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Help Me Pick the Best Celebrity Hairstyles for Me and My Cats!

Using a fashion site I transform us into Katy Perry, Rihanna, and more, with ridiculously fun results.

Angie Bailey  |  Apr 27th 2015

Confession: I’m obsessed with those sites that allow users to upload their own photo and “try on” hairstyles, glasses, and full makeovers. A couple of months ago I wanted a new hairdo, so I excitedly dove into InStyle’s Hollywood Hair site. I spent an hour playing and never really found anything of value. I just enjoyed seeing if I could pull off a funky Kesha hairstyle. (I couldn’t.)

Here are some of the styles I tried. I decided to use this photo as a base for this post because it has a better face-forward look. The thing is, I had long hair, so I could only use celebrities with long hairstyles to cover up my tresses.

What do you think? Which is your favorite?

angie hair

A. Katy Perry

This style is most like the one I wound up choosing for myself — dark hair and bangs. I haven’t have bangs since eighth grade, so it was pretty exciting for me. I like the Katy Perry look mostly because I think I look good with dark hair, but baby, I’m no firework. Still, I think it’s my fave.

B. Jessica Chastain

This is my husband’s favorite look because he’s a fanatic for Jessica Chastain’s hair. While we were watching a red carpet show a couple of years ago, her silky locks took his breath away so much that he said he wanted a shirt made out of them. I know that sounds like of Silence of the Lambs-ish, but he’s not creepy — I promise. He just appreciates nice hair. I think this look is OK on me, but I prefer the dark hair. I texted him this series of photos last week, and he responded with only one word: “hairshirt!”

C. Kesha

Um, no.

Now, on to my cats — the real reason I wrote this post. You know how I love cats doing people things? Well, this little project fit the bill in the best way ever. My mom and I sat around for more time than I’ll admit trying a variety of celebrity hairstyles on our cats. Here’s our final selection for your consideration. Which do you like best?

1. Cosmo

cosmo hair
A. January Jones as Betty Draper from Mad Men

I think he can pull off this look, and he looks classy, don’t you think? I just don’t believe he could maintain it on a daily basis. Plus, he’d bat all his rollers under the sofa.

B. Kristen Stewart

This is fine, but I’m not sold on the color. He might do better with Kristen as Bella from Twilight. Plus, I’ve always suspected he’s a vampire because he’ll only enter some rooms when he’s invited. I’m not referring to the bathroom, of course — he enthusiastically barrels into the loo whenever I’m using the facilities.

C. Nicki Minaj

I never thought I’d write this, but Cosmo is the perfect Nicki Minaj. Don’t you think he even looks like her? He rocks that pink hair like nobody’s business.

2. Phoebe

phoebe hair
A. Katy Perry

Phoebe has a sassy attitude, so I knew she had to be a diva of some kind. I like the bangs on her Katy Perry look, plus I thought we’d make cute twins. Not in love with this hairdo on her, though.

B. Rihanna

Now this style is the bomb on Miss Phoebe. My son has a slight crush on Rihanna, so he was partial to this spiky fashion. Phoebe’s afraid of umbrellas, though, so I’m not sure she’d submit to it.

C. Sia

Phoebe’s too much of an extrovert to hide behind that crazy Sia hair.

3. Saffy

saffy hair
I have to introduce this selection by noting that Saffy didn’t look bad in any of the hairstyles we tried on her. Not even kidding.

A. Reese Witherspoon

Yes, yes, yes. The bangs are just perfect, and the way the hair frames her face is poetic. A look this good should be illegal — Illegally Blonde (sorry). This is my favorite.

B. Scarlett Johansson

Can you say “sass”? Oh, Miss Scarlett, you win. This is my favorite.

C. Sofia Vergara

Who knew Saffy could pull off a Colombian comedienne? Hermosa! This is my favorite.

Which hairstyles do you like best on each of us? Tell us in the comments!

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