cats baths or clipping their nails. In general, a grooming session with a professional can cost between $30 and $70. Professional groomers have the experience and equipment to safely bathe your pet and clip their nails without causing stress to your buddy.

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The Importance of Cat Grooming

Most cats don’t require much help when it comes to keeping themselves clean. The average cat fills around 30 to 50 percent of its waking hours with grooming-related activities. But there are times when your cat needs a bath, usually because they’ve gotten into something stinky or are having trouble maintaining their hygiene on their own due to age, obesity, or illness.

Professional grooming services provide a sensible option for owners who have trouble bathing their cats, either because of physical limitations or lack of feline cooperation. Your pet gets the care they need in a relatively stress-free environment.

Cats require regular nail trims to prevent ingrown nails that can cause pain and severe infections. Owners who can’t convince their cats to cooperate can take their pet to the groomer for a quick nail clip and avoid the drama of attempting to take care of it at home.

Longhaired cats have more extensive grooming needs, with most requiring daily brushing. As a result, some owners choose to clip their longhaired cats’ coats, eliminating the need for daily brushing. Cats having trouble keeping themselves clean often benefit from a hygiene cut that removes hair around the anus that can trap litter and fecal matter.

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How Much Does a Professional Cat Grooming Session Cost?

The cost of cat grooming depends on several factors, including which services you select and your pet’s coat length. Most cat owners spend between $30 and $70 per season with a groomer.

Some groomers have pre-set packages that include a bath, cut, and nail trim. Ear cleaning is often also included in package deals. Other groomers offer a bath for a set fee and a la carte services for you to choose from. Many provide cost-effective, simple nail clipping services, which can be useful if the only thing you need help with is trimming your cat’s nails. Services for longhaired cats tend to be more expensive than similar options for shorthaired pets.

There are various business models when it comes to feline grooming. You can visit brick-and-mortar storefronts or mobile salons that bring everything needed to take care of your pet’s grooming needs right to your door. You can even find in-home feline grooming services. Mobile groomers often cost more than what you’d pay at a storefront location, and at-home services are typically the most expensive.

Simple Grooming Session $30–$70
Nail Clip $10–$15
Lion Cut $35–$60
Ear Cleaning $10–$15

Additional Costs to Anticipate

Many feline groomers refuse to work with cats that demonstrate aggression, but others charge a fee to compensate for any “temperament” issues. Several smaller groomers don’t provide upfront estimates as they charge based on how much time and effort is required. Most groomers charge extra for removing one or two mats or tangles, and flea treatments usually cost extra.

If your pet needs special shampoo, be prepared to pay more, and some groomers require first-time customers to pay non-refundable deposits, which can add $25 or so to your initial bill. And don’t forget to factor in a tip when calculating the total cost of beautifying your pet. Standard practice is to tip your groomer 15%–20% of your total bill.

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How Often Do Cats Need to Be Professionally Groomed?

It depends on why you’re taking your cat to the groomer. If the only grooming service you need is nail clipping, you should be fine taking your pet in every 2 weeks or so. Shorthaired cats often don’t need to be professionally groomed, but if you choose to do so to combat hairballs and keep your pet’s coat in top condition, expect to head to the grooming salon every 8–12 weeks.

Longhaired pets do well with grooming sessions every 6–8 weeks. Elderly or overweight cats that have trouble keeping themselves clean may benefit from a hygiene trim every 4–8 weeks. Cats with limited mobility often benefit from hygiene cuts where the fur around the animal’s bottom is removed to make it easier for them to keep themselves clean.

Comb cuts make it easier to groom longhaired cats at home. Cats with comb cuts need to see the groomer for a trim every 4–6 weeks.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Professional Cat Grooming?

It depends on the type of insurance plan your cat has. There are roughly two types of pet insurance plans available: policies protecting against catastrophic occurrences such as accidents and serious illnesses and others more geared toward wellness. Accident and illness plans usually don’t reimburse for preventative visits to the veterinarian, yearly vaccinations, or other wellness-related costs. These plans protect you if your cat is hit by a car and requires surgery or is diagnosed with cancer and needs expensive treatment.

Wellness plans or add-ons usually cover annual veterinary visits, yearly vaccinations, supplements, flea treatments, the cost of spaying or neutering, and some grooming-related expenses. Nail trims and basic dental care are also often included. Read the fine print on your cat’s insurance or wellness policy for more information about precisely what’s covered. Most companies that offer standard insurance policies also have wellness packages you can purchase to round out your cat’s coverage. Most plans require you to pay for services upfront and submit a bill for reimbursement.

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How to Care for Your Cat Between Professional Grooming Sessions

Healthy shorthaired cats must be brushed approximately once per week for optimal coat and skin health. Most of these kitties don’t require assistance in the grooming department. Longhaired cats need daily brushing, or their coats are inclined to develop difficult-to-untangle mats.

All cats require regular nail care, but most pets usually need to have their nails trimmed every 2 weeks or so, while most only need professional grooming services every few months.

Cats also benefit from regular dental care. Most veterinarians recommend brushing your cat’s teeth at least two or three times per week with a feline-specific toothpaste to help prevent the development of gum disease and other dental problems.

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Professional cat grooming takes the stress out of keeping your cat looking its best, and most groomers offer nail clipping services for cat parents who feel better leaving the trimming to a professional. Shorthaired cats generally don’t require much brushing, but longhaired felines often benefit from regular at-home and professional grooming.

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