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Animal Bill of Rights

April 29th 2011 8:39 pm
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Hi everyone, we're very impressed with all of your participation in signing petitions for animals lately so we have another really good one that needs to be signed! This is the Animal Legal Defense Fund: Animal Bill of Rights.

Some of you might have already signed it via our website newsletter but for those that haven't please go and sign this so when it goes to Congress there will be literally sheets of signatures. So far there's 277,145 and counting! Let's take care of our own! We need to speak up when they can't.

Also, if you want to stop by, there are some really important petitions that need signing. Some brand new ones that have been put up in the last few days that need to be supported.

Thank you guys!

P.S. we put up some new pictures of us recently but it was tornado day and there were more important things going on, like friends checking in with us. So I don't think anyone saw them if you'd like to look at them. We don't have a single comment yet.


Pawsome friends who take care of us!

April 27th 2011 6:13 pm
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If you've seen my new pictures you'll see I have a brand spankin' new carrier! Wanna know how I got that carrier? Hmmmmm? Well, I had written in my diary about this loony toon arsonist running around here, he still hasn't been caught by the way. But I was saying we only had one carrier and were looking for something that was big enough, good quality and inexpensive. We were worried in case we had to get out of the house furry quick! Our friend Monster had offered to let us have his old one that was in their basement.

He later pawmailed us that he couldn't find it and bought us a NEW one and it came today! Isn't that pawsome? He and his meowmy want us to be safe so they bought us a nice new carrier! And as you can tell (so far anyways) I like it. That's until mom sticks me in it and drags me off to the vet or something. Then I'll get back to you on that one!

So in the midst of all the sadness today because of our friends who are leaving for the bridge and who are furry sick, we thought we'd share our special news about how much we love our furriends here in Catsterland! We have never had such caring kitties and parents in our lives before and we feel so furry blessed!

Thank you Monster and Monster's meowmy!!! We love it and we love you! We're so furry grateful.


Update on cousin Midnight, it's good!

April 26th 2011 2:36 pm
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Hi everybody! We figured we'd give an update on cousin Midnight since so many of you have been purring for her. We wanted to wait until we were sure she was heading in the right direction.

About a week and half ago the vet gave mom some prednisone and Flagyl to start her on and ever since she's been improving by leaps and bounds. The difference was noticeable within the first day that she didn't feel so tired and cramped and the second day even more so. Then by the third day she was eating like a hog and stopped vomiting (god, knock on wood that this isn't jinxing it)!!! She hasn't thrown up once since we started the med, she's not even taking pepcid anymore!

We have to keep her on these meds for 4-6 weeks and then start tapering down to see if we can get her off of them but for now we're not worrying about that. She's gaining her weight back, she's talkative, playing and once again LOVES her belly rubs! She's so cute mom said she's a little hoover with food now.

So we wanted to say a big, giant thank you to all of our furriends here for the wonderful love, support and purrs you've given her. Our family loves her very much, she's a sweetpea! Especially grammy, god those two are joined together at the hip. Midnight thinks grammy is her personal lounge chair. MOL!

She's really funny when she gets her pill. Mom puts the pred and flagyl in an empty gelcap cause she said it's better that way, she doesn't have to taste the yuckery pills. Then she puts it in the pill popper, grammy holds Midnight sitting up on the bed with a towel in front of her so she can't struggle and scratch to get out. She just sits there now while mom dips the pill popper in cottage cheese, opens her mouth and FLING, down the hatch. Middy has gotten smart though and they have to make sure she swallows it. A couple of times she looks like she did and then she just opens her mouth, sticks out her tongue and PLAH, out it comes, MOL.

Now when she sees mom coming with the pills, she walks over to the bedroom like "let's get this over with!" Such a good girl, better than I'd be, that's for sure! Thanks again everyone, we'll keep you posted and once in awhile if you could do a "maintenance" purr for her, that would be great. Just to make sure she keeps getting better. You know how this whole thing goes. Always a roller coaster tide!

We love you all and are so lucky to have a massive supply of purr machines to help!

PPPPUUUUURRRRRR to all of you if you need them!

Luv Lacey and furmily!


