Sorry, we don’t mean to be rude. We couldn’t help but notice that you have a small cat on your smartphone. Yeah, right there. Oh, you put him there on purpose? He’s protecting your headphone jack? That’s a great idea! He’s totally adorable, too.

With iPhones or Android phones, you can carry around a camera, talk to your friends, access the Internet, and listen to music in one device. One of the problems, however, is that you probably always have your phone in your hand, and that means exposing it to the dangers of the world. Like dust in your headphones jack, which can deteriorate sound quality — a real bummer when all you want to do is listen to music on the bus and scroll through Instagram.

You can protect your headphones jack with one of these little guys, the iCat Earphone Jack Cover. It’s a cat-shaped jack cover designed to look like you’ve got a little buddy hanging out with you.

The little cats are (strangely) quite anatomically correct, despite their otherwise cartoon appearance. Don’t the makers know they should be spaying and neutering their cats? Otherwise all the tiny cell-phone cats will have babies and there will be populations of tiny, feral cell-phone cats running around all over the place and there simply won’t be enough headphone jacks for them all and then what?

Okay, but seriously — they’re cute. It looks like their availability is a little spotty, but try checking out this site to get your own.