Nebelung Cats

The word Nebelung is German and means “creature of the mist.” That’s an appropriate description for this quiet feline who moves like a shadow. The Nebelung loves its family but may disappear when strangers arrive. It enjoys sitting in a lap and being petted and will follow its favorite person devotedly from room to room.


Nebelung Pictures

  • Nebelung cat named Bob (1997-2010)
  • Nebelung cat named Oliver
  • Nebelung cat named Emma
  • Nebelung cat named Gracie
  • Nebelung cat named Cornelius
  • Nebelung cat named Miss Kitty
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Quick Facts

  • 5.5 - 16 pounds

Ideal Human Companions

    • People who want a lap cat
    • Families with older children
    • Senior citizens

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Trademark Traits

    • Striking medium-long blue coat
    • Modified wedge-shaped head that’s more pointed than rounded
    • Long, graceful body
    • Sweet, quiet and gentle

What They Are Like to Live With

A Nebelung will enjoy the company of another cat that shares its quiet personality, but it may be less satisfied in the presence of rowdy dogs or highly active cats. This is a cat that likes routine and may require a little time to adjust to changes in the household. Early socialization can help it become more adaptable.

Things You Should Know

The Nebelung is generally healthy.

The medium-long coat needs twice-weekly brushing.

Nebelungs are rare and may be difficult to find.

Nebelung History

The Nebelung, spelled Nibelung by the World Cat Federation (WCF), was developed in the 1980s as a re-creation of the longhaired Russian Blue cats that existed in Victorian times. The first two, Siegfried and Brunhilde, were born to a cat owned by opera lover Cora Cobb of Denver, Colorado. Cobb recognized their unique qualities and decided to create a new breed. She sought advice from The International Cat Association (TICA), recruited other breeders to help and the rest is, well, history.

The Nebelung is now a recognized cat breed that’s registered by TICA, Traditional Cat Association (TCA) and Cat Fanciers Federation (CFF). It may be outcrossed to the Russian Blue without penalty.

The Look of a Nebelung

When it comes to the Nebelung, the operative word is long: long, graceful neck and body, long legs, long coat and long tail. Slightly oval eyes are a vivid green color, or sometimes a yellow-green. Large, pointed ears sit atop a modified wedge-shaped head that’s more pointed than rounded. The overall appearance is of a long, sturdy, well-muscled cat.

The soft double coat feels fine and silky. It’s blue and may be tipped with silver. Males and, to a lesser extent, females have a ruff around the neck. The fur on the tail is longer than that on the body. Tufts of fur are found behind the ears, and the hind legs sport pantaloons. The adult coat reaches its full development when the cat is approximately two years old.

Talk About Nebelungs 

Shy but affectionate

We got Frankie in April of 2008. He is the greatest kitty in the world. Very beautiful and very loving. He's shy around new people, but loves his family dearly. I've read that Nebelungs are rather rare and have only been around since 1985, but if you can get your hands on one, you will not be disappointed. I wouldn't recommend them for households with younger children, say under 8-10 years old. They are easily startled and don't really like fast movements or loud noises. Frankie is a quiet, gentle, adorable cat. We don't know how we ever got along without him!

~Roxanne C., owner of a Nebelung

Always following me around the house

My Nebelung, Aries, is 3 years old and the joy of my life. He is very lovey-dovey, and loves attention.

Aries sleeps by my feet every night, follows me around the house, and when I'm gone at work or at the store, he stays by the door ready for me to come home.

Aries is very good-natured, calm, and quiet. He gets along with other animals just great. Living with him is a joy. I do have to brush him about three times a week and he sheds like crazy. Be prepared for the fur -- it likes to hide in places!

These are very good cats if you are looking for a lap cat and a purring machine. They can be very territorial over their owners.