Arsonist on the loose

April 15th 2011 4:35 pm
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Some of you might remember that last summer there was an arsonist on the loose here and he was starting all kinds of fires RIGHT near my house and in my neighborhood in the middle of the night. Well he still wasn't caught and he's at it again. The other night, he burned down a playground, last night it was a fire in the alley of a restaurant that's literally a 1 minute drive from our house. This is furry scary stuff! He's always in the same darn area, why can't they catch him? We just hope he doesn't come to our street or house. Grammy and grampy are so old and slow it would take a miracle to get them out of here. Plus mom would have to shove me and Finney both in the same carrier really fast (good luck with that one) because she hasn't had a chance or the money to buy an extra one. Sigh. The have to catch this guy before someone gets hurt!

Some of you also might remember how last summer some new neighbors moved in with their kitty named Ivan! We call him Ivan the terrible because he walked up to my mom in our yard last summer and was all lovey dovey, she reached down to pet him and CHOMP! He took a good bite on her arm and it was DEEP. He actually hit bone on her wrist. She was bleeding when she went over to his house and told his owners. She made sure to have them show her proof he had his shots. That bite hurt her arm for 2 weeks. She said she should have went to the doctor anyways. Mom has never in her life had that happen before. Never been bitten by an animal at all. I guess this kitty's previous owner used to put on a leather glove and wrestle with him so he'd bite him. Stupid, stupid, stupid! These owners have had him for almost 6 years now and still can't break him of the habit. Which mom keeps thinking he's gonna bite a kid around here. This kitty is nuts now! He loved the taste of my mom's meat so much he won't leave her alone. He's in our yard all the time, follows her around like a dog, rubs up against her leg and tries to follow her into the house. She keeps telling him to get lost and refuses to pet him now. But he loves her! I'll bet he does. Mom says if he comes and rolls all over her veggies she's planting in her garden this year, she's not going to be happy!

BTW, speaking of brats, Finney has already wrecked mom's brand new curtains in the living room. Yup, several pulls and tears everywhere! He thinks it's fun to pull them down and hide behind them. Me, I don't do that. I destroy her bed and table, MOL!


Pooping jellybeans

April 7th 2011 11:52 am
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Okay Finney is usually the one who always talks about poop but I'm going to give it a try for once. Last night we were cuddling on the bed with meowmy. We were watching some tv talk show and this big tall guy, who was really weird looking but kinda funny, said he made a movie and in it he was the Easter bunny. They showed a clip of it and the bunny in the movie sat on the car and pooped jellybeans. HE POOPED JELLYBEANS!!!!!!! Can you imagine? OMC if we could poop candy, jellybeans, catnip, all kinds of stuff, we'd be the most important kitties in the world.

Imagine if Tate could poop cuppycakes, The Tabbies could poop trout, somebody else could poop cake (which I'm sure probably happens already, MOL), and Newman...well Newmie could poop up something special, I'm sure of it. He's a talented pooper.

I saw that bunny pooping jellybeans and I started daydreaming about pooping all kinds of nom noms. I know what you're thinking, I should be more ladylike and not talk about poop like this, it's Finney's job. But seriously!!! He POOPS JELLYBEANS!!! That's so pawsome! You can't tell me that some of you lady cats wouldn't like to be able to poop treats of some kind. Admit it, you'd love it.

Getting onto another subject for a second I know some of you were furry upset you missed our spur of the moment pawty but fear not!!!! We'll be having more, I'm sure of it. Obviously it's our calling here at Catster. Abby Sweetpea Paws even said that to Finney in his diary. She said that we are so much fun and we're helping to bring Catster back to life! I hope this is true, at least a little bit, because that makes us furry, furry happy. It's the most pawsome thing in the world to see our friends happy and having fun. We've laughed so much lately it's been furtastic. We're super glad we can help everyone enjoy themselves because this was quite the depressing winter for so many reasons.

So in the other kitties words: Tabbies "peace out n rock on"

Newman: "Poop on!"

I think we should start a Catster dicshionary with all of our crazy new words and their meanings. I think that would be fun! We've got to have at least 100 different terms for poops by now, MOL!


HALP! My momma turned into a toad!

April 4th 2011 10:13 am
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Oh my goodness, we need everyone's help to figure out what's wrong with my mommy. Yesterday afternoon she went out and didn't come back for a furry long time. When she finally did come back late at night she was acting really strange! She said she's been turned into a toadie and started talking about weird stuff.

While getting our food and changing into her pj's she was dancing around and we thought she would "fall down" but she had her "eyes open wide" so she was okay. Then as we were eating, she went into the other room to shut the blinds and started "crowing"! Is she a toad or a bird? What the heck momma! "All I want" is to know what's going on here, I have nothing but "good intentions" about it but this seems like a "crazy life" if you ask me.

