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The life and the Times at Calico Junction

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Now I can Sleep

July 7th 2009 9:08 pm
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All is quite tonight. No loud BOOM BOOMs. We will all sleep well. Have to get up early. Girl Human has to get up at 6am to get the House ready for the Humans coming to take pictures of one of our rooms. They want to use it for an ad on the TV, internet, Etc. I will hide under the bed with Pooh while they are here.
Sophia likes to be the greeter. We will let her get up, put on her make-up, brush her hair and entertain the Humans. I will let you know what happens.
Scarlet wants to let everyone know that she heard from TAFFY of East Purrsville. Her checkup was Good and she now has a FOREVER HOME. Scarlet is so happy for her. Love you TAFFY.


What a Day

July 9th 2009 5:01 pm
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Girl Human was up early again. She went to the tooth vet to get two teeth fixed. She has not been much fun all day. I sat with her, but all she did was sleep. I gave up, I moved to the couch. Man Human finally fed us. Girl Human is going to have to get up and feed our fish friends soon. THEY SAY CATS A LAZY.


Up again early

July 10th 2009 8:50 am
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Girl Human up early, good thing is that we get our dishes filled sooner.
Scarlet is at it again, Girl Human yelling because she is chewing the fax machine cord. She has that bad habit of chewing lamp cords. She has done it for years, none of the rest of us have the nerve to try it. Girl Human is off to visit an artist friend who is town today. Alone again.Well ZZZZZ. Male Human will be home soon.


About Time

July 11th 2009 9:54 pm
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Today the Humans were home all day. I sat on my chair while Girl Human cleaned windows and Male Human cleaned Blue's porch and house with the NEW shop vac. It looks much better. Girl Human cleaned the cat dishes, got new rugs out for Blue and Icky ll to enjoy. Man Human brushed Scarlet, Amber and Sophia while Sweeny was on his back with all 4 feet in the air watching the brush fest. He kept a watchful eye twords the kitchen waiting for food to appear. He always waits for food. He eats and lays by the food dish, just in case something may fall in it.
Scarlet received a invite from Taffy to join the Old Furts Club( I'm not old Taffy), but I joined anyway. I have already met a lot of new friends and received a Heart from Anonyomus . I also received a nice drink from Setzer and family. I also got some real good Lemon Summer Drink from Clair. Annie received a mouse in a gift box from Jeoy and Gypsy, that she is going to share with all of us. We can't wait.
Time to go to the comfy bed and take a nap. Sweeny will call us when the dish is full. Have a good night everyone.


Noise Noise Noise

July 14th 2009 5:35 pm
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Male Human up early and gone with the pickup truck. Later he returns and backs into the back yard. He unloads a bunch of wood and plastic bags. Decker wants to see." Out, Decker, away from the bags". Male Human spoils all the fun. He was making all kinds of noise. Bang, Bang, rake, rake, dig, dig. We all are wanting to help. What can we do? He starts to dig holes, this is fun. More holes. Decker and Z want to dig too." Out, you two, go". "Well he is no fun at all today", said Z. "What is wrong with him, Oh he is sick, look at that awful stuff he is putting in the holes" said Decker. "Wow I think he ate little rocks, look at the gray stuff with all the rocks" said Polly. Well he is covering it up, at least," said Z. "Thank goodness it doesn't smell, that would be bad" said Stasha. "He filled all the holes, I hope he is going to be alright" said Polly." Were did he go? the stuff in the ground it hard", asked Morgan. While all the guys at the Junction know something is about to happen. The Male Human is OK. He is putting on a porch so you don't have to sit in the rain. The front of the main cat house is getting a screened porch. Two days of work. this going to be nice.


Whats up?

July 15th 2009 8:45 am
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WELL WE ARE WAITING. We have a floor. Where is the rest? Male Human is making excuses --already. Going to the groomers, to get a hair cut, sure. Girl Human does ours, Why does he get to go to the groomer? Off he goes. WE WANT OUR ROOF.

