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Minko's Mewsings

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Warm Days and Strange Things

April 1st 2010 5:31 pm
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It has been so nice and warm and sunny the past few days...even the windows are open! Huraay! This has brought out the bugs big time! Lots of fun for us, but not so much for meowmy! When I looked out into the yard, I saw that the double daffodils have begun blooming at the south side of the house, and the tiny regular shaped ones are starting their show at the north side of the house. Then I know that it really is warm! Everything is green now, but strangely rustly for this time of year. Meowmy says we need rain! In April! I thought this was the month for that...Oh well 29 more days for that...but since March was very dry there is a fire/burn ban and warning. Usually you only hear about that in the hot summer months. But it is also quite windy, so that only makes it worse. Someone in our area had a big problem when she tried to burn some yard made her yard a waste that's for sure, including her neighbours 2 sheds and lots of trees...and sadly 4 rabbits. Sorry, Easter Bunny, they couldn't get out of the smoke... :( I felt sad for their little girl owner.
(It reminded meowmy of the time a few years back when almost at the same time of year and in the same conditions (!), the nieghbours of us had a barn fire which also travelled into out yard, ruining the new fence and 12 trees...)
So be careful all you people, fire is BAD!
But then people are swimming in excess rain and water at other parts of the country...go figure!
Meowmy's schedule was strange today, too. She got out the nasty sucking machine on Thursday! Usually she only uses that big monster on Fridays. She mumbled something about a holiday, tomorrow...Whatever. ( Meowmy cleans with other stuff on days when the big monster gets to stay in hiding)
And a stranger even came in my den, so I had to go into hiding for quite a while. Meowmy even managed to coax me out, but when this fix-it guy walked past to leave I did the vamoose! Meowmy said that fix-it guy had to fix our internet connection. Oh! Goody, now she can talk to all the pet peoples again! Yeah!
Today was April Foo'ls Day, and the radio guy played a nice trick on all his gullible listeners...about stringing a zipline for use of the public along our Linear path...HAW-HAW! Wait till tomorrow when they find out they've been had! MOL!!
Later of all the insults, she nabbed me and gave my teeth a brushing...UGH!
But I do love it when she gives my furs a going over after she finishes with the teeth!
Well, I am going to go and take a big nap, after I groom my furs into perfection...
Purrs and Mews!


Attention Please!

March 28th 2010 12:59 pm
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Oh, I have been pawing meowmy and pawppy so much today...look at me! Play with me! Pet me! Hey I live here too, remember me?!
Ok then I got a long lap time whem meowmy was spending tons of what should have been cat time at the 'puter writing about my furbro, Pipo... Maybe I should have a pukey day...nah, I think I would be in trouble for that, and most of the other gross ways that kitties make themselves I just go and paw and meow at meowmy...I did get a lot of laser light chase exercise, and some cottage cheese and some meat and lots of lap time when Pawppy took a big-man nap on the recliner...
Oh, so I am getting attention...and of course the food, water,and litter were taken care of...Oh, well some kitties fare much worse. My biggest complaint this day, is that there are no sun puddles to enjoy and to warm up my furs. So, right now I am having a curled up nap in the cozy kitty nest with Pipo. I do love him, he protects me from the big evil, (sometimes), dog-guy, he is fun to chase and to get chased by, and best of all, to take cozy naps with on rainy dreary days when the peoples are busy with their own stuff...
Purrs and Mews!



March 27th 2010 12:14 pm
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Today while I was enjoying a lazy spell in such a comfy nest, meowmy scooped me up and talked sweet nothings to me while she walked through the house to the BR.Oh-Oh! She tricked me...! :o(
There was the little red cat toothbrush on the counter, all ready and armed! OMC How insulting to have some one open your mouth and stick that weapon in there and move it all around...So I bit the thing, every time it came on my teeth. Then when I thought she was done with that torture, she brings this bottle of stinky stuff and sprays it in my mouth! The Nerve! Since when do I need to kill germies in MY mouth...or use a breath wash for pets?! Yowl...then I gave her a nice foot massage, because she was brushing my furs...much more pleasant...Purrs came out of my throat! I have forgiven meowmy yet another time...
Purrs and Mews!


Clearing Things Up!

March 26th 2010 9:32 pm
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OMC! 1st meowmy makes me a blue bunny, or at least she thinks she did...MOL! Then today I look on the page and there is another blue bunny there, but it with my face?! OMC! I am so embarrassed! And holding a carrot! I eat catnip,and fish and fowl...the dog-guy is the carrot eater around here...was there a mistake? Maybe HE should have been in this blue bunny suit...MOL!
What's that? He already has a blue bunny suit? Dang, then I guess I will have to be in this get up for a while, yet...under protest, don't forget that! MOL!
I have already indicated that by my lovely catangry scowly whiskery expressions that are up on my page for the whole of catsterland to gawk at...YOWL!
Well, I can try to mew at meowmy to convince her of this stuff. So there! MOL!
Purrs and mews!

