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On the Internet, No One Knows You’re Peter the Cat

Watch Peter the Cat pretend to be a mouse to get an easy bite to ... wait, who invited those dogs!?

Liz Acosta  |  May 31st 2012

In an effort to raise awareness about online trust, miiCard has released a viral video that shows what can happen when no one knows you’re actually a cat. It’s a riff on the famous saying, coined by Peter Steiner in a 1993 New Yorker cartoon: “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” It refers to the ease of anonymity allowed by the Interwebs.

In this little claymation video, Peter the Cat poses as a mouse on a mouse dating website, but when he goes to meet what he thinks is an easy meal, he meets up with some unfriendly dogs. And you know what they say about cats and dogs …

Of course, knowing what pranksters cats can be, we’re not surprised that Peter the Cat got himself into a bit of trouble. After all, what’s that other saying about curiosity and cats?

But all’s well that ends well. Peter escapes his encounter with the dogs mostly unscathed, and he also learns a valuable lesson we can all take to heart: Don’t pose as a mouse on a mouse dating website! As tempting as it may be, don’t do it. Although who says that mice and cats can’t actually get along? Or birds and cats, for that matter?

Via BuzzFeed