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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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My Mama the Dufus

May 30th 2013 1:45 pm
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Well, I think I telled everbuddy bout the lemon catnipshun mama and daddy found. Onliest it is NOT lemon catnip! It is lemon catmint. Mama swears the sign said "catnip," but when she got reddy to plant it, the little stick inside the pot said lemon catmint.

Mama got peppermints at the flower store too. To keep the lemon catmint and the peppermint from takin over, mama cut most of the bottom outta two big black rubber pots. Then she digged a coupla holes and sinked the pots down to the rim in the garden. After that, mama put some dirt back in and put the peppermint in one pot and the lemon catmint in anuther pot.

So, what did we learn from all this? We learned that mama and even daddy catnot read very well, and mama does not use her head sumtimes. No wonder Guns and I did not like the lemony stuff. After all, mama readened somewhere a long, long time ago that kitties do not like the smell of citrus. So, why would we want lemony anything? I did not think it smelled terbl like Guns did, but course it was not catnipshun, so I did not get all goofy bout it. Now mama has to do some researchin to see if there is somethin she can do with the lemon catmint sides scare stray kitties away from our catnipshun plant, which by the way, looks zactly like the catmint.


Lemon Nip

May 24th 2013 10:02 am
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Well, after mama thought she bought all the flowers and Herbies she needed, she started lookin in her Herbie books and found more things she thinks she should grow. There is a gardenin place here that has a whole Herbie house just full of all kinds of neat stuff. Mama membered pullin up all grammie's garlic chives cuz she thought they were stinky. Last night she was kinda laffin when she bought some cuz she has "acquired" a taste for garlic. YUCK! I am glad she will not make me and Guns eat any.

The coolest thing mama bringed home is lemon catnip. That's right; lemon catnipshun. Mama sez it smells yummy, and she was kinda diss-pointed when we were not thrilled. She brought in two leafs, one for me and one for Guns. I sniffed it and walked away. Guns started to sniffy it, and then he backed up real fast and squintered his eyes. Guns does not like stuff that smells strong like mama and daddy's toothpaste. Anyway, Guns would not get near the leaf, and I did not really care bout it. Mama sez maybee if she dries it, the lemony-ness will not be so strong, and then maybee we will like it better. If not, then I guess mama will have to try and make some tea stuff for herself.

I guess Guns and I will be home inside all day while mama is out doing what she calls preppin pots and plantin flowers and Herbies. Mama was hopin it would be nicer out, but it is not very warm even though the sun is shinin, and it is terbl windy. Mama catnot even try out the new ridey mower, Crusher, cuz it rained most of last night, and the grass is REAL wet. Poor mama. Maybee she should be a kitty. :)


Spring in Big Sky Country

May 22nd 2013 2:59 pm
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Mama got a new ridey mower yesterday. His name is Julius, and he is bright orange. He can pull a cart, but mama can get a snow blade for him too. Guns is still talkin bout driverin the ridey mower, but I know mama will not let him. Missy said I can borrow her motorcycle leathers, gloves, and helmet just in case Guns sneeks outta the house and makes me go with him. I sure hope mama hides the ridey mower key. I do not think Guns knows any bad cats who could hot wire it.

It was real nice for a few days. Then it started rainin, and Monday evenin it rained so hard mama sez the toads strangled. Huh? I don't know bout any toads, but there was a flash flood in town and accerdents on the bridges and stuff. I am glad we stayed home.

Mama is all reddy to plant her pretty flowers whenever the weather decides to cooperate. We got all kindsa flowers, and mama has been carryin em back and forth. First they spended the night in the house, and Guns and I could not go in the offis at night. Then they started spendin the night in the shed so they could get more used to being outside. Mama sez tonight they are stayin out on the deck to practis cept for the basil cuz it is real finicky and does not like cold dirt. I catnot wait for mama to plant flowers in the giant shiny red pots she brought home. They are so pretty and big, way bigger than me and Guns.


Dumb Bruthers

May 20th 2013 2:17 pm
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Gunnie is actin all sperior cuz he got a DDP today. Well I had one before him! Get over it Guns; I was first.

Mama is still lookin a ridey mowers. Now she has to get a bigger one, and Guns keeps sayin he will drive it. Why would he even wanna drive the ridey mower? We got our blue hotrod stroller, and it gots flames on the sides and everything. Sides, I do not think mama and daddy will let Guns drive the ridey mower speshly cuz he could not reach the pedals. Heck, mama can hardly reach the pedals on some of em.

Just in case, I think I will ask Angel Missy Mups if I can borrow her black motorcycle leathers, pink gloves, and her fancy black with pink swishes helmet. At least I will look real cool when Guns crashes the mower into somethin big when I am ridin with him.




May 17th 2013 4:20 pm
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Today mama worked in the yard, and then after all the skary gray clouds comed, she decidered to take me and Guns for a stroller ride. We went pretty fast down the driverway to the road cuz mama was fraid it might rain on us. Grampster was on his tractor, and the neighbor was on his tractor, and the noise was terbl. Don't they know us kitties hear better than them? Speshly grampster cuz he wears a hearin aid! Cept for the noisiness, we had a nice ride. Guns likes to sit up, but I like to crawl partway under the squishy bed mama made for us and peek out. I think it was only an accerdent that mama named me Peekaboo, but it is a good name for me. I like to peek out at things when I think they catnot see me.

