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A day in the Life of Milo

I Love my Sunday's and My Mommy!

March 28th 2010 11:21 am
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Hi Ho Milo, she said as I jumped up on her chest this morning. I gazed at her with my big baby blue eyes in delight. Mrwow, I said, which means Mommy get up, where's my new mousie, you know the one that squeeks when I bite it? Where's my catnip socks, you know the ones I can get myself that were on the shelves in the kitchen? Let's run and play catch and you chase me around and around and I hide so you can bop up and I run to hide. She was smiling from ear to ear, that way I know she loves me and enjoys my company. I nuzzled into her neck and purred my loudest ones. I pawed at her face and licked her mouth, and she kissed me back. Finally after my rounds of stressing the fact that I needed to romp with her, she stretched and yawned and picked me up to take me to the vanity, where I always get brushed first thing in her mornings. She is enchanted with me and I'm so lucky to be here. Just in time, she found my mousie and my catnip socks were just in another drawer, so no problem I can get to those ok. After my brush (I brush myself as well) she went to the kitchen. I smelled wonderful odors coming from top the stove. Meow, mommy was making scrambled eggs and bacon. Oh mow wow, that was sausage too. Do I have the pleasure, mommy? Of course, my darling Milo, she said. You are invited to a breakfast brunch for just you and me, she said. She set the table with me my own special plate and my favorite chicken broth. I yummed up that bacon that she took time to break apart, piece by piece just for me and that sausage! Mowsers, I ate with her and then she even offered me some eggs all cheesey on my own spoon. My mommy is a furbulous cook! After our brunch we went out on the patio, where it was a bit windy, but sunny and felt really good. We watched the hoomans doing their thing coming and going. I have a new collar now and it's handsome, mommy found my tags too so I'm all in tact again. You heard that I 'lost' two collars in the last six months? I don't like them, but I figured out a way to come out of them really easy. And then I put them somewhere she can't find, well I can't really find them either this time. MOL What else did we do today you ask? Oh we played and played and I chased her and hid from her and then..well then..I plopped on her lap and here I am while she is typing my diary antics. I will nap for a while, but then we will play again and hopefully we might see Tim Tim this afternoon. I haven't seen him all w/e. Anyway, I am loved and adored and live the life of a Prince. Prince blue eyes. MOL!~ But what is a Prince without a Princess? Mommy wonders if I might ever have a girlfriend. Because you know what? Smokey Joe has a beautiful girlfriend, her name is Sadie. They are flying all over the world in furtastic motion. Maybe someday I will have some girls that like me too. Don't forget I will be two in May and Timmy will be one in May. So I've grown up and soon to be an adult feline. I will be enjoying my furfriends and living the most wonderful life a kitty can have, because you know what? My mommy is the greatest mommy ever! Just ask Smokey Joe. Purrs with love.




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