What if it rains? We want shade. Hey come back here the groomer can wait.
We know nothing will get done tomarrow, It is Male Humans Birthday. His Mother is coming to visit. Well maybe next year. He doesn't have any more wood in the yard. Does that mean that is it???? That is all we get?????

Well we did have a lot of nice thing happen last night. While Sweeny sat in the bathroom window in the cool night air watching the fire flys and the beautiful stars in the clear clear sky, the E mails started to come in.

Amber got a nice Drink for us to enjoy from our NEW FRIENDS Stephie, Butter, Clover and that Cute little Memo. THANK YOU. We will enjoy that with the hot weather we are suppose to have this week.

Annie also got a Super gift from Velma 2K a FOREVER RAINBOW STAR because I AM SOOOO CUTE> and Dipsey got a nice tall drink from Tate and Tonka. We Will save that one for the weekend. We can have a picnic in our Safe zone. Everyone come on down and join us.


Raining Cats and Cats

July 17th 2009 10:07 am
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Well the big day is over and the candles were all blown out. We are sitting under cars etc: looking at this strange gray thing on the front of our house.
Now what is this? says Morgan. The Girl Human and the Male Human hung that big gray thing up over this bunch if new trees the Male Human put up yesterday, before him Mom arrived. "I wanted to climb the new trees and see the view", said Polly. "I bet I could get to the top of the Greenhouse from those trees", comments Sylvester." Let climb up on our roof when the rain stops and get a closer look", says Decker. Z says," I will keep a look out on the ground, while you all climb up there". >>>>>"No guys, away", said Male Human. >


PART 2 /of Raining Cats and Cats - Rain almost gone/ PART l below

July 17th 2009 10:16 am
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"Here he goes again", said Polly.
"I hope he isn't going to eat little rocks again", said Stasha." He sounds like he already has", says Sylvester." Yes, all he is doing is looking up at the sky and talking to it", said Morgan. " Humans are really strange", comments Decker. "There he goes again, off in that noisey truck, says Stasha. "What he up to now???", says Dipsey.

All in all the Birthday was a hit and all had fun Ribs on BBQ, food, food, food, but No kibbles. The bones looked good, the Chocolate Cake was a NO NO." They could share the Ice Cream", said Dipsey. We would like to THANK YOU for all the E- mails from everyone, wishing a Happy Birthday to the Male Human (Daddy).

We at Calico Junction would love to THANK all our new FRIENDS for the many gifts we received this week. What a nice thing to do. Some of our kids received their first presents. THANK YOU ONE AND ALL. We want to give a special THANKS to the BUSH family and we are so glad you like our diary. TBC>>>>>>


Cover at Last

July 20th 2009 7:40 pm
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"Well what do we have here"?asks Dipsey." Z seems to like it", said Stasha.
"The Male Human says its a roof," comments Morgan." What's a ROOF"? asks Polly. Sylvester says " I don't know but, where are the trees that the Male Human put up? I wanted to climb them and sit on the greenhouse roof." Well here we go again, the Male Human spoiling the fun," said Polly.
"It sure was nice today when it rained, I didn't have wet fur to dry," said Z.
"Well I guess its alright then", says Polly.
Yes we have a roof and no screens, the Male Human ran out of time. Z and Dipsey sat on the porch most of the day, on a bench the Male Human made for them to use. He said it will be next year now before he will finish it. Girl Human thought that at the beginning of the project. Cella would have liked it today because I wouldn't let her run out in the rain. She gets sick to easily.
Girl Human has been busy cleaning the greenhouse inside and out. Rained today so the out, has not been finished. We wish all our friends well, PURRRZZZZZ and HUGS ONE AND ALL.



July 21st 2009 5:20 pm
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We all have been planning a catnip party for Scarlet. Girl Humans daughter came home today to visit and celebrate. The party hats and dishes are ready. Man Human had a big crop of fresh catnip ready for all of us to enjoy. Blue is a little ahead of the rest of us. The catnip is in a pot hanging on the outside of his cage. He is playing turn the pot and grab. Icky ll is helping. Oh what fun. HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY DEAR SCARLET,

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