No Tree Is Complete Without a Cat Butt Ornament!

 |  Dec 13th 2011  |   26 Contributions

Sometimes when I'm bored (or when I should really be doing something else ... like writing a Catster blog post), I find myself wandering all over the interwebs, searching for nothing in particular. One of my favorite places to search for nothing in particular is Etsy.

What a treasure trove of nonsense and fabulousness! Go there and search for just about anything, and I bet you will find someone who makes something who has to do with it.

For instance, I thought I could search out some cat stocking stuffers for a cute post here. So I took a look, and while there were some lovely stocking stuffers, there was something that was even better that could not go ignored or unshared.

Behold the Cat Butt Ornament.

Isn't this a festive little tush?

But that's not all! The ornaments come in a bunch of colors, and if you're not Christmassy (or just want to proudly display your Cat Butt year round!), there are also Cat Butt Keychains.

I have never needed anything as badly as I need a Cat Butt Keychain. And the funny thing is, I never knew I needed one until now. But now I do, and I just feel sorry for my poor keys that they've been so boring and plain and cat-buttless this whole time. I hope Santa stuffs my stocking with one!


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