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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

The Scoop by Miss Peekaboo - Day Two

August 21st 2011 4:17 pm
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Saturday mama and daddy went to the Cataldo Mission in Idaho. Mama did mention to daddy that the first letters in Cataldo spell “cat.” I catnot tell what Gunnie and I did while mama and daddy were goned. We might get into trubl.

Mama and daddy shopstered while they were on their trip, but they did not bring us any kitty toys. Mama said she was dispointed in the gift shop at the Cataldo Mission. She was hopin to buy somethin nice for our real auntie. She collects rosaries, and mama wanted to find her some little present. Mostly they had T-shirts and books bout Idaho, maybe because it is a state park?

Mama and daddy brought home Flathead cherries from St. Regis, but they would not let me or Gunnie have any, not even the cool little stem thingies that pull right off. After dinner we went for a stroller ride. It was cool and nice, and daddy pushed us this time, so we went faster. Mama keeps wantin me and Gunnie to watch the kids splashin in the swimmie pool, but we don't like it much. Then there were those little pedal car thingies that kept whizzin past. Mama does not give us much sympathy. She says Gunnie and I need to get used to lotsa things so we don't get so skared anymore. Usually we get kinda skared for a minute or two. Then we get too curious again, and we forget to be skared.

I have to tattle on Gunnie. I am sprised he did not tattle on me from the night before. We waited until mama and daddy went to bed and were almost sleepin. Then I jumped onto the cooler in front of the door. Gunnie put me up to it. I was sposed to unlook the door thingie so we could go outside. Gunnie said he knows how to drive daddy's big truck, and we were going to cruise the campsterground. Unfortunately, Gunnie kept tellin me to hurry up and get the door unlocked, and I lost my balance, and the cooler fell over and made a big crash. Then Guns and I ran for cover. Mama jumped out of bed and came out and turned on the light. Then she said some things bout naughty kits. We decidered we would lay low for awhile.

Now for tattling on Gunnie. Last night it was gettin dark out, and Gunnie and I were watchin smellervision out the screen door. A coupla girls came by. They saw Gunnie sittin at the door watchin, and they squealed pretty loud, “Oh, look. A KITTY!!!! They skared Gunnie half to death. He jumped away from the door and ran straight down the hall into the bedroom and would not come out. Mama and daddy were laughin at him, and mama called Gunnie a chickie, but he still would not come back and look out the door anymore. So much for Gunnarr the Warrior.

P.S. We have not seen the ginger kitty again, but we have been watchin our stroller real close. Daddy puts it in the truck at night and in the campster with us when he and mama leave on road trips.

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August 22nd 2011 at 11:52 am

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