An Update on Russell, the Cat Who Survived a House Fire


Warning: Some of our readers may find these photos difficult to look at. Reader discretion is advised.

Remember sweet little Russell? The cat who got trapped in a house fire after his owner, Leta Mae Strickland, desperately tried to find him and firefighters finally had to pull her from the flames consuming her house? They thought all was lost for sweet Russell, until someone heard his tiny cry for help. The kitty, who suffered severe burns, was rushed to the vet, who worked hard to care for the cat.

It’s been about three months since we last visited Russell, and about five months since the kitty’s ordeal, and I’m happy to say that Russell is looking good. His fur is steadily growing back and folks at the veterinary clinic report that Russell’s shining personality continues to shine through. He receives regular visits from Strickland, who can’t wait to be reunited with her cat friend.

Russell is such a good sport and positive spirit that he doesn’t even mind a couple of goofy costumes — after all, they say laughter is the best medicine. According to vet technicians at Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care, Russell is recovering so well that they are steadily decreasing his pain medication, and he is so comfortable that he even falls asleep in their arms. His skin grafts have been successful and his legs are healing up beautifully.

If you saw the photos of Russell from when he first arrived at the animal hospital, it looked like he might not have made it. Seeing photos of him now is a reminder that with love and care, even the most lost among us can be found — especially if we hold on. Someone will hear your cry, no matter faint and hopeless it is.

Follow Russell’s progress at his Facebook page — and tell them Catster sent you!

Photos via the Facebook page for Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care

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