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Crave Cat Food Review in 2023: Recalls, Pros & Cons

crave cat food review
Last Updated on November 16, 2023 by Christian Adams

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Crave Cat food a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

The market for pet food is thoroughly saturated, yet there are still times when a new food breaks through and outshines the oldies. Crave has recently become a well-loved food for cat owners that want to feed their kitties high-quality meals.

Crave has become popular primarily based on the idea that it is free of many harmful substances and will help make your cat healthier. However, is it worth trying something new? Crave has a wide variety of options, from wet to dry and kitten to adult face divider 2

At a Glance: The Best Crave Cat Food Recipes

Our Favorite
Crave Dry Cat Food With Turkey, Chicken, & Duck Crave Dry Cat Food With Turkey, Chicken, & Duck
  • Real Turkey Is The #1 Ingredient
  • Grain Free Cat Food
  • High Protein Cat Food
  • Second place
    Crave Dry Cat Food With Salmon & Ocean Fish Crave Dry Cat Food With Salmon & Ocean Fish
  • High source of salmon
  • Contains no grains or by-product meals
  • Carbohydrates come from healthier sources
  • Third place
    Crave Wet Cat Food With Salmon & Chicken In Loaf Crave Wet Cat Food With Salmon & Chicken In Loaf
  • High in protein
  • Easily mixed with dry food
  • Filled with valuable protein sources
  • Crave Wet Cat Food With Chicken And Turkey In Loaf Crave Wet Cat Food With Chicken And Turkey In Loaf
  • Grain-free diet
  • High sources of quality protein
  • Most popular among cats and owners
  • Crave Chicken & Beef Pâté Crave Chicken & Beef Pâté
  • Real, farm-raised chicken
  • Contains no by-product meal, soy, corn or wheat
  • ormulated with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  • 3 cat face divider

    Crave Cat Food Reviewed5Crave Chicken & Beef Pate Grain-Free Cat Food Trays

    Who makes Crave and where is it produced?

    Crave cat food is a brand that began production only recently in 2017 as a subsidiary of one of the world’s biggest pet companies, Mars Petcare. This brand focuses explicitly on advertising its focus on producing high-quality cat foods at an affordable price. These are high-protein foods for kitties that need a little more support.

    All of the various kinds of Crave’s cat foods are manufactured in North America. They advertise that they try to source all their ingredients from North America, keeping it as local as possible. This doesn’t encompass all of them, and certain ingredients come from China, such as vitamins and minerals.

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    Which Types of Cats Is Crave Best Suited For?

    Crave cat food is supposed to cater to the wild needs of your kitty. They are natural prowlers and hunters. If they are indoor and outdoor cats, then they get even more exercise and need more support in their diet.

    Crave is a cat food that professes to contain higher amounts of protein than other cat foods do. Protein has a great deal of value in cat food, especially for the active kitty. They do not need many fats and carbohydrates to stay healthy, so Crave cat food has cut that out of many of the food.

    Discussion of the Primary Ingredients (Good and Bad)

    • Protein Content 

    The protein content of Crave’s food is one of their pride points as a brand. They want to supply cats with a healthy food source that is high in protein to keep them healthy throughout any of their daily activities.

    Typically, an adult cat needs anywhere from 35-40% protein in their diet. Often, wet food packs a bigger protein punch, but this isn’t always the truth.

    In Crave’s guaranteed analysis on most of their food, your kitty receives a minimum amount of crude protein, 40%. It can be even higher than this in some of the recipes, meaning that it more than lives up to a cat’s daily requirements.

    Not only does this food have plenty of protein in it, but it is also sourced from ingredients that are safe and healthy for your cat. Depending on the meal’s featured meat, it will have real turkey, chicken, duck, salmon, or ocean fish.

    Using real meat instead of byproducts also means an easier source for your kitty to digest and you know what types of meat you are giving them.

    • Grain-Free 

    Another factor in this food is the reduced amount of carbohydrates that it contains. This quantity helps your kitty maintain proper weight.  Most foods in a commercial diet contain more carbs than cats need, and most cats would prefer if they got to make a choice.

    Since this diet is one that doesn’t include any grains, it is easier to reduce the carbs that fill up many cat foods. There is no weight, soy, or corn product in this food. Instead, there are carbs from peas and flaxseed in small amounts.

    • Taurine Quantity

    Taurine is an amino acid that plays an essential part in the metabolic processes for most living things. It might have antioxidant properties, but it is still needed to support an animal’s proper digestion.

    Most cat foods now include a percentage of taurine that they include in their food. Cats only need a maximum of 0.02% of taurine in their daily diet because their bodies cannot store too much at one time. There is a bit more than necessary in this food, but it is at least there as an essential ingredient. The minimum amount of taurine in most Crave food is 0.16%.