Now it is sposed to be rainy for the next few days, so maybee we can get our house all cleanerish again.

Grampser putted mama's new ridey mower together and tried it out. Grampster sez it is "not satisfactory," whatever that meens, and he is takin it back to the store. Grampster was talkin bout jack rabbits and goin too fast in first gear. I did not know rabbits had gears. Then he said somethin bout the clutch. What's a clutch? Anywhoo, mama still does not have a ridey mower. She sez they have to start all over again. :(

The onliest good part is Guns catnot call me a chickie cat for not wantin to ride on the mower when he is driverin. Now I have time to think up reasons not to go on the ridey mower with Guns, and I am pretty sure there are lotsa good reasons...


Yellin for My Dinner

May 15th 2013 9:12 pm
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Today mama went outside to work in the yard at ll clocks. Pretty soon it was 2 clocks, and Guns and I did not have our lunch. Mama gets all innerested in playin in the dirt, and she forgets all bout how Guns and I might be starvin. Finally bout 3 clocks mama comed in for a minute, and Guns and I mentioned real polite like that we needed lunch. Mama gived us onliest half of our lunch, and then she went back outside.

It was bout 5 clocks, and mama was gettin ready to come inside for the day, but I did not know that. Guns and I never had the rest of our lunch, and it was gettin time for kitty kat dinner. Mama was lookin at her flower garden by the beddyroom when she heard a noise. She looked up at the window, and I was tryin to squeeze through the open window, and I was yellin at mama that I wanted dinner cuz I was starvin. At first mama thought it was Guns because I am the polite kitty, but no, it was me, the Peekster, and I was HUNGRY! The window was onliest open bout 5 inchers, but my whiskers said I could stick my head out and push on the screen. I had one paw out too, but the hole was too teensy, and I could not squeeze through. Sooooooo, the onliest thing I could do was stare at mama and yell as loud as I could. "I AM STARVIN; FEED ME!!!"

It did not even work cuz mama comed in awhile later when she got hungry. No fair.


Thanks, Everbuddy!

May 14th 2013 5:23 pm
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Hey, thanks to all our friends for sendin those cool passover cups. MOL. We missed all the Catster fleas, and it is all mama's fault. Thanks for the flowers too. I think I like those better. Guns and I are sorry we did not send out no passover cups or flowers, but we are sendin you all prezunts in our hearts!


The Glamper

May 14th 2013 5:21 pm
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Mama calls the new campsterer trailer the "glamper," and she sez we are gonna go glampin. I sure hope glampin is fun...

Sunday Gunnie and I spent bout one million hours in the new glamper. Mama sez it was only 5, but I do not believe it. Gettin there was terbl. Mama took Gunnie, but I did not know where they were goin, so I ran and hided underneath the bed so mama could not find me. I did not know she seed me goin under the bed.

When mama comed back, she used a yarderstick to make me come out. I runned real fast behind the loveseat. Mama used the yarderstick to make me go out, so I runned up the hall. Oh, NO!!! The beddyroom door was up tight, so I turned and runned real fast past mama to the dinin room. I was gettin pretty tired, so finally mama reached underneath the dinin room table and catched me. I was kinda relieved when we onliest went to the glamper.

We had snacks and tried the air condishunner, and mama bringed some toys and even some fresh nip. The new ottermun is cool; even daddy likes it. It is square, and it has what mama called a hinged top. Inside mama is gonna keep our toys and our kitty chow so we can have snacks on the road when the glamper slidey things are not out.

Gunnie and I played and napped, and after mama put some new peacock feathers in the table rangement, Gunnie and I sneaked up to check it out. Guess what? The vase with the rangement falled over waaaaaaay too easy. Mama and daddy were onliest goned a few minutes, and when they comed back inside daddy said "it's down." Course it was down. What did they expect? Mama should either pick a fatterest vase or maybee use some stuff to make it stick to the tabl if she does not want it to fall over.

Daddy went to his nuther house, so now we are helpin mama and watchin grampster put in a new gate in the back yard. Mama is gettin a new ridey lawnmower in just a few days.

Guns thinks he is gonna drive it, and he wants me to come too, but I do not think I trust his drivin. He would probly just crash the lawnmower into somethin big and break it. Ummmmm...does anybuddy have a helmet I can borrow?



May 4th 2013 3:11 pm
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I have had a couple of terbl days. Thursday mama was outside all day, but when she comed in she realized I was gettin in the potty lots and poopin. One time she watched me, and I didn't feel good, so I just laid down in the potty. Later there was a little spot of poop on the rug in the hall, so mama runned the SpotBot. Later mama smelled somethin stinky, but she could not find it until she got real close to me. See, some of the poop sticked in my furs. It was pretty embarrassin as you can imagine.

