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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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Fur on the Tongue

May 28th 2011 1:09 pm
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Today we are stuck inside because it has been raining for almost two weeks. Mostly every creek and river in central Montana is flooding. Roads are washed out, and all the campstergrounds in the Lewis and Clark National Forest are closed. Gunnie and I catnot even go for a stroller ride. We are bummed.

This morning Gunnie was chasering me and chasering me and chasering me. I don't know what else to do but run when he chasers me. I am very passive, so I do what Gunnie wants. Finally mama heard me squeaking and came to investergate. She caught Gunnie trying to swallow a mouthful of my byootiful furs. Gunnie got scolded, but then mama got the laser toy.

I started to play right away. I love my laser toy, Gunnie not so much. I will chase the dot until I can't go anymore. Gunnie just laid there like a lump of cat fur. When I got kinda tired, mama got the feather kitty teaser with the bells on it. Gunnie went wild and started leaping in the air and bumping me out of the way, so I quit playing. My brother the maniac played until he was soooo tired. He was just laying on the carpet exhaustered. Now maybe he will be nice for awhile, at least until after our afternoon nap.


My Brother, the Wuss

May 26th 2011 12:29 pm
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I have been pouting because mama has not let me write in my diary for awhile, and I have stuff to tell!

Daddy was here for my last doctor pointment, so he went with us. Gunnie had to go for his "soshulizashun" practice. As soon as Gunnie saw the door to Best Friends, he backed up in his carrier and made it tip up in the front.

We went to a room, and mama got me out, and daddy got Gunnie out of his carrier. We both had our harnesses on, and mama snapped leashes on us so we could explore the room. I checked it out a little bit, but daddy was wearing his puffer vest, and I discovered I could jump up on the bench next to daddy and go behind him and hide underneath his vest. I made daddy laugh a couple of times because I tickled him when I turned around while I was hiding in his vest.

Gunnie did not like his soshulization. He went and sat in the corner. He was trying to act brave, but mama could see Gunnie's head shaking just a teensy bit. Mama picked Gunnie up and held him. Then a funny thing happened. Gunnie wanted down, and mama let him jump down. Gunnie smelled something in the room. He started sniffering really serious. Then something even funnier happened. Gunnie got a big smile on his face, and he rolled over on his back and started acting silly. Mama said they must have sprayed Feliway in the room to calm down some nuther kitty. It worked real good on Gunnie. He was acting all goofy and rolling around on the floor like he was at home.

When Unkl Dr. Mike finished checking me out, mama asked if she could put Gunnie up on the exam table. Gunnie did not like that a bit. Unkl Dr. tried to feed Gunnie a treat, and all Gunnie would do was back up and act like a wuss.

Unkl Dr. said the treat looked like kitty poop, and it was true. It didn't smell so good either. I hope it did not hurt Unkl Dr.'s feelings too much.

What can I say? My brother is a wimpy wuss, and I am a big brave girl.


The Smiling Kitty Face

May 15th 2011 6:56 pm
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We have a smiling cat at our house. I do not like him. I THINK I'm sposed to step on him when I get in and out of the potty, but he has these little stickery things sticking up, and they feel icky on my feet. I go around him to get in the potty. Then when I am finished, I get ready and then I leap real high over him while I shake my paws real hard. Usually I hear a pingy, pingy sound. Mama says it is the sound of kitty litter bouncing off things in the bathroom; the toilet, the tub, the shower doors, the walls. I think even if I walked all over him, that smiling kitty face would just keep on smiling at me. I think he is a bad cat...

Why is mama always in the bathroom using the sucky machine? Doesn't she like walking in kitty litter? I don't mind; I just don't like that smiling kitty face.


I Got A New Page

May 12th 2011 4:44 pm
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Ooh, ooh; I am running around all eksitered. I got a new page, and it is wonderful! I wanna thank my special auntie for making my new page. I knew auntie and mama were plotting behind my back. I was worried it was not a good thing, but IT IS! Antique lace and high button shoes. That is a Peekaboo Princess page for sure! I could not be higher if I was on nip! Ooh, ooh...