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    Cat ball divider 1A Quick Look at Crave Cat Food

    • High protein levels compared to other cat food
    • A lower amount of fat and carbohydrates
    • Sold at affordable prices
    • Sells both kitten and adult cat food
    • Lack of variety among the recipes
    • For some, extra protein is unnecessary
    • Mars Petcare has had several recalls, although not specifically the Crave brand

    Recall History

    There have been no known recalls for the Crave brand. There has been for the Mars company as a whole, but infrequently since their inception.

    cat + line dividerReviews of the 3 Best Crave Cat Food Recipes

    Out of the small variety from Crave, there are three that have become more popular. Let’s take a look at their defining features in greater detail.

    1. Crave Grain-Free High Protein Dry Cat Food With Turkey, Chicken, & Duck4Crave Wet Adult Cat Food Chicken and Turkey in Loaf

    This cat food from Crave has a wider variety of protein sources than most of their other foods. The primary proteins come from real turkey, chicken, and duck meat. The turkey and chicken are the first two ingredients, meaning they are present in the recipe in greater amounts than anything else. Duck is the ninth ingredient, so it takes a lesser role in this food.

    Like the rest of their meals, the food is grain-free and doesn’t contain any by-product meal, corn, wheat, or soy protein. The lack of these ingredients aid your cat’s digestion because these are not natural substances that cats would typically have.

    This recipe is one of the most popular that Crave has put out. The cats that try it seem to love it and grow healthier because of it.

    Calorie Breakdown:

    crave dry

    • Grain-free diet
    • High sources of quality protein
    • Most popular among cats and owners
    • Duck is not in as high quantities as advertising leads you to think

    2. Crave Grain-Free Dry Cat Food With Salmon & Ocean Fish2Crave with Protein from Salmon & Ocean Fish Adult Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

    Crave doesn’t offer too much of a variety among their recipes as of yet. They do seem to have a couple of primary categories of foods. The first are those that get their protein sources from land birds like chicken, turkey, and duck. The second category, which this recipe falls into, focuses on protein sourced from fish.

    Although there are recipes that feature only salmon, this one contains both salmon and ocean fish for a different flavor. This doesn’t mean that the protein is entirely sourced from these advertised meats, though. Salmon is the first ingredient in this food, but this is closely followed by chicken meal. The ocean fish finds a place further down the list and is from menhaden fish.

    Just like other foods, this is an entirely grain-free diet. There is no wheat, corn, or soy. Instead, the carbohydrates come from peas, alfalfa meal, lentils, and flaxseed, all in smaller amounts.

    Calorie Breakdown:

    crave dry

    • High source of salmon
    • Contains no grains or by-product meals
    • Carbohydrates come from healthier sources
    • Misleading amount of chicken in an otherwise fish-based food

    3. Crave Wet Cat Food With Salmon & Chicken in Loaf3Crave Wet Cat Food with Salmon & Chicken in Loaf

    It is important to note that Crave isn’t only known for its dry cat food since they also produce wet cat food in pâté, loaf, and gravy forms. This recipe comes in a loaf form, making it easy to mix the wet food with dry food. Doing so is actually a recommendation from Crave to maximize the daily nutrition in their diet.

    Crave wet cat food comes from a minimum of 65% animal sources. They are still quite high in protein and entirely grain-free, excluding wheat, corn, and soy. The food is made from 43% chicken, 14% salmon, and 8% pork, making it high in protein and filled with healthy meat sources.

    The moisture content in this food is 77.1%. This recipe is meant for adult cats that want to be supported similarly to their wild feline ancestors.

    Calorie Breakdown:

    crave wet

    • High in protein
    • Filled with valuable protein sources
    • Easily mixed with dry food
    • Small quantities can require a great deal of food to feed your cat

    What Other Users Are Saying

    • MyPetNeedsThat — “Because there is no soy, wheat, or corn in the recipe for Crave cat food, you often find that cats that have more of a sensitive stomach can easily eat again.”
    • All About Cats — “Crave cat food isn’t nutritionally fabulous, but it does do better than many other foods that can be sold at discount and grocery stores.”
    • Amazon — Amazon is one of the world’s largest resale companies with a review system that outshines most others on the internet. As pet owners, it is valuable to verify what other people think of Crave cat food. Check these reviews out by heading here.

    3 cat dividerConclusion

    While Crave might not stand out from the crowd in terms of overall nutritional value, it does pack a veritable punch of high-standard protein. Coupled with the fact that it is entirely grain-free, which is healthier for cats, it is a great budget option to feed your hungry kitties.

    Crave recommends feeding cats a combination of their wet and dry food, and there are only a couple of variations of these. Make sure that when you switch their food, you do it slowly so it is easier on their digestion, whether it is wet, dry, or mixed.

    Featured Image Credit: Crave, Amazon

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