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A day in the Life of Milo

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We had an outside Pizza Pawty last night~!

March 25th 2011 6:06 pm
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Hi ya'll~! How iz efurone tonight? Oh wow, I jus' gotta share dis one wif u~! I see Tim Tim already got his turn to talk about our Pizza Pawty last night!~ What makes HIM so spawcial? MOL! I guess he's not so bad..anyway, I wuz all ofur da place 'n u can see by my pishure, I had a good time, although, I wuz kin'a freaked out when mom took dat pishure, coz a doggie jus' tryed to EAT ME! Ugh..I wusn't shur but his owner iz a nice man 'n dat doggie is a girlly whofur is usually nice, so I wusn't worried to much!~ MOL~ SIKE~ NOT, I freaked out!~ My tail wuz all bushed out 'n fluffy like Finn's gets! MOL~ But me 'n da boyz had a furtastic time sharin' dat pizza wif all our kewl mom's~! First I ran out da door, coz, well mom made me WAIT to get to come out, an' I heard Timmy, Ziggy 'n Sam playin'! Mom does not let me come outside mush, coz her sez it's way to dangerous 'n her a bit overprotective of me~! So I sez, MOMMY! PAWLEASE let me come outside! So her did. 'N I sailed outside! It wuz so purrty out 'n da flowers were smelling good!~ Sam chased me lots 'n den I got him!~ He wuz so funny, I snuck up on him 'n he yelped like a girlie! MOL~ But den, oh boy, here he comes after me!!! Dat Timmy spent most of his time in his trees, 'n Ziggy found out how mush fun lil Sam iz!~ Well my mom, waz a camera clickin' phycho!~ MOL! Everytime I turned around she had dat camera in ALL of our faces!~ But I went about my speedo self 'n finally we gotted da bestest snack round! PIZZA~! Dat pizza guy couldn't believe how many kitties were playin' 'n havin' sush a good time together!~ He says we were all very hansome boyz 'n we were so good~! Yes we are. We not run off nor did we make our mom's come after us, when it got dark, we came right on home 'n I ran into my house, coz I know where I be's safe~! Our mom's had a blast 'n dey needed dat, coz dey ALL werks so hard to put foodage on our plates~!

So how r u all doin'? Iz gettin' really purrty 'n nice outside! I shur hope u all get to spend a lil outdoors time dis Spring! U will lubbs it~!

Many purrs 'n love,

Thankz fur readin' my diary~!


Beware! My Computer is Infected!~

April 10th 2011 4:43 pm
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Dear Furiends,

Mom is havin' a terrible time wif our 'puter tonight! We jus' found out that it's all infected 'n won't let us do anything! I am sorry but I may be off Catster for awhile becoz mom needs to upgrade her Windows Security an' doesn't have money to do it now! Ahhhhh! I am sorry and she is crying now! I am not even sure if dis diary will make it. I am really tryin' so hard to make sure I can communicate wif u all! I love u all, but dis is serious stuff. Looks like we has Trojans 'n Virus's trying to take our personal stuff's. I will be back when we get dis straight. Not shur when....or if...

Purrs an' lotza love,

MILO 'n mom


I missed U all so mush! I think I am back (from outer- space!) MOL!~

April 14th 2011 5:19 pm
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Oh wow! Dat wuz so weird! I been gone fur 4 days 'n I missed u all so mush! Puters r NO FUN! We couldn't get anywhare online, 'n MS wuz tellin' us we had 38 virus's 'n worms 'n stuff's 'n wanted 60$ to get it straight! Now it seems better 'n we got Avira downloaded 'n it only sez we had 2 probz! Wonner whare dat came from!? It cleaned 'em right on up! Thank u River 'n Simone fur lettin' us know's 'bout Avira! I think we r good to go. We gotted to do a 'back up' too, wat efur dat iz! MOL! OH my goodness! Ya know though, I had sum really FUN times outside playin' dese last few dayz! I gotted to play upstairs wif Timmy 'n Ziggy! I gotted to play ofer at Sam's house! Mom gotted lots of sunshine 'n outdoors activity 'n walked wif furiends around da apt's. We did haz fun, but Catster iz our home 'n we feel so comfortable here wif all U saweet, lovely 'n kind kitties!~ Haz I tol' u jus' how mush I lubbs u lately? I does, bunches 'n bunches!!! So we gonna go try to see wat we missed, I know's probably lots of spawcial dayz! I hope dey were grand, jus' like u r!~

