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Apple’s”1984″ Commercial Goes to the Cats, and We Couldn’t Be More Pleased

The addition of a cat makes this legendary commercial even better. At least we think so.

Liz Acosta  |  Feb 22nd 2013

Back when I swapped my clunky Discman for an iPod I thought, “Gosh, I am $300 poorer now, but holy smokes, I can put, like, all of my music on here!” It pretty much revolutionized my entire life, and little did I know, the iPod contained secret subliminal messages that would enslave me to Apple’s products forever. I ditched my Sony Vaio for a brand spanking new 12″ PowerBook.

Apple is sort of like a cat — just a little bit evil, kind of expensive, and so totally cute it doesn’t matter if it barfs on your rug (which also just means you can get another one!)

Back in 1984, Apple made a big, bold splash with its Orwellian commercial. Setting Apple apart as a technologic liberator, the image of an athlete launching a hammer at a dystopian Big Brother figure is forever burned into TV history.

Directed by Ridley Scott (yes, that Ridley Scott), the commercial debuted during that year’s Super Bowl and is hailed as a pretty perfect piece of marketing. That is … until now. Thanks to Cat Bowl 2013, we can watch the famous ad improved the only way it could be — with a cat.

You’re welcome.

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