A fat cat upside down and showing his belly off.
A fat cat upside down and showing his belly off. Photography by krblokhin/Thinkstock.

Celebrate Happy Cat Month This September


September is annual Happy Cat Month — a creation of the CATalyst Council, which wants to spread awareness about the health, welfare and importance of our companion felines.

A happy orange tabby cat.
A happy orange tabby cat. Photography by Shutterstock.

So how do we celebrate our cats and create a happy life for them? Let’s start with the simple things and expand on that. As for food, cats are carnivores, so they need to eat a meat-based diet. Choose a diet with wholesome meat ingredients and not just carbohydrate-based fillers and meat byproducts.

Cats like stimulation and enrichment in their home environment; provide toys and other items that cater to their playful inner hunters. Hunters love to stalk and pounce on things, so cats often enjoy teaser toys, plush mice and laser pointers. Cats also have an innate need to stretch their legs and claws and scratch something, and they will be happy if you provide them with an appropriate outlet like a good scratching post.

Our cats, as we know, can be very affectionate, yet they balance that side with independence. Therefore, we should lavish love and attention on them but let them be when they’re not in the mood for it.

Another way to keep your cat happy and healthy: regular vet visits. Well, if your cat doesn’t like the vet, it might not make him happy, but the preventive medical care will help keep him healthy by catching any ailments before they become serious. A growing number of veterinary professionals have committed to becoming Fear Free certified to take some of the anxiety, stress and fear out of office visits. Visit fearfreepets.com for more information.

And to learn more about the CATalyst Council and Happy Cat Month, check out facebook.com/CatalystCouncil.

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Kellie B. Gormly is a Pittsburgh-based journalist otherwise known as Mother Catresa to homeless kittens and cats. She blogs about her adventures in fostering at mothercatresaschronicle.blogspot.com.

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  2. Does anyone know the breed of this cat?
    Picture located above the title “celebrate happy cat month” fluffy large tabby cat lying on her back.
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