See ya soon!~

Purrs 'n many nudges,



Many Thanks, Love 'n Pawpreciation~

April 30th 2011 1:19 pm
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Hi 'n Meowlooo, I jus' can't thank u all 'nuff fur da thoughtfurness 'n kind words when I came back from bein' offline while my 'puter was down. Den I got back to see I wuz DDP too! WOW! What a honor! Thank U Catster Diary Lady! I lubbs u so mush! 'N Thank u all so mush fur da prezzies 'n all da wonnerfur love shown. U R da Best!~
Mom gotted her paws full takin' care of us 5 kitties here on Catster, but ya know, her lubbs all of us 'n we be's good kitties! Outdoors is really havin' a high impact on me lately! I have gotten really good at climbin' dem trees, but my fur cousins jus' think I'm showin' off! MOL! I am havin' fun 'n I jus' might catch da birdie whoo is mockin' me one day! MOL! I'm teachin' lil Sam sum new tricks too. Him finally followed me upstairs 'n he wusn't too skeered. Him usually goes where I go 'n I not get furry far! I keep a furry close watch on where my mom is, coz her might get lost wifout me! We did haz another pizza pawty, it wuz Timmy 'n Ziggy's turn to buy. Dat Timmy was really concerned 'bout his mom when dat pizza boy came by. Dem mom's r so crazee too. Well I did join in by gettin' on mom's shoulder while her did a dance or two. I'm light on me paws though, 'n can do a number of slide, skip, 'n bounce techniques on my own. I'm purrty good keepin' up wif da beat. But when mom sings...well, let's jus' say her tries anyfur! MOL! That Sam is shur growin' up 'n him seems to think I know what I'm doin' outside. MOL! We run so fast 'n then Sam he pounces on me 'n runs ahead of me! I not in no hurrty. An' I've been to where efur he's goin' to probably anyfur! MOL! I like to eat da grass. 'N I chase bugs too, only I catch 'em, Sam still learnin'. I tell him, watch me, coz I older 'n wiser.

I hope U all haz a most wonnerfur Caturday wif many sunshiney days ahead. Iz almost summertime 'n will get hotter, but fur now, it's so nice out! I still lubbs my window 'n sleep there lots. It keeps me in da loop 'bout what's goin' on. I think I will take a cat nappy now since mom jus' washed me pink blanket 'n put it on my chair.

Wishin' U a wealth of happiness always.

Love 'n many nudges,


Thank U all again 'n fur readin' my Diary.


Making Mommy Smile~

May 8th 2011 2:27 pm
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Happy Mommy's Day to all my spawcial 'n wonnerfur Catster furiends mommy's! U all r da greatest 'n U ALL haz great mommy's, huh, bet ya didn't efen know dat! MOL! Well we does. 'N Welpers it's HER day to make her smile! Yeah, I know all dat mushy stuff 'n I love u's 'n all of dat is really kewl 'n all..BUT, is mush more important to make ur mommy SMILE!!~ I wroted a poem fur my mommy today 'n it made her SMILE! I hope it makes ur mommy SMILE too!!! Enjoy ur Day, mommy's!

Fur My Mommy:

Thank u mommy, U…I Adore,
Fur puttin’ my foodages down on da floor.

Den dare’s my liter box too,
You keep shuffled up clean all sweet smellin’ new

So many times u go outta ur way..
To show me love throughout ur busy day

We play each day when u come’s home
‘N dat is why I will nefur roam!~

So now I wonderin’ why U only get ONE day,
Wif all u done, u should get da Entire month of May!

I love u mom! Ur so spawcial to me! I hope efuryone haz a delightfur day wif Ur spawcial mommy's too!

Happy Mom's Day!!!

Purrs 'n many Nudges,


The Power of Furiends! An' how do you Thank them for bein'- so Pawsome?!

May 30th 2011 3:33 pm
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Hi! I have had da most wonnerfur Birfday efur! An' it's all becoz coz of U~! How do I thank u fur bein' so spawcial? How do I thank u fur always bein' there for me? How do I LET u know how warm 'n purrific U r to me? Words cannot express how I feel today~I haz so many thoughts, so big is my heart, so mush pawpreciashon deep down in my lil heart!!! My Catster furiends, oh what would I do wifout U?? My love is nefur ending. MY heart is filled wif joy 'n ofurwhelmed wif gratitude!~ So many thank u's fill my lil mind, so many warm feelin's U have put there!!! Thank u jus' seems nefur enuff, for my world is so mush brighter since I've met U~! My furiends of Catster, I can say Thank u, I can say how mush I care, 'n I can sez I am so happy that we all r here together, sharin' 'n carin' coz we know how mush our meowmy's 'n daddy's 'n furmily's love us, love us all, uncondishonally. My Catster fureinds, I can not efen come close by way of words how mush gratitude goes out to U today!!~ But I hope a lil poem from my heart will light ur way to knowmy feelin's:

Efuryone knows of the power of furiends,
The purrrific result, when efurythin' blends.
When Kits have friends, they don’t stand alone;
Furiends always help, when you face dat unknown.

