Kitty marshmallows.

Recipe: Kitty Marshmallows

Warm up this winter by adding cute kitty marshmallows to your hot cocoa with this humans-only DIY.

Annie Butler Shirreffs  |  Feb 5th 2018

Before hot cocoa season is over, spruce up your drink with one of these cute kitty marshmallows (for humans only, of course!).

What you’ll need to make kitty marshmallows:

  1. Marshmallows (large)
  2. Scissors (food grade)
  3. Edible markers (black and pink)
  4. Straws or lollipop sticks

Instructions for making kitty marshmallows:

  1. Use the scissors to cut two diagonal snips in the center of the marshmallow, then pull off the chunk between the snips, leaving the cat’s “ears.”
  2. Use the markers to create the cat’s face — black for the eyes and pink for the nose.
  3. Skewer with the straw or lollipop stick.

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Thumbnail: Photography courtesy Annie Butler Shirreffs. 

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