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Miss Rachel comes to visit and stay with us for a day!

July 6th 2011 6:40 am
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Last Friday night Mommy and Daddy bought home Miss Rachel.

Now, Miss Rachel I have only seen her in the vet. She is the lady with the gentle hands and voice who holds me and talks to me when the vet does skeery stuff. She also took care of me when I was in the hospital. She is a 'tech' or a 'kitty nurse'. I guess she's a doggy nurse too. Miss Rachel is real nice. She has funny paintings on her arms and metal stuff t hrough her eyebrow. She knows how to make kitties happy with pets and brushings so we don't stress. She has a kind voice.

So Miss Rachel came to meet us on Friday night. She petted us and me, not too much to stress me. She was very calm. Even the boys went up to meet her. She was so surprised how nice and calme they were when not at the vet.

So then on Sunday, mommy and daddy gave us our breakfast...first and second breakfast. They they went out. And later after our naps when we were getting hungry Miss Rachel came. I heard her call mommy and daddy on the phone and tell them she was there. She fed us and then stayed with us for awhile. She brushed me, and the strange little Bub. She took pictures of us. She drank coffee mommy and daddy made. She sat with us and petted me and spoke to us nicely.

Mommy and Daddy were so happy that we seemed happy and calm when they came back that night. I heard mommy saying that if they go away, they are going to ask if Miss Rachel will come to us to take care of us. I know that mommy wishes she'd stay over, because we were much different than when they are usually away.

I like Miss Rachel alot. She's got cat sense.


Back to the vet tonight...ugh...but I am feeling better, and- Mommy and Daddy help a cat that looks like me (kinda)

July 1st 2011 6:17 am
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Hi everyone!
Well, I saw the vet last week. Vet said that I did not look too bad. She said I have pancretitis and put me on a medicine for 5 days, but mommy just gave it to me for 4, because it made me not be hungry or care about food at all. Mommy is going to tell Big Vet. But I haven't thrown up at all, and that is a good thing! And I'm not as cranky and a bit more active!
Big Vet said that as I'm getting older, I may need a different food. She gave mommy one with duck in it, it was a presciption diet, but yucky, it was awful! I didn't like it at all! So mommy tried natural balance which I ate a bit of, but was so so with it...and then spots stew the chicken flavor and I liked that.
She's going to see wht the vet says tonight...I wish I didn't have to go, but I know I do. I always make sure to poop in the carrier so then I think maybe it will smell too bad and they'll just take me home, but so far it hasn't worked.

Mommy and Daddy helped a rescue person this week who lost a 'holding home' for 3 cats she had. One of them is pure white with big gold eyes. She was at the vet for a month with a bad neck wound. The lady said she thought someone tried to do something very bad to this kitty. Mommy's tech friend said 'maybe' or it could have been a reaction to a collar and just neglect by whoever had her.

The kitty is very friendly. Mommy said she looks like me, only not long hair and no grey. But she has 'my face'. But she can't, because I got my face right here!

She is up for adoption with a very, very friendly black and white girl cat, and a very pretty calico cat. The black and white cat is about 2, the calico is about 2, and the white one is maybe not even a year old.

So if anyone in NY is looking for a pure white cat....or a calico or black and white catmommy and daddy have one at their rescue. They are all spayed and tested and got shots.

I will let everyone know how I do at the vet tonight!


Whats a Pancreas anyway?

June 21st 2011 8:32 am
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Apparently I have one, becuase it's making me ouchie. I have to go back to the vet and I wish I didn't!
Smokie was at the vet last night because he's itchy. Vet got my sonogram results and so kindly explained to my pawrents that I have pancretitis and will get another blood test, and then antibiotics.
Mommy and daddy are going to make the appointment this week. Sigh.


An update on me

June 8th 2011 11:58 am
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Dear All,
I have been feeling better the past few days. I'm back on my subq fluids and some medicine to boost my appitite when needed. Little Vet is back and saw me last week. To our surprise, my thyroid is ok! They are still waiting for my kidney results. I may have to have another sonogram, though...because I hissed when little vet examined my stomach! and then I growled!