Thank you, auntie. I love you LOTS!


Keeping Gunnie Clean

May 11th 2011 7:33 pm
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Gunnie washes me...a LOT. Mama thinks he will get a tummyache if he gets too much of my bootiful furs inside, so today she decided to give Gunnie some of that goopy malt flavored stuff. Gunnie used to like it, but now he thinks he does not. Mama got Gunnie and got the stuff. Then she tried to hold his head and put it in his mouth, but it was already drooping off mama's finger. It was not his fault, but Gunnie bit mama's finger. Geez; she was sticking it right in his mouth. Mama scared Gunnie when she screamed. Then Gunnie turned his head and ended up with goopy stuff all over his face and even some on his neck where he catnot lick. Poor Gunnie! He had stuff all over his face, and mama had stuff all over her hand. I think mama got some sticky stuff on Gunnie's back too when she tried to pick him up and take him to the bathroom. Finally mama got Gunnie to the bathroom and got a washcloth and cleaned his neck and back. Gunnie was very disgustered when mama finally let him go.

Mama thought it was kind of funny when she found me licking what was left of the sticky stuff off Gunnie's neck because I don't like it neether!

Uh-oh...I think it's my turn next.


Another DDP

May 10th 2011 1:17 pm
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Thanks, diary robot, for choosing me as one of the daily diary picks. Thanks to my friends who sent me presents and congratulations.

Gunnie and I have had some really boring days. Mama has not been feeling very well since Saturday, so mostly Gunnie and I have been taking cares of mama. That means we have to stay out of mischief and nap with mama on the bed almost all day long. We did not get to go for a stroller ride even though the weather was nice. We did not get playtime because mama felt too tired to even wiggle the kitty toys. Yesterday it rained all day, and mama felt really bad, so we stayed on the bed all day except for eating and pottying.

Today mama is feeling better, so she is doing stuff around the house like laundry and a clean kitty potty. Yay!!! Mama said we deserved better than our stinky potty. Whenever mama changes the potty, Gunnie jumps right in and makes pee pee. I don't know he does it. I don't have to potty the minute the potty is clean.

When mama came in the office and turned on the computer, Gunnie jumped into the stroller for a nap. He was being a stroller hog, so I decided to sleep in the Muppet-Gunnarr-Peekie chair. It is a little wicker chair that mama bought for Missy at a yard sale. It costed $3!!! Anyway, it has a baby quilt folded up on the seat, and it is nice and squishy. I picked that chair today, but I decided to hide out underneath some covers, so I burrowed inside where the quilt was foldered. Mama said I looked like a little gopher going into my hole. I slept there for quite awhile, but then I decided Gunnie should not get the whole stroller, so I leaped in right on top of him. Gunnie only thinks he is the boss. Girl cats rule, boy cats drool.


New Medsins and Challenges

May 7th 2011 10:15 am
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Wednesday I had to go see Unkl Dr. Mike. He felt me all over like he always does to make sure my "bads" were not coming back. Mama checks me almost every day too. She feels my leggies in back and my armpits in the front. After Unkl weighed me and checked me all over, he decidered I could start my new medsins. Unkl found some nuther peoples with pets who would share the cost of a huge bottle of medsins. That was very nice of Unkl to help us like that.

Do not tell Unkl Dr., but I really do love him. He tries so hard to help me. Unkl used my weight to figure out my dose. Then he mixed my new medsins with some yummy corn oil. I already had my nuther medsins that day, so I had to wait until Thursday morning to get my new medsins. When mama started to give me the new medsins Thursday morning, I reached out and got my paws around the syringe and pulled it right to my nose. Yum! Something smelled very yummy. Mama gave me the medsins, and I thought they were good! That made mama very happy. Now I have to take the new medsins one day and the old medsins the next day for two weeks. Then Unkl Dr. wants to wean me (didn't I already do that when I was a kitten?) from the old medsins. Mama is crossing her fingers, and I am crossing my paws that the new medsins will control my "bads" for the rest of my life.

