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Birthday Boy Me!

January 24th 2013 11:16 pm
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Once again Meowmi forgot my birthday, until she checked email and saw birthday wishes from Catster! MOL! Good thing Catster is out there to keep her brain in line!!

I was excited to receive a birthday picture from Pipo and Minko that has beautiful dogwood blossoms on it. Even though we think they should be catwood blossoms, Meowmi was reminded of her land in east Texas that has wild dogwoods growing all over it!

We also received a Blue Ribbon rosette from Big Harry and his furmily and a very yummy Shrimp Rosette from Tristan and his furmily!

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes!

On a more solemn note, when Meowmi came home tonight, she found a flyer on the door about a missing cat named Artemis who is old and blind. Meowmi was going to go out tonight to look around for her, but it's raining now, so she suspects Artemis would be hiding somewhere to try to stay dry. We're purring for her safe return!



February 12th 2012 7:48 am
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What? My meager scribblings won Diary of the Day! What an honor! Meawwwwwwooooo!!! Maybe Meowmi will let me have some of my fav Power Paw chicken treats! mmmmmmmmmmm. . . . .

Will scribble more later - Meowmi just opened the catputer to check email before running out to play the organ keys - she says she's already late, so I have to shut up for now! MOL!

Off to do my tail wiggle dance!


New Toy!!

February 11th 2012 10:03 am
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Meowmi gave us a great toy yesterday! I don't think she realized it at the time, though - MOL! She put up a new shade over the bedroom window, and boy did we have fun! I got on one side, and Operetta got on the other side, and we had a blast batting at each other through the fabric! Meowmi was yelling at us to stop it or we'd pull it down. . . well, we only pulled PART of it down! MOL! It's still perfectly good for playing! Meowmi, thanks!


Nice Birthday Gifts!

February 8th 2012 9:50 am
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Am finally getting Meowmi to help me write about the nice birthday gifts I received last month! She's such a procatinator!

Anyways, Napoleon and Colorado from Catstertown made me a really pawsome birthday picture and sent it with a yummy Cupcake giftie! Purrrrrrrrr!!!! I was so touched!

And Pete sent a lovely Blue Rosette along with an invitation to HIS Birthday Pawty!! It was quite the pawtying month!


Happy Birthday to ME!!

January 24th 2012 9:30 am
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It's MY day, it's MY day! Yea me!! I hope Meowmi remembers to get some of my favorite freeze-dried chicken treats out of the fridge for me! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr. . . . hm, what can I do to remind her? Maybe I'll sit on her . . . hm, no, then she wouldn't be able to get to the fridge to get them. . . maybe if I carry her slippers into the kitchen & leave them in front of the fridge. . . that might do it. . .


The Rough Life of a Show Cat

March 24th 2010 7:23 pm
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Last Friday Meowmi stuffed Gus & me into carriers & put us in the car. . . we weren't too pleased, as car rides aren't usually fun. But THIS car ride was a REAL pain! It kept going ON, and ON, and ON! And there we were, stuck in those little boxes the entire time! Oh, granted, she opened the doors a couple of times & offered us some water. . . I refused just from the principle of it!

FINALLY we stopped for good, and Meowmi took us in a little room with a couple of beds and a people litter box. . . . Gus & I explored, which didn't take too long, while Meowmi set up our litter box and food for us. We availed ourselves of the facilities. . . and I have to admit the room wasn't too bad once we'd gotten used to it. At least we had Meowmi all to ourselves, without the other meows taking up all the room! Pretty nice, I must say!

But then in the morning, Meowmi started making motions like she was going to put us into the little boxes again! I fooled her & hid under the bed, while she put Gus in a box. She finally left, taking Gus, so I thought I was home free. . . . but awhile later she came back with a BIG human who actually LIFTED up my hiding place, allowing Meowmi to reach in and grab me & stuff me in a box! Oh, the indignity of it!

As I suspected, I ended up at a cat show, but it wasn't a place I've been to before. It was really big and strange. I made sure to hold onto the walls of my little house any time Meowmi tried to take me out, so she'd know I objected to being there. . . but she still managed to unhook my well-groomed nails and carry me to the judging rings. . . .

I won't bore you with a description of the judging. . . it's quite undignified!! It went on for two days, but eventually it was all over, and we were stuffed back in the boxes for our long drive home. . . . whew! good thing I don't have to go off to a JOB like Mewomi does & can properly relax and recuperate!!

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