Your givin' does not go unnoticed;
I’d be lost without you, furiend.
What we have together
No one else can comprehend.

Thanks for being my furiend!' a gazillion purrs, hugs, nudges, lubbs, 'n dear thoughts,

A furry warm hearted feelin' lil dood,
whofur know's how spawcial it is to be a "Catster".

Thank u so mush fur ur Birfday wishes, greetin's 'n happiness wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ Furefur u r in my heart~!


Pawlease Purr fur my Mommy!!~

June 7th 2011 6:58 pm
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OH 'n I guess I need to update my diary today. Mom's feelin' da blues. Mommy haz been goin' through some rough times lately. Her werks haz been goin' through what dey call a 'merger'. 'N when dat happens, mom sez da best company wins. Well, da best company in dis case is da one dat bought her company out. Is sad. Coz dey will be mergin' to da state of Colorado, not Texas whar her company is now. Dey chose SAP ofur JD Edwards, which is what her company uses in accounting. Dey r on SAP. Mommy doesn't know SAP. Sigh. Looks like all da peeps will be gone from Texas soon. All her furiends, all her co-werkers, all. Her is hopin' dat there will be a lil time fur her stay 'n maybe halps wif da cross-ofur. But, it looks bleak. Mommy not want to go on unemployment!! Mommy wants to werks, her NEEDS to werks. Her is in-de-pen-dent now. Her got her life's together in 2008 when her got dis job 'n went permanent. Her loves dis job!! It's a great Animal Health International Company!! It's NOT jus' a job, it wuz suppose to be a career! Now, all is lost. Sigh. Mommy is so sad. We not know when, but time is comin'. It's so hard to find good werks these days. Ya know? At least I am here 'n I keeps her happy face goin'!! I does. Her sez I iz da best thin' dat happened to her since furefur!!! I keep her tears dry, 'n I licks 'em. Maybe I halps her find happiness while waitin'? I not really know's what to do, but I here. 'N I Stay wif her, through thick 'n thin.
Thank u so mush fur listenin'. I be's afraid o' da unknown. Mommy know's I haz to eat!!! Werk is a good thin'! But, Time will tell.

Thank U fur bein' there fur me 'm mommy.

We pawpreciate all ur kindness!!! I lubbs my fureinds furry mush!!

*Milo hangs his head* It will get better, mommy!!! It will, I promise!!

*Milo wishes fur brighter days ahead* Pawlease purr 'n purray fur us,

Thank you 'n God Bless,



For the Love of Animals

June 19th 2011 11:17 am
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Hi 'n Hope Ur all havin' a Grand Weekend. It's ok here, not as HOT as it has been, 'n da wind is up. It's been hangin' 'round 'bout 100 or better lately. I stay inside more, drink more ice cold water 'n eat less. It's nice inside, a/c is wonnerfur, so I still get to play lots wif my super mommy 'n her chases me 'round lots! I love it!
Now I like to tawk 'bout mommy's work. Her loved this Job coz it revolved 'round animals. Her always sez, Milo, I love dis Job coz I love animals so much! 'N her sez, I care 'n want to be there for them, participate in something good for them. I know her loves me 'n loves all of U~! I know dis in my heart. On Monday, da 13th, peeps from upstate Colorado came down to share in their grand news of the merge of Lextron 'n Walco Animal Health International. AHII is what it's called now. Mommy pays da bills from Vendors all ofur 'n process's da invoices so dey r paid on time. Also her researches problems 'n makes sure da statements r reviewed 'n old stuff is taken care of. Her really loves tawkin' wif Divisions 'n Vendors. Dey all seem to love her. Now, her found out, As the two companies merged, HQ will locate in Colorado. Also her got offered a nice severence package 'n great 'stay on' bonus. Her last day is March 31st, 2012. Most of the office will be done December 31st.
I tol' her that's a long way off, mommy! Lots of things happen in dat time! Of course I will be here always fur her 'n care fur her 'n love's her wif my cuddley self.
On a good note, last night I started a new kin' of lovin' stuff. It's 2AM, right? I cannot sleep so I nudge her. I wake her up, 'n I wait til her eyes open 'n I can see them!!! Her still sleeps wif her eyes open, I learned dat! MOL!! So I crawl on top of her chest, I put my nose to her eye balls, coz, well her keeps shuttin' 'em!! Her kick da covers off. I go licks her legs, 'n nudge more. I get back on her chest. I MEOW LOUDLY! Her jumps 'n I Laugh!!! Her tickles my chin. I PURR LOUD! Now dis is what I'm tawkin' 'bout!! Ok, ok, so maybe dat wusn't what I really wanted but it shur was nice! I made more ruckus, knocked a few things down off da dresser 'n 'puter table, so her finally GOT da NOTION! Her get's up, creeps to da kitchen. Whoaa..low 'n behold, I got no food in my Bowl!! MEOW! More MEOW, Prrt, Brrrr, Meoooooooooooooooooooooow! My sweet mommy grabbed my bag of Purina One 'n filled up my bowl! Well, it's 'bout TIME, MOM!!! Geez, I nefur make dat big a ruckus unless it's IMPORTANT!! RIGHT?!? Ok, good, U can go back to sleep now mom! Thanks, ur a good mommy!! What a night, her tossed 'n turned so much dat I COULD NOT SLEEP!! Sheesh! Wonner why???? MOL! It's ok, I forgive's her. Dis Mornin' I wuz in my normal spot up top right next to her pillow 'n head. I purred. Coz I know I got's it good. Mommy I sorry u been sad. But I promise to keep on lovin' u 'n purrin' 'n doin' my grand head bonks wif u!~ 'N What efur happens, da future is NOT set, 'n life is good. So, We will make it. U will find work. I will eat. 'N all will be happy.
Thank u my sweet 'n wonnerfur furiends fur all da support, love, care's, comments, advice 'n thoughts. Mommy feels better 'n so do I.

