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More Rain!

November 12th 2009 11:10 pm
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Yes some of you are crying for rain and we have more then our fair share this week. We need rain but not this much. Since our rivers are so low and our cave rivers are down this rain has not cause any flooding yet.

Our cave rivers fill first then our above ground rivers start to fill. The real problem is that areas north of us are lowerelevation and the cave rivers cause flooding there.

We have not heard anyone having problems yet. Just a few sinkholes on the interstates. One did cause a major wreck, after several cars ran through it and got flat tires. Then it got bigger.

The temp. is 42 degrees and that is a nasty temp when it has been raining for 3 days and nights. Sunday we to see the sun and 69 degrees.

Will sign off now as I am cold and want to join the Humans in the nice warm bed.

Yesterdays diary had a wrong number for Kitcat. I have corrected it now. Check it out and if anyone would like some nice cat friends check yesterdays diary entry and get the kitty info so you can give them a shout or invite.

I know they would be so thrilled to hear from all our friends,and your friends also. Have a good night. Burrrrrrrr I off to bed everyone. Good night.


Kitty Friends who want NEW FRIENDS

November 11th 2009 8:10 pm
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I have kitty friends who would love to meet other Catster Friends
Give them an Invite they are super nice kitties.

Paine (1011747)

Daantje (1007273)

Kit Cat and Squirrel (1012010)

They are waiting to meet you.


Rain and Cats 101

November 11th 2009 6:17 pm
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Rain did anyone want rain? We have a lot more then we need. We will be glad to share it with all you kitties who have not had enough rain as of late.
We have 4 inches and 3 to 4 more to come.

We are all getting ready for the Animal Planets Cat-a-thon this comming Saturday night. Starting at 7 pm. Cat Housecalls then Cats 101 until 2 am. We are getting catnip pop corn and tuna soda pop.

Scarlet has already pulled her bed up to the front on the T.V. so she can get the best view. Pooh has reserved the palm tree foot stool. I am going to be by Girl Human on the arm of her chair. She is off Sat. and we are all going to be ready for the event. Girl Human is also recording it on demand so if we fall a sleep we can watch it later.

What are you going to do? Are your ready?


Leaves, Christmas and Veterans

November 8th 2009 8:39 am
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We won't be saying that soon. Today is to be in the 70's what strange weather. Male Human got out this big box and sucked up all our fun(leaves) yesterday. It sure was noisy. We all hid while he made so much noise. But ha ha, the leaves are coming back today. Male Human just stands there and stares at them. Humans are sure strange.

Girl Human watched Cats 101 on the Animal Planet last night. It was a real good show. We watched it with her. There was one kitty from Michigan,who got locked up in a shipping container. 30 days later he was in France. Even his Humans had never been to France. It is on Sat. night at 9pm. Tell your Humans you want to see it. Lot of cute kitties.

Things have been on a normal path the last few weeks. Girl Human's daughter is back to collage. She is trying to study laws, what ever they are. Girl Human said that she could translate, as written law was done by dyslexics. easy for her to understand.

Scarlet is doing well, she is happy and up to her normal tricks. She has not lost anymore weight and has gained a fraction. Sweeny seems to be putting on a little more, but the Vet does not seem to mind his little gain.

We are all enjoying the Sun now that most of the leaves have fallen. That is the best part of winter. We get lots of sun in the front of the house all day long. We can see the Blue mountains also. They sure were Blue last night. There was not a cloud in the sky yesterday, so clear.

Girl Human had Christmas music on yesterday. She put out a village with white glitter houses, blue and white LED lights. It has little Humans skating around and around and around. We watched it. It made us feel uckie.

Christmas already, come on.... She put it by the fireplace where our one water dishes was. She said it was for us, some how we are not sure. I guess that is OK? We have not even had out Turkey yet. Girl Human said we won't have one. Girl Humans daughter will not be here for Thanksgiving. What about us we like turkey?>>>> We could have Two Christmas's TOYS, LOTS OF TOYS, YES THAT SOUNDS GOOD TO US>Well we are a kitties, We can dream.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone. Happy VETS day to all you who served. A special thanks to the WIVES also. They served too. People seem to forget that.


