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A group of Catsters has gotten together to host a photo contest for Catsters and cat bloggers. The theme is “Buzzin into Spring” and they are offering some pawsome prizes (including a “Cat’s Meow” t-shirt).

This contest is open to all Catster members and cats with blogs (International included)! There are three fun categories to enter:

  • Bee-in Cute
  • Bee-in Silly
  • Bee-in with my Best Friend

All entries must be real pictures of real cats! Photos will be judged on the Ahhh factor as it relates to the category.


  • must be cats and must have either a Catster profile page or their own blog.
  • One entry per household per category
  • Photoshopped or fake pictures will not be eligible for prizes.

Categories and Prizes

Bee-in Cute:

  • Grand Prize – Morgan’s Bee Bed, One year Catster Plus Membership, Laser Bee, Bee Collar, Skull Toys, Buzzin Hedgehog, Temptations, and a couple of surprises for the winners parent, including a pawtographed Homers Odyssey Book!
  • 2nd Place – Bee Crate Pad, Buzzin Duck, Temptations, surprise for the parent
  • 3rd Place – Bee Crate Pad, Buzzin Bunny, Temptations, surprise for the parent

Bee-in Silly

  • Grand Prize Hello Kitty Gift Set with items for winner and family (Calvin Collar – Hello Kitty, Ring-a-Ding toys, Hello Kitty Egg with surprise cat toys inside, Hello Kitty Surfin Splash Sprinkler, Hello Kitty Wristlet Key Fob, Hello Kitty Notepad, Hello Kitty Backpack Clip) + 100 Catster Zealies and a pawtographed Homers Odyssey Book
  • 2nd Place Calvin Collar Two Bees and Ring-a-Ding toys
  • 3rd Place Calvin Collar Buzzy Bee and Ring-a-Ding toys

Bee-in with my Best Friend (animal, human, or toy allowed as best friend)

  • Grand Prize The Cat in the Clover Snooze Sack and Ring-a-Ding toys, Catster T-shirt, pawtographed Homers Odyssey Book, surprise goodies
  • 2nd Place Bee Keeper Hat from Hazel Lucy Tranquility Blankets
  • 3rd Place Whats the Buzz Collar from Hazel Lucy Tranquility Blankets

Click here for contest details and info on how enter.

[PHOTO CREDIT: bigoo.ws]