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April 14th 2009 5:11 pm
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Mommie had her arm surgery today!
She is doing great! I will have to pet her extra lots
today just to make her happy. She had to have her
arm manipulated since it was frozen from her double
mastectomy this past year. She said a frozen arm is
GOOD! She told daddy she could keep the worms cold
when they go fishing!!! She is so silly!
A special bit of love from Mommie for all of you who
have sent prayers and love her way. She just couldn't
have done it all without you! She wishes she could send
you all rosettes....the very biggest ones...because you
are so very special to her.
Thank mew all.



April 3rd 2009 5:39 pm
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This is a letter to Savannh Ranes who is my new
friend. She is a beautiful girl who is in the hospital
in Seattle!
Mommie's friend, Kimm, told my Mommie just
how special Savannah is! She said she is strong and
brave and just purr-fect! We like to write to her.
Now, I hope she will get to visit me on Catster, so
she can see me!
(If you're lookin' Savannah, ain't I sumpin'?)
My boyfriend thinks I am purr-dy! Do you think so?
I wish we lived closer and we would sneak into the
hospital to see you. Can you just imagine that?
One very old lady...Mom...(don't tell her I said that)
and a really mean ugly cat, my sister cat, Mawse,
(don't tell her I said that either or she will pound me)
and beautiful tailless me! Only thing is, we might cause
everyone to sneeze! And then the nurses would throw
meowt, onto my tail....oh, I haven't got a tail! I'm safe!
I hope you get to come to Catster. And, oh, if you like
dogs....?...(I don't)....then you can check them out on
Dogster at the bottom of the page to the left!
Bye bye, purr-dy girl!!



March 31st 2009 4:30 pm
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I was all excited waiting for April Fool's Day,
then, Mawsie told me it was today, so I don't have to
wait till tomorrow, 'cuz it's today, today.
So, I thought I would pull a big fat trick on Mama.
I laid down under her feet and panted, and she just
looked at me like I was from Mars. She went about
her business and didn't pay a bit of attention to me.
**snort*** can sure see I count for nothing
in this stupid place., so I thought I would pull a fast one
on old Dad. Daddy is not near as smart as Mommie,
('cuz she said so.) so I figured this one is gonna be easy.
I went and stuck my head in his slipper and gasped and
fell over with a squeak!
I opened one eye and he was reading his book.
So, I coughed a little bit...cough...cough...erk.
Reading his book!!!! His book!!! I'm dying and he's
reading his book!!!
Fine....I can take a hint. Nobody cares or loves me.
I am done with trying to liven this dreary place up.
The people that live here are older than dinosaurs.
Older than rocks.
Older stuff.
And they are not fun.
I think I will move. I will find a fun place that likes
a cat with a sense of humor.
Well, maybe not....the vittles are pretty good here.
**^^$!#%!!!! Dirty rat....Mawse told me it was tomorrow
not today...and so the joke's on me.
And I can't call her that online or Mommie will wash my
mouth out with soap!!!



March 19th 2009 6:08 pm
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Well, after getting a few inches of snow, I am hoping
Mother Nature is done with her stupid tricks! I want to
go outside and play! Mommie won't let me out if it's
yucky outside. But, today, she let me out for awhile!
That was so much fun. But, then, Daddy came out to
watch me and purdy soon, he took me back inside.
Drats! Sometimes he makes me so mad!
Then, Mommie trimmed my toenails. Did I ever tell
you how much I hate to have my nails trimmed?
I totally spaz out and yell and scream and generally
make a fool out of my little self. I don't know why, it
really doesn't hurt, but, dangnabit, they're MY toenails!
Just 'cuz I scratched her the other day while we were
playing doesn't mean I should be nailless! Grumpy ol'
woman! And I mean old!!! She just had a birthday last
month. We're talkin' decrepid, here...really really old
and decrepid. Heh heh...snort...I like that. I got even!



March 9th 2009 6:03 pm
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I think Walter spent his whole paycheck on me!!!
I am so-oooo spoiled!



March 9th 2009 1:11 pm
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My Walter has just sent me all kinds of pretty things!
He is so sweeeeet! I just loves him to pieces!
No one else is so wonderful! He's adorable, too!!!
Eat your heart out world! Walter's mine!!!



January 28th 2009 5:00 pm
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I just noticed that at 5:55 PM today, I reached
Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!! And whoopie!!!!!!!!!!!!
And wowie!
Thank you to all the nice kitties who have been here to
see what I am up to all the time!!!!

I have had such a nice day. I got to do my spa thing
with Mommie. She bought a small hand vibrator with
big knobs on it and she uses it on my back. It has a nice
gentle vibration and feels so wonderful She thinks
that it is good for me since I am a Manx and some are
prone to back problems. Well, it hardly matters to me
why she does it, just as long as she does it! It feels
MARVELOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like a princess!!!
Wonder if she could do my nails too???



January 28th 2009 4:55 pm
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My handsome Walter is a spoiler!!! I got candy and
flowers!!! All kinds of stuff! Whatcha do with a cat like
that? Just love him to pieces!!! That's all.



January 27th 2009 6:45 pm
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We got a special picture together and I just love it!
Walter is just one fine lookin' cat! I sure wish I knew
who to thank for the nice picture....but, I don't, so I will
just say thank mew on my diary here.
How sweet of you to do this for us!!!!
I laid by the fire all day long and thought of my darling
sweetheart. I am just too twitterpatted to even think.
I dream silly dreams and do stupid things, like smile
silly smiles off into the air all day long! Daddy thinks
I am a nitwit! Ha!!! I am just in love!!!!



January 25th 2009 7:37 pm
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Shucky first and only love!!! I have a very
special Handsome boyfriend.....hint hint....his picture is on
my page at the bottom!!! WALTER!!!! He is so very sweet!
He is the cat of my dreams. I have been thinking about him
and dreaming sweet dreams.....ah-hhhh....snort! I am so
happy! Just look at his fluffy tail and his pretty face! He is one fine cat! And got lotsa muscles and he's big and tall!!!
Life is go-oooooooood!!!
Walter you are so fine!

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