Mama tooked me to the bathyroom and tried to get the stuff out. She used toilet papers and pet wipers and everything, but the bad stuff would not come outta my fur. I am real skared of the bathytub cuz I had a coupla baths there before, so mama thought it would not be so skary if I had a bath in the sink. Well, I struggled and screamed and howled and moaned. I was makin such a fuss that Guns comed to the door and cried and pawed tryin to get in and rescue me from mama, but he could not cuz the door was up tight. Finally after mama tried to drown my tail and booty, the kitty kat shampoo was goned from my fur. Mama wrapped a clean towel round me, and we sat down to catch our breaths. Mama was as wet, well maybee even wetter than me!

Friday mama had to go to town, but early in the mornin she sawed another teensy spot of poop on the carpet, so she runned the SpotBot again. While she was doin it, I could see her lookin at me. I was pretty sure she was plottin some kinda terbl thing to do to me. After the SpotBot gobbled up the bad stuff, mama took me and Guns to the kitchen for breakerfust. She had some Fortiflora with the good tummy bugs, so she gave me and Guns each a package with our breakerfust.

Mama washed her hair, and when she got finished, she found a bunch of stuff that camed from sumbuddy's tummy all over the carpet right next to where the SpotBot gobbled stuff up just a few minutes earlier. Honest, it was not me. Guns was bein a real piggy. He loves the Fortiflora, and it was good, and he was REAL hungry. He ate too fast, and up camed the chow and the good tummy bug medsins with it.

Poor mama cleaned up the messiness and runned the SpotBot again. There were three spots, all of em wet, and all of em close to each nuther.

When mama camed home from town, she gave us lunch. Then she gave me a haircut. It is not real pretty cuz mama sez I am as wiggly as an earthyworm. Mama trimmed my bloomers and the hair down low on my tummy to help so the poops can't grab onto me as easy. She could not bear to cut on my faboolus tail, though, so now every time I go potty, mama checks my booty and my tail.

This mornin mama was smarter. She did not give us the Fortiflora cuz she sez it is too spensive to upchuck it. Mama let us have our breakerfust, and we did not throw up nuthin, so mama let us have Fortiflora with our lunch when we were not so hungry. So far, so good.


More New Campsterer Time

May 1st 2013 2:06 pm
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Daddy was here to do the gun show, and Guns and I did not get much attenshuns until Sunday evenin. That was when the show was over, and mama and daddy packed up all daddy's stuff and finally comed home at a decent time.

Monday mama and daddy made the new campsterer bigger usin those slidey thingies. Then turned on the heater thingie so it would be nice and warm inside cuz it was not nice at all outside.

It was not very warm, and the winds were howlerin like a coyote or a big bad woof! Daddy tooked more measuremunts from the campsterer, and away he and mama went to buy more stuff for it! I think mama has been spending all her $$$ on the campsterer. She sez she wants it purrfect for when we go campsterin or, as mama puts it, "glampin," whatever that meens.

When mama and daddy camed home, mama took me and Guns down to the campsterer to play for awhile. She had to make two trips with me and Guns. Then she had to bring our food dishies. Then she had to bring out water dishy. After that daddy changed some lock thingies. Then mama started loadin stuff from the shed into the new campsterer. Guns and I watched her tryin to walk in the wind. It was kinda funny cuz mama was havin a problem. See, she would try to take some steps, but the wind would not let her go sumtimes. Finally mama got all the stuff puttened away. Then she got her Kindle and came inside. She put a blankie on the loveseat and sat down and started readin. I came and sat in front of mama and cried, so she patted the couchie seat until I jumped up beside her. Then she readened with one hand and gave me pets with the nuther hand. I got pets and skritchies and ruffy-fluffies in my fur. It was real cool, and I stayed for a long time. I got silly and started rollin around and almost falled off the couchie!

Mama has little short leggies, so she was usin our kitty carrier like an otter-mun. It worked so good she ordered a cube otter-mun for the new campsterer. Guess what? We get to store our kitty toys inside the otter-mun cept for our toys on a stick. I do not think they will fit.

After daddy and grampster got done makin holes in the steel and weldin, mama asked daddy if he would help her with the door so she could take me home from the campsterer. Daddy got the door open, but the wind was blowin SO hard, he had to use his whole body to keep the door from slammin on me and mama while we went down the steps. Then mama had to go back again and get Guns. It was skary cuz it was so cold and windy outside, and it was rainin part of the time too. Mama sed the raindrops felt like tiny whips cuz of the wind. On the news they sed the wind was gustin to 64 miles per hour. That seems pretty fast.

We were all happy when we were inside for the evenin. Mama and daddy had steak for dinner; they sed they deserved it. What about me and Guns? We never even got a single bite of steaks.

Yesterday the wind was still howlin, and it snowed off and on all day. The flakes were goin siderways from the north. The flakes melted real quick, but sumtimes you could not see much out our birdie watchin window cuz it was snowin so hard.

I never knew about my second DDP cuz mama thought nuther things were more important. Thanks to everbuddy who gave me good wishies and prezunts. It's fun to rite in my diary and then get recka-nized for bein a kitty writer.

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