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It’s Cyber Monday: We Celebrate with 10 Cats in Shopping Bags

It's in the bag. The cat, that is.

Dorian Wagner  |  Nov 26th 2012

Black Friday and Cyber Monday must be a cat’s dream come true. On Black Friday, mommies and daddies come home with tons of bags (yay, bags!) and on Cyber Monday, mommies and daddies order tons of things online … that come in boxes (yay, boxes!).

Today, we enjoy the bags.

Boston is not thrilled with the fact that nothing in this bag was his. Photo by GunstarSilver.

A bag full of fluff. Sneaky, spying fluff. Photo by vincentvds2.

Look, guys! This one even came with tissue! Photo by dmylar.

Nordstrom kitty knows a quality bag when she sees it. Photo by Abe K.

Bags are always better than store-bought cat beds. Photo by Chris P. Dunn.

Flexible bags are perfect for curling up in crazy positions! Photo by shareub.

Monkey the cat monkeying around in his new bag. Photo by dmoola.

Java may be a kitten, but she already knows bags are where it’s at! Photo by Barb Henry.

I think this bag is upside-down. Does everything look upside-down to you? Photo by wjsear.

This bag is in big trouble … Photo by elycefeliz.