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Samsung has a new phone to sell, and what better way to do that than to market it to cats who want to take selfies?

That’s the case Samsung and Virgin Mobile is making with their documentary video, and damn if we don’t find ourselves on board. Of course, we were already hoisting ourselves over the gunwale at the word “cats,” but this video is going to make us stay a while, maybe order a drink on the lido deck.

The video is called “Virgin Mobile Presents: Catsies” (view count: north of 200,000), and it’s all about “catsies,” or selfies for cats — by which we mean: cats taking pictures of themselves. In the video, a group of media-savvy thinkfluencers and creators (or actors; probably just actors) attempt to create a supermeme by combing selfies and cats. They’re trying to teach cats to create great selfies. And they think catsies will take over the world.

“I think this could change the Internet,” says one creator. “At least for a couple of days.”

“Sprinkles, can you stop duck-facing?” says another. “Thanks.”

Watch the video:

Along with the video, Virgin Mobile is staging the Catsie Awards from June 18-25, allowing regular people to submit catsies to Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr to compete for prizes. Want to enter? Give your cat your phone and get her started.

Note: Your cat does not have to take the selfie herself. You can press the button. You knew that, right? I hope you knew that.

So far, the entries are piling in. Here are some of the best:

Go ahead, enter!

Laugh with us: