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Street Artist Hanksy’s Newest Series: “Ferrell” Cats

The man who took his own name from Banksy merges celebrities and felines on the walls of New York City.

Liz Acosta  |  Jun 21st 2012

A spoof on the infamous street artist Banksy, Hanksy adorns walls in New York City with celebrity caricatures. It began when Hanksy picked up the image of Tom Hanks as his signature piece, parodying films such as Castaway and Catch Me If You Can. After garnering some notoriety, Hanksy took on other pop icons such as Vanilla Ice and Bruce Willis.

In his latest series, Hanksy creates a play on words and images, taking the likenesses of actors Will Ferrell and Colin Farrell, as well as rapper and producer Pharrell Williams, and mixing them with cats. They’re Ferrell cats. Get it? Like feral cats? (Ah yes — the puns! We love them!)

The debate continues over whether graffiti should be considered art (on the one paw, it’s often vandalism, but on the other paw, Banksy’s art is amazing, and he has been shown in legitimate galleries), but hey, we appreciate the joke. And maybe the images will help raise awareness about controlling feral cat populations through spaying and neutering. Who knows? Maybe it’s a way to reach a younger generation of cat owners. That could be a really effective campaign.

Have any of our New York Catster readers seen these around town? What are your thoughts?

Via the Huffington Post