Mommy and daddy will have it done soon, but are giving me time to rest and recoup-mommy and daddy feel I've been through enough for a little bit and have noticed I appear to stress more easily at the vet now, something that was not before. Little vet also told mommy my heart murmur may come from dehydration, so i am back on the fluids along with azodlyl. I'm eating well, and getting brushed. I have lost some weight, which is also why I'll have to have the sonogram. Ah well, what is a cat to do?

Still, today I'm feeling quite well!

I'm enjoying the sun, and sleeping.

lots of love,


I'm a Diary pick!

March 27th 2011 7:05 am
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Oh thank you so much Big Harry and all!

As a cat who has made a move from a house where I slept with my people-I let them share my bed, to a small apartment where I sleep on my own little cushioned quilt on the sofa, I want to let everyone know how resilliant we are!
I thank everyone for picking me as a Diary pick! I am a little grey and white slightly longhair kitty who misses the warm weather and gentle breezes. However, at least it is sunny here today!
Thanks to everyone for their kind thoughts to mommy on heating pads and ideas to make a kitty like me comfortable! I am very happy to know you all!
Today, I know mommy is going to give me my medicine in a little while. But I also heard her tell daddy that they are going to get something to heat for in the microwave to keep me warm.
To all my fello 'olde furts' yes, we are only as old as we feel, and some days we feel it more than others. I want to say I love you and appreciate the wonder you have bought to our lives, and your kind support.
Purring for all of you-with kind head rubs,


Cold days make me cranky sometimes...

March 24th 2011 4:42 am
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Today Mommy has:
made sure I ate,
given me lots of treats,
came out and chased m bad brothers away from bullying me-they blocked me so I could not get back to my bed or my litter box-I was just drinking water!
shoved 2 pills down my throat...thanks, Mom!
Last night she and dad did the water under my skin. It feels funny but she brushed me the whole time.

I know Mommy worries. I get the ouchies when the weather turns chill. I miss the Spring, I miss my warm sunbeam.

Mommy will put the smaller screen in the window so we can get air and not so much chill today. Mommy always leaves the window out here a little screened because she beleives we need some fresh air.

I know all you mommies worry and hurt because we get older. And when we're 'old furts' like me, you worry more. I know I'm not the young lady cat I once was. But I eat, I drink, and sometimes I'm not so cranky. I get azodyl for my kidneys, I get cosaquin for my arthritis.

I want to send out warm nuzzles to Apollos mommy. Apollo's mommy will you tell him that I love him, and I purr for him? That if I could I would lick him well? I wish we had the power to do that my kitty friends! I wish I could heal our humans that we have here, because they love us so.

I know for all of us here, on Catster, we're lucky, becuase we have human secretaries who take good care of us and love us. And sometimes, maybe, they need to know that as cats, we may show it in different ways, but we do love them very very much...and we will always, what ever side of the Rainbow we're on, never leave them.

Oh, let the warm come back! I miss my sunbeam!

Nuzzles to all,


Spring has Sprung!

March 20th 2011 6:09 am
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Hello everyone! Hello Apollo, I hope you're feeling better!
Hello everyone, I hope everyone is well!

I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy spring, and send lots of good wishes.

I am laying here and smelling the good smells from outside and enjoying it.

I am having a nice lay in.

I am pampered and loved, and I know it.

I hope that everyone out there is haivng a great day, and enjoying yourselves!


Today I purr for Apollo

March 19th 2011 4:42 am
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I was reading that he wasn't feeling too well. I want everyone to know that Apollo is so handsome. He looks like the cat version of John Wayne in 'The Quiet Man' and I find him so good looking.
I lay on my little blanket and look at his picture. We're worlds away. He's a man cat who obviously is a cat who has roamed the big wide country.
I am a girl kitty who raised a few litters of kits before coming in from the cold. I know that some of those kits made it inside to be safe. I know some did not, and I wonder where they are now.
I hear the steam hissing through the pipes, and I wonder if Apollo is laying in his bed, feeling warm. I would snuggle against him if I could, lend him my purrs...because basically, despite fights and spats...we are kind creatures.
Apollo is so handsome, and he is one of those cats that only gets better with age! He is so very handsome! But then, there is more than is that he has such a way about him. He doesn't need CGQ (Cat Gentlemans Quarterly) status...because he is all that is good in a mancat.
I would ask, if any of the other girlcats here would send him good wishes. I know, I live in the moment. When Mommy brushes me and Daddy makes much of me. When I play on the scratching post and stare at the new laser toy. I take my medicines mommy gives me, and I sleep more...though I always enjoyed that after coming in from the comfortable to be warm and bask in the morning or afternoon sun, to know one has enough to eat!
But Apollo is kindess, and we want him to know we purr and care.