~Serina, owner of a Nebelung

It's so easy to mistake one for another breed

I found Bella Storm at the local cat shelter after my orange tabby passed. I've had a cat since I was 10, and not having one in the house just wasn't normal. Upon arriving at the shelter I didn't see any cats that stood out. It was a hot day so all the cats were asleep and not very active. Then my mom pointed at this little gray feisty girl. She had a hot pink collar and oiled up ear because she had ear mites. She right away was swatting her paws through the cage letting us know she wanted to go home.

She has grown into a beautiful cat, different from other cats. I've had her for two years and was originally told she was a domestic long hair. I knew she was something else because of her color and eyes. Well I was watching Cats 101 and almost fell out my seat when I saw a cat that resembled Bella Storm. I named her Bella for beautiful and Storm because she is the color of a Storm cloud. Now I am obsessed with finding out everything I know about Nebelungs. I love her and look forward to her love every day!

~Gee B., owner of a Nebelung

Didn't know I had a Nebelung on my hands until now

All this time, I thought I was caring for a Coon breed until I discovered and read the article on Nebelungs. This kitty actually belongs to our neighbor, but somehow has become a part of our family. All the personality traits described about Nebelung breeds accurately matches the personality trait of our Cleo. I highly recommend this breed only for older adults and not around children. Cleo tends to have his temperamental tendency and is "right on" when it comes to routine, and our cat hates surprises.

~Mari-Te, owner of a Nebelung

We love our gray Nebelung kitties

Being that my wife's favorite color is gray, our Nebelungs are a perfect match for her (and me!). Dusty was an "aristocat," loved classical music, belly rubs and jumping up onto our bed and lying between us at night. He developed liver cancer in spring 2008 and died three weeks after the diagnosis. We were heartbroken.

In his memory we adopted Remy, an 8-year old, from a no-kill shelter where he spent nearly two years after his original owner had died and left him orphaned. We named him Remy after the lead character in "Ratatouille," and Remy is so much like his movie character, it's amazing. Open the refrigerator door, and here comes Remy. Sit down to eat, and here comes Remy. What time is it...5:30? Meooooowwww! Time for my wet food breakfast (but don't give me any fish, I have urinary crystals).

He is now 11 and we love him so much, glad we could give him a second chance. Best advice is to let them outdoors for short periods --supervised, of course-- give them turkey and ham, give them space and they will come up and sit on your lap in no time. We would have no other cats than Nebelungs and one day when Remy passes on, we will adopt a brother and sister to grow up together.

Dedicated to the loving memory of Dusty, the true original Nebelung cat (R.I.P.).

~Kurt and Odette, owner of a Nebelung

Wakes me up for breakfast

When I found my beautiful girl, Roxie, a year ago I was doing work experience at a veterinary clinic. She was found wandering the streets with no collar or, on further inspection, no microchip. The vet at the clinic had put her at around 16-18 weeks and said she was a domestic medium-longhair. She was loving and affectionate, so I bought her and took her home.

She is a beautiful cat and prefers peace and quiet; however, she is very tolerant of my boisterous 4-year-old son and if he gets too much for her she will move away rather than scratching or biting.

If you're not up and breakfast is not served by 7 a.m., she will sit on your chest and bat at your face until you get up and feed her. She also likes to sit on any books, paperwork, or even computer keyboard to stop you working for a pat!

~Rachelle, owner of a Nebelung

Silky and vocal

I was volunteering at a Siamese rescue and fell in love with this beautiful mediumhaired blue kitten. Her name was Opera, and the rescue thought she was a Siamese because they found her with a Siamese kitten. But deep down I knew she was different. I renamed her Peanut, which turned out to fit her perfectly (she acts nutty).

I figured she had Russian Blue in her because of her coloring. And way before I realized what she was, my family and I would say she acts like a dog (and occasionally called her “puppy”). When I am sick and not feeling well, she mothers me and does not leave my side.

A couple of months ago, my family and I were watching Cats 101 and thought the Nebelung on TV looked like Peanut. Now I am obsessed with finding out as much as I can about the breed. Her coat is so silky and she follows me around the house. She is not very vocal, but tells me what she wants with gestures. The one strange thing about her is she loves for us to pull on her tail. I do have other cats, and for the most part she gets along with them.

