Cat Trapped in Pipe Gets Dramatic Rescue


A few days ago, emergency responders in North Middleton, Washington, got an unusual call for help.

A resident called 911 to report that a black-and-white cat had its head stuck in a pipe. Rescue crews rushed to the home to help the unfortunate feline, but they couldn’t extricate him.

So a township employee brought a reciprocating saw to the site, cut off the end of the pipe, and brought it and the cat to a local veterinary clinic.

“[Animals] stuck in pipes, it’s been a while since we’ve gotten anything like that,” said one veterinarian.

“The head was compromised,” said another vet, “so we worry about breathing.”

The doctors gave the terrified feline a sedative and went to work with their own removal efforts. Their first plan, to lubricate the kitty in hopes that his head would slide out, failed, so it was on to Plan B.

Township employees try to cut the pipe with heavy-duty metal snips, but the steel was too thick and the tool only bent it.

Time for Plan C.

Rescuers called in the township employee who first cut the pipe and asked him to bring his saw to the clinic to finish the job. When a tiny bit of blood showed up on the saw blade and the cat squirmed and cried, the team switched to the other side of the pipe, where there was more clearance between the metal and the feline’s skin.

Several careful cuts and some brute force — the strongest members of the vet-and-rescuer crew pulled the sliced pipe apart — later, the cat was freed from his trap.

The cat’s only battle wound was a small cut on the ear.

As he began his recovery, clinic staff and township employees tried to find out if anyone was missing a sweet-tempered black-and-white kitty. So far, nobody has come forward, and once he’s better, he’ll find temporary lodgings at an area shelter.

“Give him a day or so and he should be back feeling a little bit better,” said a vet. “We’ll get him cleaned up and one of the rescue groups can find a home for him.”

Hopefully, news of the cat’s dramatic rescue will result in an adoption for this cat, who would probably prefer to spend his remaining eight lives enjoying the outdoors from the comfort — and safety — of a window perch.

See the video of the kitty’s rescue:

[Sources: KING-TV and]

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