Purrrrs, oh handsome one. Gentle nose touches and more.

We love you,


Mommy's mixed feelings-Princess listed on Bobbi & The Strays- website for adoption

March 18th 2011 1:12 pm
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We are loving on mommy.
Mommy and Daddy didn't want to do this. But Big Vet had another talk with them. She said that she believes that Smokie, who has not 'acted out' since scratching mommy on Tuesday could 'go off' again, and feels that 5 cats in a two room apartment may be the reason. Smokie is FIV+. I am not. Natcat is Not. When she and I tangle, we are old tabbies (well, not really, but we're more matched in age and ability than he)we have a more equal footing. With Smokie, who's bigger and younger, well, lets face it, he could hurt us. That he hut Nat is not in dispute.
The decision to place Princess, who did not fight was not an easy one, but Big Vet states we must all look at the 'Big Picture'. Mommy and Daddy love Princess. We don't. It has gotten better-the boys seem to tolerate her. But Big Vet is serious. She told Mommy that if Nat tests FIV+ it could mean that it makes it harder for her with chemo. Mommy is hurting. She blames herself, but I love on her. She must not.. She is a person who has kindness in her..and who loves cats and all creatures.
I know that this bothers her...because she gets sad when she looks at Princess. I know she and Daddy are planning on Princess seeing Big Vet for a last shot and an exam. Mommy wants to make sure she is 'ok'. Mommy watches her sleep on the cat tree and cries.
Mommy told me 'Bella, I've never rehomed anyone-you were all brought in to stay. You're our family.'
But Mommy, you did not know that this would happen, and you are not giving Princess to are carefully selecting, along with the rescue, people who would be able to offer Priness perhaps a little more than what she has here besides love....Princess is younger than us...and at probably only a year or so old, would like a playmate near her own age, or maybe a person of her own without other cats. She rubs our people alot, and gives them tiny little painless love bites. She is respectful of me. But she tries to chase Ruffy.
Mommy and Daddy also plan on a physical for the RB. They are concerned about him and his behavior.
We love our Mommy...and we know it will be alright. And mommy is trying everything she can to make things better...but she feels so guilty over what has happened.
I am licking her and purring at her now...and looking at daddy who has just come in with chicken.

For us cats, we live in the moment, and for us, the moment means chicken.


Happy St. Pats and sweet journey to friends....

March 17th 2011 5:02 am
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Is fada an bóthar nach mbíonn casadh ann.
(It is a long road that has no turning.)

Cha d’dhùin doras nach d’fhosgail doras.
No door ever closed, but another opened.

I know that Natalie's diary is better known than mine. But I wanted to wish everyone a Happy St. Pats day and bid a hail to those who have journied before us.

While it is sad to see them leave their physical forms, it is a day when humans would, in times of old, raise a glass and stand upon high earth, and pour a libation, and hold glass aloft and salute the passing spirit as it flies free..

We felines, we frish with unseen friends and sleep curled around spirit, for we are the very ambassadors of the Fey.

I do not miss what I can't concieve, for I can still see what others grieve.

I purr for all my human friends who have lost a beloved companion and who miss them. I reach out with velvet paw and let them know we are still here, and there will, yes, always be another with bright eyes to regard you with an ancient wisdom and dancing mirth...for we are, really, Cat.

Today, let your hearts be light. Let the magick of the world, not the pain of it light your way through the day. And above all, cherish all that surrounds you.

I am neither wise, nor wordy, but am contest to lay here, in the sun, purring, feeling the breeze.

And with that self deep inside, I send sweet journey to those who throw kisses...and say 'look to the rainbow'.

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