Nicole Piar's Spirit Cats Deck is the Perfect Way for Cat Lovers to Reflect - Catster
Spirits Cat Deck.
Spirits Cat Deck.

Nicole Piar’s Spirit Cats Deck is the Perfect Way for Cat Lovers to Reflect

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Like most people, I can always use more clarity and peace in my life. That’s why I had to check out Nicole Piar’s Spirit Cats Deck, an oracle deck designed to elevate your mood and help you tap into inner wisdom. These 48 inspirational cards feature vibrant and whimsical watercolor artwork. Each has a keyword like Vulnerability, Threshold and even Cuddles, along with a uniquely named spirit cat and a longer, poetic description of the meaning.

Nicole Piar's Spirit Cats Deck.
Nicole Piar’s Spirit Cats Deck.

A professional artist, Nicole has spent years practicing meditation and intuitive channeling. She created Month of Cats, where she painted a cat every day. When the cats started appearing with names, personalities and healing messages, the Spirit Cats were born. The deck costs $20, and you can tap into more information at

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