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It's an early Christmas present for me. I'm setting up my- Litter Genie!!

November 27th 2012 10:46 am
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(This is Brownie's Mommy again.) Say goodbye to that yucky grocery bag in the bathroom trash can with used cat litter. Say goodbye to the odor too. I'm getting back my bathroom trash can.

It was like Christmas day to open the box. I sat on the floor. I peeled off the label from the Litter Genie. Every present has to be wrapped you know. Then the fun of opening all the little doors. Very nicely hinged too. Inside the middle one I found all the good stuff, the bag cartridge, a pooper scooper, a scoop holder & the oh so important "The Instructions". Mind you, I'm getting older. This year I started to wear glasses, bifocals. But for some reason, I was too excited & I did not put them on. I looked at the instructions. I wished the pictures were a little bigger on the purple background. Maybe white would have been a better choice. They looked straight forward enough. I pulled off the band from the bag cartridge as shown. Then I started to pick at the "bag", so it was a continues tube. I pulled up and held the cartridge with the other hand. Now I could see how it worked. The picture showed to open the grey cartridge trap door. But mine was very tight. I started to pray, please don't break, please don't break. So it opened. Back to the pictures. Boy, I wish I'd got my glasses. I figure out how the send the bag tube down the chute passed the trap door. I pulled the grey handle on the trap door with the center door opened like a clam. I grabbed the bag & pulled it through the trap door chamber. Now since it was my first time, I'm going this better on the next cartridge. Next time, I'll pull more of the bag out when I send it down the chute. So it told me to put a knot in the end of the bag. I did & I carefully work the knot to the end & then pulled it tight. With all the doors closed, I stood it up. I looked at the scoop & holder. I saw that the holder could be attached to the right side or the left side. Wow, that was well thought out. I was not sure which side would work in our tiny bathroom. So I carried it into the bathroom like it was a paper bag of groceries. The little bell had not gone off yet. Now the fun. The only spot open was next to the toliet & the bathtub. I have hidden bottles over there, soaps, etc. So the bottle of bleach was sent to the basement. All the other bottles were sent under the tank of the toliet. It was a really tight fit with the scoop holder attached. After playing with it, I decided to remove the scoop holder all together. So the question about the scoop. I liked it but the one I bought at the kitchen suply store was better. It was to be use to pull fried food out of the grease. But it works great as a pooper scooter. So that was my set up.

The little bell moment about how to pick up the unit came after the first time using it. They designed a nifty handle just behind the top two hings on top. I slip my finger in & my thumb on top of the lid. I was able to pick it up without any problem.

So on set up I'm giving it 4 out of 5 paws. The size of pictures & the color of the paper brought it down.




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