Hairball Week
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10 Cats Who Probably Produce The Craziest Hairballs EVER

Colonel Meow kicks off this special, gross week with 10 lieutenants in his hairball army.

Liz Acosta  |  Apr 22nd 2013

Friday is National Hairball Day — but this is CATSTER, so we decided hairballs deserve their own week!

This week, cats all over the country will hack and cough and yak their way to feline excellence, so make sure you check your shoes before you slap them on for work.

Just kidding! Hairball Week is all about learning about the anatomy of hairballs and how to prevent them.

And who better to kick off Hairball Week than Colonel Meow? With such a luxurious coat, Colonel Meow must produce hairballs that defy logic — tiny galaxies of fur and bile spinning out into the universe. Some say they have their own gravitational pull.

Colonel Meow recently became the new CEO at BuzzFeed, where he punished his minions for their appalling lack of wet food. Then he awarded himself several accolades for his superior leadership skills. We dare not question his decision. With his hostile takeover of BuzzFeed, Colonel Meow’s global domination is now complete.

And the world shall be covered in his glorious hairballs! Led by the illustrious Colonel Meow, here are 10 furry cats who will be producing some of the most amazing hairballs from their formidable fur coats:

1. The dark gaze of a cat pondering where to yak

2. This cat could probably produce a hairball his own size

3. Where is the head? Where is the tail? You’ll know soon enough when she decides to cough up her gestating hairball

4. The hairball potency of this cat is so high she actually makes our vision blur, like a heat mirage

5. We assure you that this is a cat and not a shag carpet

6. Someone mastered the art of back combing!

7. A majestic coat for a majestic hairball — she is queen of all she pukes on.

8. Mark her words, the hairball cometh.

9. Cat or duvet cover?

10. Oh we want to bury our hands in that belly floof!

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