Then she picked me up and said, Lacey mommy needs to have some fun and even though I love you furry much "I will not take these things for granted" because when I stay home here and take care of everyone in the house "something's always wrong". If you're lonely when I'm gone I can ask Alex to visit and "fly from heaven" to see you.

Well okay momma but "whatever I fear" is that you're going a little bit cuckoo and maybe you taking that "walk on the ocean" didn't help anything. It sent your mind "way away" and you need to "come back down" to earth.

Oh I'm furry worried about mommy, she was doing lot of weird moves and stuff and yes, it was fun and funny to watch but is she going to start eating bugs now? That's me and Finney's job! I don't understand this, she doesn't have any warts that I can see and she hasn't turned green since the last time she got a stomach flu.

Can any of you furs help us figure out what's going on here? I hope she's better by tomorrow, it's our 1 year catsterversary! Can you beweive it? One whole year! I hope we don't have to bring momma to the loony bin, but she insists that she's fine. I don't think so. Please help us figure out this dilemma!

"P.S." there are a lot of clues here so someone should be able to help us figure this whole thing out.

Thanks everyone!!!
Luv Lacey


Snowy Flowers for April Fool's!

March 30th 2011 3:46 pm
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Ugh, in the words of Nancy Kerigan, WWWWWHHHHHYYYYYYY!!!!!????? MOL! I cannot believe we're getting 6-12 inches of snow on Friday. I am NOT kidding! We couldn't be sicker of this stuff and mom went out and cleaned up some more of her garden today. Whenever she does that the neighbors stop in their cars and tell her, "now I KNOW it's spring because Lisa is in her garden, that's my sign". People walking their dogs and kids in the neighborhood always make a point of walking by our house, stopping and smelling the flowers.

We have one really naughty man that mommy can't catch in the act though. He's so cheap, instead of buying his girlfriend flowers, he walks the neighborhood with a pair of scissors and cuts other people's including my mommy's. Oh boy that makes her really mad. He cuts her tulips every year and our neighbor caught him once and she yelled at him. He said he was cutting them for his girlfriend. Can you believe that guy? Mom said she wants to catch him, follow him and tell his girlfriend on him. Heh heh. Jerk.

Because so many people are still getting cold, rain and snow we thought it would be nice for us to publish links to mommy's google albums where she has pictures of her gardens from every season there. There's also some pictures of us that a lot of you haven't seen before. There are many different albums in each but for some stupid reason when she updated her Picasa program, they put them in two different places and now she's stuck. So we're putting the links for both sites. Feel free to browse everyone and enjoy some spring and summer colors! When you go on the page the link takes you to, each picture that has a little green nodule underneath is actually a separate album. We have TONS of pictures in each of those.
First albums site
Album site 2


Take your best shot!!!

March 24th 2011 9:40 am
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It's funny because mom was already working on this video when Zach put up his diaries about us all doing professional wrestling. This really fits perfect. Take a look on my profile page at the first video called take your best shot. Notice how I have a great right hook, he hee, I give it to Finney really good in the head a couple of times. He doesn't mind, he asks for it.

Right now he smells like poop! He's having problems dropping all of his poop out of his bum, STILL. Mom took out the garbage, cleaned our box and she still couldn't figure out what that awful smell was. He'd left her a big old chocolate ball in the corner of the kitchen where the door opens. So it was in back of the door where she couldn't see it. PPPEEEEWWWWWW!!! It could have sat there all day. Good thing it's not summer. Blech! Anyways, he's still got some stuck to all that floof and mommy is like "NOT AGAIN FINNEY!!!" He won't let her clean it without growling at her and fussing. Sheesh! Big baby.

We figured out why Finney didn't get any DOTD for his pawty. He's already been EVERYTHING! The only thing left for us is COTW for both myself and Alex (HINT HINT HINT)!!! We've both been COTD and DOTD already. Hmmm, no more awards after that. That's no fun darn it. MOL. Oh well! He still holds the record for most posts ever in one diary (we think anyways). Maybe we can make up a little award for that or something. And for especially funny diaries and pics and stuff. OOOHHH!! Zach's picture of him in all those bandages qualifies for that one. What a drama queen! MOL!

