We Know “Twisty” Cats, but Our Monday Miracle Is a “Tilty” Cat


Okay, serious question: What are some people doing to cats? The levels of neglect one hears of working for a cat site can be overwhelming because there’s just so much of it. To be honest, I imagine it takes so much more work to get a cat, care for it for a little while, and then bail on it. Like, why even get the cat in the first place? That does not compute! And while the cat is stewing in neglect, you still have to look at it and probably smell it and, like I said, isn’t it just easier to not get the cat in the first place?

Sorry to digress, it just makes no sense to me, and it won’t make any sense to you when I tell you about Jules, a long-haired Persian mix who arrived at the shelter with maggots. Maggots! Maggots festering in his cheek and maggots festering along his nether regions. Like, I don’t know, how long does a cat’s body parts have to rot until someone says, “Oh hey, we have a problem.” You can’t see me, but I just put my head on my desk in exasperated defeat.

But Jules got lucky. He was rescued by a good human friend and he’s no longer suffering from maggots. The maggots in his cheek were the result of an untreated bite wound and Jules constantly tilts his head to the side, also probably as a result of head trauma which has left him with a craniofacial nerve injury. Doctors don’t know if the head tilt will eventually go away or if he will just look permanently adorable.

Jules has had a rough start, but he’s still young, and from the looks of it, even if his head tilt never diminishes, he has a loving forever home.

All photos via Jules’ Facebook page. Go check him out there and let him know Catster sent you.

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