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Henri the Cat Paws His Nose at Halloween

The French Chat Noir mulls over humans degradation of themselves and cats, names it a "fool's errand."

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 1st 2012

Halloween is over. How did you all fare? Henri le Chat Noir suffered greatly. In his new video he turns his ire toward the dark holiday, exposing it for the fool’s errand it is, mocking the humans who surround him in gaudy disguises. He’s in the center of a costume party, but Henri takes no joy in it. Instead he broods, as he always broods, in his obviously non-native French (you can hear his cat accent).

Though cats are often part of traditional Halloween decor, Henri wants no part of it. He observes with disdain the pointless interior adornments that make a travesty of the sleek and elegant cat figure, the abundance of imb├®cile blanc figurines that populate the house, the commemoration of friends long dead. He wonders with despair what it all has to do with a big orange squash.

Henri notes the human desire to pretend to be what one is not, and points out a man in a space suit, saying, “That man is no astronaut.”

Observing that “Only an idiot would surrender his dignity to this folly,” the camera pans from “the white idiot” dressed as a kitty cowboy to our poor, unfortunate Henri in steer horns.

Again, Halloween is over, but the bruise to Henri’s ego lingers on.