Now, about that challenge. Member when I said mama put the big rubber band on the jewelry box? Well, this morning mama was trying to sleep in, but it was not working. Gunnie was rattling the closet doors, and mama kept yelling at him. Then he would run off and come back in a few minutes and do it again. Then mama heard anuther noise. She looked over and saw me working on getting the jewelry box open. My fluffy booty was planted right in the middle of the dressing table, and I was going "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh" on the door trying to get it open and get my pretty, sparkly jewels out to play with. I was thinking about plan B because the whooshing was not working at all, but then mama yelled real loud at me. I skittered off the dressing table, and things went flying in all directions. I guess I will have to lay low for awhile until mama forgets about it.

When mama turned on the radio, the CD door on the boom box was open again, and the tape player was fast forwarding...again. Mama does not think that was me because I am not a high jumper. My leggies are too short, and my body is heavy. Mama thinks it was Gunnie because he is a real good jumper, and he is always getting into truble just like me. How about that; a double bill?


I Love Jewelry

May 5th 2011 10:40 am
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Mama left this morning with grampster to do some errands. Gunnie and I were home alone, and I got bored. I decided I would try on some of mama's jewelry. I love anything pretty, pink, or sparkly. I jumped on the dressing table and pawed at the door of one of mama's jewelry boxes that daddy made for her. The door opened, and there were lots of pretty earrings inside. There was a wooden bar that had necklaces hanging on it, so I pulled that out so I could see the necklaces better. Then I discovered a little box thingie. When I pawed at it, the thingie came right out. Guess what I found. It was such a lovely treasure; two beautiful ermine tails. They were snow white with black tips. They were so soft and just the right size to play with. I meant to put them back after I played with them, but I guess I got tired and fell asleep.

When mama came home, she found one ermine tail on the floor next to the dressing table. She put that one back and started looking all around for the other tail. She looked funny crawling around on her hands and knees, but she couldn't find the second tail. When mama walked into the bathroom, there was the second ermine tail on the floor. Mama didn't say anything. She picked up the tail and put it back in the little box thingie, but then she went to the office and got a HUGE rubber band. Mama put the rubber band around the jewelry box to keep the door from opening.

As mama left the room, she looked at me and smiled. Then she said "Peeka McSqueeks, let's see you figure that one out." that a challenge, mama?


New Tricks

May 3rd 2011 1:28 pm
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Saturday evening mama and daddy came home from the gun show and made dinner. After dinner, they were sitting at the dining room table looking at the newsypaper and mail. They kept hearing something, but they could not figure out what it was. Finally daddy said "Is that the train?" Mama said it sounded kind of like a train at the crossing, but it was too musical. Daddy got up from the table and walked into the living room. He started laughing and called mama to look. The stereo was playing a CD called Scottish Moors, and I was curled up next to the stereo. Mama and daddy still can't figure out how I learned to turn the stereo on, and I am not telling.

Sunday morning when mama and daddy woke up, mama noticed the CD door on the boom box on the dresser was open. She pointed to it, and daddy laughed. Mama closed the door, but when she turned on the radio she kept hearing a funny sound. After a whole day, mama realized the fast forward button for the tape player was pushed down, and that is why it was making a funny noise. Gee; I wonder who did that?


My Brother is Reckless!

April 26th 2011 10:12 am
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This morning before we had breakfast, mama decided to play kitty teasers with me and Gunnie. I was as gracerful as a ballerina. Mama was making the teaser go in circles, and I was spinning and spinning. Then I would stand up on my hind legs and show that teaser who is boss. I attacked Mr. Kitty Teaser over and over. Sometimes Gunnie would jump in my way while I was playing and make me miss catching the teaser.

Later Gunnie started doing high jumps. He is a reckless maniac when he starts jumping. He leaps into the air really high, but then he goes all spastic in the air. He does flips and summersaults and stuff while he is up there, but he has no control when he comes down. Sometimes he lands on me, and today he even smashed into mama. Mama just laughed and kept playing with Gunnie even though he is reckless. My brother is a menace.

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