Bright Idea: Indiana Courthouse Hires Feline Security Team


There was a problem at the Boone County Courthouse in Lebanon, IN. Pigeons, endemic to cities across the U.S., were leaving their disgusting and potentially toxic deposits all over the building — and sometimes on court visitors’ heads.

"The mess was falling in front of the entrance door, and we were having to clean that up on a daily basis," courthouse Maintenance Director Mike Miller told WXIN-TV.

I’ve lived with chickens, and I know what it’s like to clean up after birds: Once their waste dries out, you practically need a chisel to get it off.

The maintenance staff needed to stop the bird bombing. But how?

The solution: cats.

I’d rather clean litter boxes all day than spend even five minutes scraping up petrified bird crap, and I guess the maintenance staff felt the same way.

They adopted Boone and Panda as kittens and gave them a home in the catwalks surrounding the courthouse’s beautiful stained-glass dome. In return, the cats patrol the windows and scare away the pigeons that used to plague the facility.

Don’t worry: Even though the cats live where most people can’t see them and rarely show their faces to the general public, they’re pretty much living the good life: They’ve got carpeted window perches, automated feeders, regularly filled water dishes, and regularly emptied litter boxes. They even have a kitty door so they can walk around the roof that surrounds the dome for some fresh air and sunshine.

What more could a cat want?

And I’m sure nobody misses getting dive-bombed by pigeons, either.

Via: WXIN-TV. Images: screen captures from WXIN video

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