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Pawsitively Meow-Worthy

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Naughty Finney!

June 23rd 2010 11:24 am
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I don't know what's going on the last couple of days, but Finnegan is really ticking me off. Sometimes he gets like this, very frisky and fiesty. Right out of the blue! He's usually a calm boy and we play mostly at night. But lately he's on me, biting my neck (oooh I hate that)! I usually let him have his fun for a minute and then let him know I'm really mad. But I'm gonna sock him in the face pretty soon! It's too hot for this craziness and he's testing me. I'm faster than he is and sometimes I even ask for it. I'm no angel by any means, ask mom! But jeesh Finney! Bug off already! Weeve me awone or I'll bite your big, furry butt!

P.S. I wuv you Finney. I'm sure when I'm in the mood to be a brat, I'll start teasing you again. Cause that's the kinda girl I am!


An eye for a paw!

July 22nd 2010 7:12 pm
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So yesterday we had a few little mishaps around here. I was laying down next to momma's chair while she worked on Alex's website. I will usually sprawl myself belly up and look as cute as I can. So mom took her toes and tried to tickle my belly not realizing I was very, very sweepy! It startled me and I jumped and clawed her ankle pretty bad. She looks like someone took a knife and slit it across her leg. So sorry momma, I really didn't mean it! She knows that, she was okay after cleaning up the blood (again momma, so sorry). Then last night I snuck into her clothes closet while she was changing into her jammies and she thought me and Finney were both out but nope, I hid in blanket in there and 2 hours later she finally let me out. Was that payback? She says no and she was really upset because I came out very hot and wondering what the heck I did! I tried to tell her I was in there but the air conditioner was on and she was way in the living room. usually I have a very big mouth and yell about the darndest things, mostly just for the heck of it! She didn't hear me this time. I wasn't very happy when I came out but when I finally forgave her 1 hour later (I can't stay mad at her), she smothered me with kisses and I was back to walking all over her and sticking my bum in her face LOL! Then I did something extra cute. I got on top of her dresser, stood on my hind legs and started petting Alex's picture. She practically started crying. What for? I was having a serious discussion with Alex, we do it all the time! Mom hardly sees that so I guess it was a special moment. Silly mommy! We kitties don't ever really go away and we can see Alex's ghost! I tell you that all the darned time! Sheesh! Then we had big thunderboomers and me and Finney go especially berserk when there's a storm. We don't hide like Alex did, we love it (at least for right now). We go running around the house and plowing into stuff. Our grampy and grammy downstairs says it sounds like we're moving furniture! I think that's an exaggeration but momma says when she's downstairs talking to them, we sound like a herd of elephants. What's a elephant?


Diary pick today

July 30th 2010 8:11 am
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Wowee wow wow! Thanks for making me a Diary Pick today! Whoo hoo! We've been making so many wonderful friends here on Catster we just love it here. Thanks to everyone for all the luv and pawmails. It really is so nice to have other kitties to play with here and all the love we get is fantastic! Momma just loves you all and so do we! We even got some nice little gifts from our Tuxie buddies (you know who you are, LOL). It's been getting a little bit cooler here so me and Finney have been nutso playing and running around constantly. Mommy loves that and laughs and laughs and laughs. We're pretty funny and she calls us her "comic relief show". Of course now we have extra poofers flying around the house when we play so hard but oh well! Momma always says she'd rather see us playing hard and destroying the house than sick or not healthy. Hope everyone is having fun today too!
Luv Lacey


Xtra love!

August 30th 2010 7:59 pm
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Momma's been giving me and Finney extra hugs and kisses lately. Playing with us more too. She feels so sad there are so many kitties crossing the bridge lately and some that are so sick. She said she doesn't ever want to take us for granted. We were her special gift from beautiful Alex in heaven. Mom's been so sad the last couple of days. I keep getting on top of the compuper and purring my brains out, looking all cute and giving her sandpaper kisses. Finney too but he never gets up on momma, he makes her come to him most of the time. But he loves her lots, it's just his way. I like to get right up into mommy's face and purr up close. We're so happy to see Miss Mittens as Cat of the week! Nobody deserves it more than she does! We love you Miss Mittens! So so much! We're sending you lots of purrs and warm paws around your heart.



September 15th 2010 2:45 pm
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OH MY GOSH! Lucy and her momma gave my Catster family a really cool gift today! We were all jumping up and down, meowing and purring for joy! They are such good friends and we're so happy we could give Lucy a page on our website. She's going to be an international star now. Look out, she may become a diva, LOLO! She deserves the royal treatment and so does her mom. We just love them and wanted to tell everyone what a great day we're having because of their generosity and friendship! My momma has had a really rough time of it for quite a few years but we've made so many wonderful friends here and feel really, really good about what we're doing to help other kitties & their pawents. We luv all of you guys! What a purrrrrfect day! Okay, I'm off to makeout with Finney now.


My mom!!!!

