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Meow to.... A How To Guide

April 21st 2010 3:10 pm
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Well tax season is over and Mom has been home more, kind of. This morning when she was giving me my "5 minutes of love" she told me she knew that my games were up and she knew what I've been doing for the past 4 months.

See, during the past 4 months, I've slowly gotten Mom to do things that I want, when I want. Funny it took her this long to realize it, but hey, it worked.

Meow to... #1 Turning your "5 minutes of love" into 10.
Each morning since I was a kitten, mom has always given me my "5 minutes of love". Before she does anything else in the morning, she pets me and kisses my head while I lay on the pillow next to her purring. It used to be exactly 5 minutes before she'd roll out of bed. Now it's pushing about 11 minutes per day. The trick is to make sure you lay on her or near her so she can't see the clock. Purr nice and loud so she knows just how much you enjoy her love. Give her a few headbonks and lick her forehead a couple times to signal that you'd like "just 1 more minute". Soon enough, it's been 10 minutes and Mom's now running late. Keep this up on a daily basis and you'll have Mom fooled in no time.

Meow to... #2 Make your feeding a top priority.
Mom used to be able to shower first and get ready before feeding me. Now it's the first thing she does after she gets out of bed. For the longest time, I'd stand on the toilet and meow really loud while mom was in the shower. I'd also put my paws on the glass so Mom knew I was there in case she couldn't hear me. I'd just keep meowing until the water stopped running and the shower door opened. Then I'd rub my furry body on her clean, semi-wet legs and get her all furry while I meowed more. As she walked around trying to get ready, I make my presence known by standing in the way and meowing until she headed to the kitchen. It's very important that you be as vocal as posible while she's trying to feed you. You want to make her think you're going to die from starvation if you don't get fed that second.

Meow to... #3 Show her just how much you love her. Lay on her clothes.
Mom is very good about laying out her clothes while she's getting ready in the morning. Now that I'm all full and content, I need a spot to curl up and take a nap. Oooooh this pair of black slacks would be purrrrfect. Try to roll around a few times on her clothing. You don't like all that shedding fur on you so try to shed as much of it as possible on her clothes. If you're a tuxedo kitty like me you can pretty much lay on anything and some of your fur will remain on it. If you're a darker colored kitty, try to lay on something lighter in color. Velvet fabrics are ideal for trapping as much loose fur as possible. If you're a lighter colored kitty, darker fabrics are your best bet.

Meow to... #4 I'm glad you're home. Now pick me up.
I've made it a habit to greet my Mom by the door every time she walks in the house. I always have so much to tell her. Sometimes she'll want to talk to my Dad or my little blonde mom but I make sure my words are always the first (and loudest) she hears. I'll follow her around and talk to her until she picks me up and acknowledges my successful day as keeper of the house. Again, being loud is a key factor here. If you don't make yourself known you won't get the attention you deserve. She's not the only one who's had a long day. You've been cooped up in the house all day. You've saved it from any unwanted intruders and kept any pesky bugs out of the house. That's one heck of a day. You need to be held and loved for all your hard work.

Meow to... #5 Kitchen time = Treat time
Mom's had her dinner and is now doing dishes. Guess who's ready for their treat? I simply don't care if her hands are all soapy. There's a towel here on the oven. See I'll even get it for... ooops, you might want to pick up that towel Mom. Be as vocal as possible. You NEED a treat now or your whole purrrrfect little life will come crashing down on you. When she stops mid-dish to give you a treat, you know you've successfully obtained Pawsomeness!

Good luck my fellow feline furiends!



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Purred by: Luke (Catster Member)

April 21st 2010 at 7:40 pm

Stache, my furiend, it sounds like you've got Momcat wrapped around your little paw - you trained her right - good job!

purrs, Luke
Purred by: Hunter (Catster Member)

April 23rd 2010 at 5:04 pm

*furiously taking notes* Okay, i'm good with #1 and #2, but I need to get going on the other lessons.

Licks, Hunter

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