PS: Thank You, Bear.


Oh Dear!

March 24th 2010 6:14 pm
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OH dear, I am having some issues, today...jealous ones...MOL!
Pipo was a DDP again today. 2 days in a row! Poor little me am having a hard time being patient to wait for the day when I might have a turn...again...MOL!
But its OK. It was nice and sunny today, so I could take my pick of many sun puddles.
I still got lots of pets and playtime with meowmy and I even shared a nest with dog-guy for a while.
Then when it was dark and I was getting bored...I had a big game of chase with Pipo...I wanted to get him! But I slipped and slid off the CPU that I had jumped on...I thought no one had seen that, but meowmy did and she giggled. Sheesh! Such disrespect! So off i stalked to continue bothering Pipo...MOL! (At least I didn't hurt myself...).
Right now I am taking a long nap to charge up my battery for the next catventure!
Purrs and Mews!



March 23rd 2010 4:13 pm
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This morning at about 530 am(EDST), my cat-dad opened the bedroom door to go downstairs, to get ready for his work. For some reason I decided to sneak in the bedroom(where I am not allowed, nor any of us fur guys...allergies are worse from being bedroom mates). Then Cat-dad shut the door. And of course it was DARK in there, and quite cool, no carpet on the floor either...I was trapped, by my own foolishness.
So I mewed VERY a yowl of agony and despair! Meowmy was awake very fast with heart in her mouth...and my unfurbro woke up before his alarm went off, he didn't need it! MOL!
Like magic the door opened and I saw some light and a nice warm hand beckoning me to come...aah! Cat-dad! I ran over and out the door and downstairs to the furnace vent to lick my ruffled feathers and calm my frazzled cat nerves...
I should know better than to make these adventures, but an open door to a forbidden place is so intriguing - who can resist that kind of temptation esp a kitty!
At least Cat-dad didn't step on me; or worse trip over me like meowmy once did..but that's another story...that should be on my (angel) furbling Simba's page...



March 23rd 2010 3:50 pm
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My 2 furblings are DDP's today. So I will purr them my concatulations...PURRS!
I didn't get into any more Easter grass,so that is good.
Meowmy is now trying to brush my teeth evfurry day...Hah! I struggle and bite...MOL! But she says that eventually I will get used to it, esp since she ends all the brushing sessions by brushing my furs, which makes me PURR!
Well, gotta go, till I write some more, by way of meowmy!
Mews, miaows and purrs!


Warnings From my Meowmy

March 21st 2010 7:47 pm
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Minko was [pawing around in what was a bagful of Easter decorations...not yet put out...
All of a sudden, he was trying to rid his mouth of something. It was green? OMC! A piece of Easter grass! Stuck in his teeth! At least he couldn't swallow it, that would have been worse.
So a warning to keep all the Easter grass out of reach of your pets, just like Christmas tinsel.
We don't want any bad things happening to any of our beloved fur babies.



March 21st 2010 7:42 pm
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Yesterday was supposed to be the 1st day of spring...But it was cold and cloudy. Yowl, no sunpuddles...
So I was bored and found the cat hair remover brush...and while meowmy wasn't looking I knocked it off the it will be apparent that all my furs will just have to stay wherever I put them! MOL!
And then as I looked outside hoping to maybe find some sun to warm my backside...the sky was dumping these big white feathers all over the place! Like a huge pillow fight! OMC! Snow?? Hey, It is spring and snow is not allowed anymore...Yowl!
Well, If we have enough snow, then the Easter bunny will not be able to hide his eggs very well unless he buries them...and we will be able to follow his tracks down his bunny trail!! MOL!



March 18th 2010 7:33 pm
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I am the smaller of us 2 kitties in our catstle. My unfurbro wanted an action picture for a school project...what was he up to...his flashing machine is big and black and scary...So I tried to get away...but meowmy was in on the action...and she stuffed me into an Easter basket that she had nearby...OMC will this nonsense ever end...Then after I realized she wasn't going to put stuff ON me, I relaxed. She held the basket up in the air...and made me curious about the boa on a stick...when I reached and swatted at it, unfurbro made his 'action' pics... But since that camera has a different system than Meowmy's the pics couldn't be downloaded to the 'puter...Too bad, they would have been cute, I think! Because that's what I am...CUTE.
MOL, Pipo is too big to fit in that little basket...MOL!so he didn't have to pose...He just beat up the dog guy when he came to see what we were doing! MOL!

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