~Jonelle F., owner of a Nebelung

Worthy of your undivided attention

My Nebelung, Sylvester, is a very sweet and affectionate cat. I found an ad in the paper for free cats right after Hurricane Katrina hit. I went to the house and this tiny gray furball came lay next to my foot and started meowing, and that's when he became Sylvester! For the longest time, I told people he was a Blue Russian, until I watched Cats 101 and discovered the Nebelung breed.

We allow him to roam in and out of the house, and watching him run to the side door when we call him is just too cute for words.He loves to play as much as he loves to jump in bed with me and cuddle. He knows when 5:30 p.m./a.m. rolls around because he's usually pacing by his food bowl and begging with his soft meow for breakfast and dinner. He does not do well with more than two people in a room, as he doesn't care much for noise. He loves lounging on our window sills and all expensive furniture in the house!

Since I moved for school and had to leave Sylvester at home, he has developed this special bond with my dad. Sylvester does not like any other cat or dog except for our 11-year-old yellow Lab, and it's taken him more than four years to become acquainted.

If you're thinking about owning a Nebelung, you have to be willing to give them your undivided attention. Don't worry, it is worth the sacrifice!

~MARIA A., owner of a Nebelung

Dedicated and loyal

Like a couple of other posters, I acquired my Nebelung from neglectful neighbours. I felt sorry for him after he spent a summer following me around the garden -- I did feed him a little as he was quite thin, but he was getting close to skeletal, so I let him move in properly. I have been rewarded with the most delightful attention seeker.

If my lap is spare, he is on it; if I step out into the garden, he follows me. I have a 220-foot garden, but most of the time he will walk with me wherever I go. He does go off daily and visit the neighbourhood in the evening, and has just delivered me a lovely live frog when I started cooking dinner. He dropped it by the back door, and called until I went out to see. So thoughtful, but lil froggy was put safely at the end of the garden.

If you choose this breed, be prepared to give lots of love to your cat -- he will need and try to demand it. If you don't have the commitment, then get an average mog.

~Claire H, owner of a Nebelung

Such a soft, sweet boy

We adopted our Nebelung, Grayson, about a year ago. His fur was so soft and he was so sweet, we had to take him home. Like many other posters here, we didn't know his exact breed until we saw the Cats 101 episode, but are confident he is a Nebelung.

Grayson is very smart. He knows when it's time to eat, knows when it's time to go outside, and "covers" his food (he'll actually pull a shirt or blanket over his food dish if one is handy). He has bonded more with my husband -- he jumps on the couch and sits with him, but only if I'm not home. He likes to head-butt me and enjoys walking around the backyard, chasing butterflies and birds.

He is a very sweet boy and we love him very much. We adopted a tuxedo cat at the same time and the two of them get along really well. Definitely recommend the breed if you can find one.

~Jennifer R., owner of a Nebelung

Quiet, beautiful cat who loves to be ruffled

We got Jack from a litter of feral cats after a relative found him all alone. he was abandoned at birth by his mother, and we've always wanted a cat, so we took him in. We were unsure of what breed he was until we watched Cats 101 and saw a cat that looked just like Jack! I had no idea these cats were so rare, making it even more of a blessing that he's in our lives.

Jack's a very quiet cat that generally keeps to himself, but won't hesitate to ask for attention when he wants it. He enjoys being held, but what I find odd is that he's perhaps the only cat i know who likes to have his fur ruffled. He purrs like crazy when I run my hand against his long, silky-smooth fur.

He's rather picky and particular. His food has to be served a particular way, and his litter box has to be a certain way or he has problems.

If you like peace and quiet, nebelungs are a good breed because they're generally quiet but when they do talk, their meows are very tiny.

This may strike as obvious, but if you want one of these cats, I suggest you get plenty of lint rollers and vacuum powder designed to improve the removal of pet hair from the carpet because these cats are really furry. During shedding periods, this can be a bit of a nightmare.

~Ryan A., owner of a Nebelung