Mom was looking back at my diary entries to see when we'd been awarded what and this one was pretty funny if you get a chance to read it: Diary Girl. It's cold and gloomy here again today. Gosh, what happened to all that spring that sprung? And a quick update on our cousin Midnight, she's been eating like a hog since last week. Mom was sitting on the rocking chair and Midnight was resting on her lap. Mom decided to try some Reiki just for the heck of it at that point, she was skin and bones. And we don't really know if that's what did it but the next day it was like a light switch that turned on. She just started hoovering food all day and hasn't stopped! KNOCK ON MAJOR WOOD NOT TO JINX THIS!!! She's gaining her weight back and ASKING for food. Sigh. It's exhausting all these ups and downs.

Mom says she doesn't care how it happened as long as she's eating. Thought you'd all like some good news for a change. So sad around here all the time lately. Oh if you get a chance too, go and check out Finney's new background on his page, it's pretty cool!

Anyways! Can't wait to see Zachy's next wrestling show. Maybe he can put a link to my video to go with it! How bout it Zachy? I'm showing Zoe some new moves too. Get 'em Zoe! Get 'em!

If you'd like to see the other videos we've made check out our youtube channel: My Little Monsters



March 20th 2011 12:51 pm
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All you other kitties will sympathize with this one. Yesterday my mommy's friend came over and usually they just do some repair stuff around the house or go out somewhere. See he's mommy's ex-boyfriend of 8 years but they are still the bestest of friends and he lives across the street. He keeps his motorcycle in our garage for the winter and in return he snowblows the driveway and stuff for grampy.

Anyways! Once in awhile he comes over and they both do something we HATE. They steal our toenails! He holds me on his lap and well, it's not all that bad actually. He gives me lots of kissies and mommy is super careful when cutting my nails. She kisses each foot after she's done and me and Finney get treats after. I'm better about it than Finney is. He goes running into his tower and hides. Mom used to trick him with treats to come out but that doesn't work anymore. So she doesn't fool around, she just goes in there and says "come on out big boy, let's go". MOL. She just drags him out of there and says "oh my big baby boy!" and kisses him. Don't worry, she doesn't hurt him when she does that, she's very gentle.

He's becoming such a wimp. Although he's always the first one down the stairs to go and visit with grampy and grammy. I guess we both have our separate things that make us nervous. Not too much right now, mom says she hopes as we get older we don't become nervous nellies. I know Nelly! She's a pawsome friend, she doesn't look nervous to me. Nelly are you nervous? So mom said our nails need to be cut because we're always gouging her. Every night when I get on top of her back and give her massagees I stab her and she says pretty soon when she drinks water, it will all come leaking out everywhere, MOL!

And as much as I hate having my nails trimmed, I like to see them go flinging across the room, MOL. I'm like "what was that! let me get it, let me down!" MOL! It's the little things that amuse me. Hey! spring is here! Whoo hooo! We're gonna have to change our backgrounds again. Mom's been doing spring cleaning the last couple of days. Lots more to come she said. Yipee! NOT! The great part is that we have the windows open and the birdies are coming back in the yard. Mom says as soon as the rest of the filthy snow in the yard melts, she'll go clean up the area and put the bird bath back out there. THEN watch dem birdies come flying back over here! That always does it. Oh and the windchimes we always hang at the top of our stairway. They love that too.

I hope you're all having a beautiful spring day and not getting your toenails cut! She's also trying to brush our toofies now. Thanks a lot Leo! This is all your fault for having such nice pearly white toofies! That is just not helping the rest of us. Sheesh!



March 16th 2011 10:04 am
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I cannot tell you what a shock this is to hear that Hazel Lucy has gone to the bridge. My feels like she's in a nightmare with so many sick kitties and ones crossing lately but this, THIS is too much. We don't even know what to say. When we came to Catster Hazel was one of our first friends. It took awhile for us to get to know each other but we fell in love with her and her mommy very quickly. We will ALWAYS be there for her mom and we know that Hazel will make the utmost wonderful and special angel kitty that ever existed. Words fail me, they really do.

I just know that everyone's diary today will be paying homage to that special girl, and rightfully so. A pillar of strength, concern for everyone else, love and support, FUN...OMC how much fun she is! Hazel made the word poopies into a complete new language here for us!

It's just unimaginable that this is happening and we hope that her journey was smooth and beautiful. She deserves nothing less. She is the Queen of Catster and now she's the queen of heaven. Love you Hazel Lucy! Our hearts are breaking. We love you and your momma very much. Thank you for always being here for us, for helping us to spread the word about IBD and helping other kitties. We'll see you when you're ready to come back with your giant, beautiful wings.

Pray for her momma, she's gonna need it. And she's gonna need us.

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