September 24th 2010 6:56 pm
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OMG!! My momma is the best mom EVERRRRRR!!!! It was so hot tonight it's awful. We've been dying for the last 3 days and nights. Mom had already taken out the a/c's and swore she wouldn't put any back in because this is a short hot spell. We're on the second floor of grampy's 95 year old house so it's doubly hot up here! Well, tonight Finney wrote in his diary how hot we both were, mom was working on the compuper and all she could hear were me and Finney panting like crazy (which we've been doing all day). She threw her hands up in the air and said "THAT'S IT! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE AND NEITHER CAN YOU GUYS!" She went down into the yucky basement tonight at 9 o'clock, brought up some giant tubey thingy, went in the closet and got out the big rolling a/c and put it BACK in the window! We are right now laying down in the kitchen sprawled out, belly up, letting the air hit out bewyssss! Oooh la la that feels so good. I'm so happy I had to take a break and come and share that with everyone. And to think, somebody dumped Finney on the side of the road when he was little and I was in the shelter when mom took us both home. We are some lucky, lucky kitties for sure! Momma told us, we're worth the effort to keep us cool and comfy. Awwww, we love her so much and she adores us! Thanks momma! Hope all you wonderful furbabies are staying cool too!

Luv and kisses


Celebrate your pawents today!

September 26th 2010 8:38 am
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My momma and I were just looking at some of our recent diary comments from this whole heat debacle and me, her and Finney talked it over and decided that we want to celebrate all of you wonderful pawents today! Because there are so many people that don't appreciate their babies and take good enough care of them, we want to say thank you to all of you who DO care for your wonderful, special babies. You are all the most loving, special pawents and we know that your babies are in the best hands EVER! So all you kitties out there in Catster land, celebrate your pawents today! Give them extra sandpaper kisses, extra purrs and headbonks, extra kneading the blankets, whatever you want to do to show them how much you love them. And while you're at it, give your fantastic pawents some for us too. We love all you guys and celebrate with you!
Luv Lacey, Finney and Angel Alex
P.S. Momma thinks she's going to send this out to her newsletter too so if any of you guys get this double, then give double the kisses!


More excitement (not wanted)

September 28th 2010 7:55 am
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Last night my mom heard a bang again. She's like lightning my mom. She raced downstairs to find grams on the floor in the bathroom, almost passed out. Grams takes a sleeping pill every night and we wish she wouldn't do that. This thing knocks her out LITERALLY. Mom had to pick her up and bring her back to bed. It really upset her. Grams is fine believe it or not. She has bad osteoporosis and at 80 years old has banged her head a thousand times, it's like a rock that thing. But between her and gramps falling all the time, mom worries. My momma tries to make the house as safe as she can. She's going to go to Walmart and get some railings for their human potty and hope that will help. Mom is quick I tell ya. Gramps has fallen off a ladder and broken his broke his leg. Then he fell down the stairs and shattered that same leg real bad. Broke his femur! I guess that's a really painful big bone in humans. That one was really bad! Gramps has had strokes, high blood pressure, had prostate cancer (he's cancer free for 6 years now), grams has ulcers and colititis, pancreatitis, leaky heart valve, on and on and on. They are both in their 80s and mom knows they won't always be here and it scares her to think that one of these days, they might not be so lucky. We hope that doesn't happen for a long time! We love our grammy and grampy! And it'll really tear mom apart when that day comes. All you furbabies out there, enjoy your pawents and grandpawents if they are still with you!
Luv Lacey


new pages

October 1st 2010 7:26 am
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Thanks Hunter and Hunty's momma for getting us these new pages! Their great. We have music and videos on each of them too but they take a little bit to load so people should scroll down and wait a minute for them. They all match our backgrounds!!!

Congratulations to my beloved (but bratty) Finnegan for being a DDP! Now I'll have to be nice to him all day today. Hmmmm, we'll see! If he tried to chew on me I'll have to punch him in the eye again. Just the way it works. But we always end up making out in the end. LOLO

Grams is just fine by the way everybody! She's got a hard head and quite stubborn! Thank you all for your well wishes and support. It helped momma to talk about it with everyone.
Luv Lacey


We're a lucky couple of kits!

October 6th 2010 8:11 am
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Wowsers! I'm a DDP! Thank you so much Catster and everyone. LOLO, yes, I'll try and get Finney to be extra nice. He usually is anyways. Concats to our new friend Simone for getting a DDP as well! And many concats to very good friend Lukey for getting Cat of the Week! What a great thing to see his handsome face on the front page all week long. You're a star in our book Lukey! Now we just have to get our sweet angel Alex to be some kind of pick for something. She's never had this honor and she deserves it.

It's rainy and cold here today so this is the purrrfect way to keep us smiling and cheerful. You guys always do that for us! Ooooh, Finney's big foot is hanging off the tower. I have the sudden urge to go and chew on it. Hee hee hee.

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