The day after all the ghosties

November 1st 2009 7:29 pm
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We hope that all of you had a Happy and safe Halloween. Since it was on Saturday there were so many parties and kids did not have to go to school.
More Moms and Dads were involved with their childs fun. All the towns around us had something for everyone. So in turn, we had no Trick or Treaters. We never get more then 12 or 15. So this year we had 20 very large chocolate candy bars left. The Humans gave some away today. Since kitties don't eat chocolate, we will not get to share. Girl Human gave us some licks of sour cream yummmmy gooooood.


Mail Lots of Mail

October 30th 2009 10:10 pm
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Wow thanks everyone Pooh is so happy, he is not biting me any more. We have been getting mail, mail, mail. Thank you. We have all new mail. All of the kitties at Calico Junction are so happy.


Halloween Eve.

October 30th 2009 8:36 pm
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Hello all you future Ghosties and Spooky Kitties. We are glad to be here on the Halloween Eve. Just a short While on the East Coast until it is Halloween.

We hope that our mail problems are behind us. We never received any of our mail that was sent from the 22nd until last night. If you did send a message and you have not received an answer please send it again. We would love to receive it. All our mail is important and comments also.

Scarlet was doing well this eve. She and Pooh ran around the house for a few minutes and she did real well. Sat. is weigh in day. Hope she has improved. She looks like she may have gained some weight. Cross the fingers.

Calico Junction has some New Catster Friends. Calico Junction are their only friends. I sent them the directions on how to set up their information on the kitty pages.So should have a full page soon. The names are Daantje(1007273), Tobies and Flush(no page for Flush so far). They are located in the Netherlands. They sent me a message today and would love to have some New Friend invites. There is a little History on Daantje's Diary.

We are sorry we could not give everyone we know a Halloween Pumpkin. Our Pumpkin Patch has been picked bare.

I have already told a few people that Pooh has Reserved a spot under the Humans bed. He has placed all his favorite toys in the spot and it looks like he is going to spend a lot of time under there Halloween night.

Happy Halloween and may you all get lots of Catnip treats and fur mousies. Enjoy.


Our Mail mess up

October 30th 2009 12:45 am
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Today I received a notice from Catster that my Email will not accept any mail from Catster. Catster said that if I did not give them another address to use that they would not be able to EVER communicate with me again.
I got a new address on Yahoo, but have not received anything as of yet. I am heart broken. I want to hear from all my Catster friends so much. I hope everything will work out Friday.
I am still receiving my messages through Paw Mail. I have not received anything about the gifts that I we are receiving. I keep checking and trying to catch them, so I can thank everyone. Please forgive us for not being so prompt in thanking everyone. We do hope everyone has a super safe weekend. Watch out for the Ghosts and Spookie things. Your friends at Calico Junction.


Any body out there?

October 28th 2009 9:29 pm
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Halloween is so close and all you Catster's must be busy. My email has be so quite. Is it broke? Pooh keeps biting me because he had not had any messages.

Be sure to check out our Fall Photo's. Happy Halloween.



October 27th 2009 8:37 pm
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Yes people it is Fall at Calico Junction. There are pictures posted on several pages. CHECK THEM OUT. This was not the best year. Fall came on Thurs. and was gone by Sat. so we had to be quick in getting photos for all to enjoy.

Sylvester and the cars are still getting little animals. The cars are killing them and Sylvester is catching them. We hope it stops soon. Girl Human has been chasing Sylvester so he will drop his catch.

Scarlet has been improving every day. She gets small fits of running, but doesn't go for long. She must rest after just a short run. She is smiling more now.

I would like to say that we all are sorry if we missed any Thank you notes for all our nice gifts and prayers. We have been having a problem with the E mails. We are receiving them a week plus. Sounds like regular U.S. Mail Service.

Have a super Halloween. We all are excited to go trick or treating. We are going as Humans. Girl Human is going as a Black Cat. Male Human is going as a Doberman.

We hope your weather is nice. Be safe. Have fun. Your friends at the Junction. P.S. turn back those clocks.

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