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Second Chances

I love the newbie!

July 27th 2010 11:22 am
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And then there were 9! :) I know what it's like to be a foster cat not knowing if I was ever going to have a forever home. I remember being scared in the shelter, and I remember having and LOSING kittens...

Little Pria was a foster cat from the same shelter I came from. Mommy fell totally in love, just like she did with me, and she convinced Daddy that Pria was here to stay. She almost didn't make it... She was literally scheduled to be put to sleep if no one stepped up to foster her by the end of the day. :(

She is SO CUTE! As soon as I saw her I knew we'd get along. I walked right up to her and started grooming her and making her feel welcome. Now, like me, she will know only love for the rest of her life.


Home safe and other news.

January 20th 2010 8:44 am
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Mommy and Daddy picked me up from the vet yesterday and boy was I ever happy to see them! I didn't like being at the vet too much. I was really scared and lonely. My spay went very well though, and now I'm just relaxing, trying to heal. I spent most of last evening sleeping, but was right there this morning to say hi to Mommy when she woke up!

There is some more exciting news around here too! Mommy and Daddy brought home a new pregnant foster kitty from the shelter last evening. She is a beautiful dilute torbie that Mommy named Gumbi, because she has no top front teeth. :( She is obviously pregnant, but not very big, so we think she still has awhile to go before babies arrive. She is also very sick with an URI and very runny eyes, so please keep her in your thoughts while Mommy tries her best to make her well. Hopefully she will end up having a happy ending, just like I did!


The big spay tomorrow!

January 17th 2010 6:14 am
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My vet appointment yesterday went very well! :) The vet said I am purrrfectly healthy, that my coat, eyes, ears, heart, etc. were all wonderful. This made Mommy some happy. I had to have another freakin' vaccination though(rabies) which I really am getting kind of tired of. Also there were a couple of big noisy dogs there that completely stressed me out! All in all I was a very good girl though, and I go in first thing tomorrow morning to be spayed. I'm not looking forward to it, but I know that it is for the best. I will be staying over night there and then will come home on Tuesday. Wish me luck all!


It's official! :)

January 15th 2010 10:18 am
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Mommy and Daddy went to the Saint John Animal Rescue League this morning to make my adoption official. I was vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed which I didn't like AT ALL! I even growled at the guy who was deworming me, which Mommy found quite funny because I am such a sweet girl and she has NEVER heard me hiss or growl. I just usually keep my cattitude to myself, MOL.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the vet for a check-up and they will be making an appointment for me to be spayed next week. Wish me luck! :)


Exciting news!

January 12th 2010 9:49 am
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I AM STAYING HERE! Mom and Dad have decided that they are going to adopt me purrrmenantly. :) They say where I fit in so well with the other kitties, that I deserve to have a loving, forever home here. This makes me SO happy because I really have gotten comfortable around here. Most of the other kitties are used to me now. Cleo II isn't too impressed but I think that's because she's not the only female anymore, hehehe. I'll win her over someday, one headbutt at a time!


What's been going on.

December 22nd 2009 8:36 am
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Things have been super busy around here lately. Foster Mom and I wanted to let you all know that little Vienna didn't make it. She passed away when she was 4 weeks of age, in foster Mom's arms and broke her heart because she tried so hard to make her well. :(

On a more positive note, Zurich, now named Mojo by his new family, goes to his forever home tomorrow! :) He is going to a WONDERFUL forever home too with a friend of foster Mom's. Now it is my turn... I hope that I can find a wonderful forever family too!


10 days old!

November 5th 2009 2:29 pm
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My kittens, Zurich and Vienna, are 10 days old today and are doing SO well. They are both growing daily are are so beautiful. Zurich is a SUPER big kitten and his eyes are now completely opened. Vienna is a little princess and her eyes are about half opened now. In a few more days Foster Mom has promised to take pictures to share with everyone! Also, I wanted you all to know that I am feeling much better as well, and almost never sneeze anymore! All of your purrs have really helped!


Oslo is gone... :(

October 29th 2009 4:21 am
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Foster Mom came to check on us this morning and found that my smallest kitten, Little Oslo, had passed sometime throughout the night. We are so, so devastated. My remaining 2 kittens still look good, but PLEASE purr for them, keep them in your thoughts and send good vibes. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE NEED TO SPAY/NEUTER THEIR PETS! :(


My story

October 28th 2009 11:15 am
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My foster Mom and Dad came into the shelter I was holed up in on Tuesday, Oct. 20th to return their previous foster so that he could go to his new forever home. They took me home because I was very, very pregnant, and they wanted to give my kittens a fighting chance, away from the diseases of the shelter and in a loving, warm, kind environment. Boy was I lucky!

I gave birth on Monday, Oct. 26th to 3 beautiful little kittens. There are 2 orange and white tabbies who I believe are boys and 1 little grey and white tabby who I think is a girl. Foster Mom named them after European cities. The big orange and white one, who is DOUBLE the size of his siblings, lol, is Zurich, the little orange and white one is Oslo and the little grey and white one is Vienna.

When I first came here to my foster home, I looked healthy enough and foster Mom thought she got me out of there on time, but yesterday I was showing signs of an URI, and today I am doing a lot of sneezing. Of course this worries foster Mom as my kittens are still so small and may not be able to fight if they get sick. Foster Mom is doing everything in her power to make me well and keep us comfortable though, and my kittens look strong and beautiful, so please send good vibes and keep us all in your thoughts.

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