Love always wif purrs 'n head bonks,



Hot Fun in the SUMMERTIME~!

July 2nd 2011 8:49 am
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Hey all my fine 'n PAWSOME Furiends~! WOW haz it been hot! Whew! But ya know it's really been fun to go out fur a lil while 'n play! Sam, he so weird 'n him LUBBS da heat, him not care, he go out all da time, but him still pants like da tiger he iz! MOL! I not pant. I know better when I get to hot to come inside! It's so nice unner da a/c! Sooo, mommy had a Great Birfday Catebrashon yesterday! Her did haz to werk, but dem nice folks took her to lunch 'n den her company let 'em off early! How nice! 'N den I got to attend a most purrific get together BBQ Cookout 'n Pool pawty in BKL! I so enjoyed bein' wif my saweet furiend HEN! Her furmily rocks! I seen many many meowvelous furiends there an' dey all had really kewl swim suits on!! MOL, mom couldn't find mine, so I jus' kin'a appeared au naturral. We danced 'n had a rockin' time! Mommy 'n me gonna haz a great three day weekend, coz dis afternoon my PAW iz comin' up from S.A. to be wif us til Monday! I miss my Paw 'n him so good to me. Also him got mommy's birfday prezzies 'n his car, oh I hope he brought me one too!! I lubbs prezzies!! We all gonna be busy dis weekend catebratin' da holidays 'n our apt furiends haz a get together BBQ all day on Monday! Efuryone bringin' lotza foodage! We bringin' da corn on da cobby, mom sez we gotta get at least 30 ears! What!? No mom, u can't haz MY EARS! OK, not dem kind of ears! MOL! Yummy, us kitties will be outside too knowin' we will be gettin' lotza treats! Mom sez there will be 8 BIG watermelons there too! I actually LIKE watermellons! Mmmmmm Yummy fur summertime foodage's!
Oh 'n dis time, mommy says her gonna get in da pool! Ha! Her nefur has before! I gotta see's dis!! Stay kewl furiends 'n enjoy ur 4th of July holiday 'n catebrate big time! Hope all of you enjoy time wif grand furiends, 'n family!!! It's a great life, enjoy it each 'n efury day!

Peace 'n rock on pals!!!

Hugs 'n Love,


Sharing Butterflies of Love

July 12th 2011 6:12 pm
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Oh how sweet!! It's a pawsome summer 'n we be's catebratin' wif Butterflies on our pages!! Don't they look so magical?! We r honorin' our beloved furiends who haz crossed ofur da Bridge. Our own loved 'n admired, Smokey Joe. Our Queen Tallulah 'n all her saweet butterfly gifts of joy, our Sonny Bono-a great furiend who is always there fur us, our sweet 'n beautiful Hen who is our joy 'n delight of elegance, Buddy 'n Hazel Lucy, Calvin, we have so much respect 'n admiration, Cleo, Sadie, Dinah, 'n more!! Da list goes on 'n on!! What gorgeous 'n efurlastin' fureinds we've made here on da wonnerfur World of Catster!! I am delighted 'n can't tell u how much Catster 'n all our furiends have made me so happee! I salute U all! 'N I thank u fur makin' my life justa lil bit sweeter, jus' a lil bit more spawcial, justa a lil bit more joyous 'n entertainin'!~

Enjoy ur night, my pawsome furiends, enjoy each day to da fullest~ Enjoy da love of Ur furmilies 'n furiends, enjoy all of life treasures.

Praise each of our Angels in Heaven, for their love will always hold true. Furefur 'n efur.

Be well 'n prosper...Head nudges 'n goodnite,


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