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The 10 Best Kind of Cat Photos

Our friends over at KitNipBox are having a photo contest! To help inspire you, they've listed their favorite kind of cat photos all right here.

Jonathan Cox  |  Aug 20th 2014

The folks at KitNipBox get a lot of adorable photos, and in honor of that they’re having a photo contest! To kick it off, they complied a list of the 10 best kinds of cat photos.

1. Cats in boxes

Cats love boxes, and KitNipBoxes are no exception. They’re the perfect size for cats to cuddle up in and take a nice nap.

2. Cuddling kitties

It may be a stereotype that cats are loners, but those of us with two or more kitties know that isn’t the case. Our cat brothers and sisters just love snuggling up with each other.

3. Sleeping kitties

Cats are originally hunters, and they sleep a lot to conserve their energy when they’re not hunting (or playing with us!). Most cats sleep between 16 and 18 hours a day, and they’re always adorable when they do.

4. Cats playing with toys

Since cats are hunters, it’s important to stimulate that urge to hunt — that’s why they love mouse toys so much!

5. Cats climbing things

Everybody knows cats love to climb everything, especially things that are off-limits. Of course, they usually look pretty cute no matter where they get themselves.

6. Cats fitting perfectly in things

Cats are basically a liquid — pour them in any container and they’ll find a way to spread out and fit.

7. Cat GIFs

It’s no secret that the Internet is filled with cat gifs, and the best ones are when they’re acting totally crazy.

8. Cats kneading each other

Kneading is actually a trait retained from when they’re young kittens, as a way of getting the mother ready to nurse, but it’s pretty stinking cute whenever they do it.

9. Cats and dogs getting along

While it might be common knowledge that cats and dogs are enemies, we disagree. Cats and dogs can make loving, cuddly brothers and sisters.

10. Rescue photos

There are so many cats out there in need, and without the work of great shelters like our friends at Sean Casey Animal Rescue, there would be many more in need.

Top photo by Jellalun

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