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Cat Performs “Mistical” Ritual with Humidifier

Is it a day at the spa? Or is this kitty summoning spiritual help for the next battle with cat toys?

Liz Acosta  |  Jul 18th 2012

Sometimes we need to pause in our overworked, busy, stressed-out lives and take a cue from our cats. They prioritize sleeping, eating, and affection — and have you ever seen an unhappy cat? They’re always ready with energy to bound after a length of string or cuddle up in your lap. Cats definitely know how to relax and chill out in a basket of fresh laundry — it’s the simple things in life, right?

This kitty pushes the boundaries by getting a misty facial — after all, there’s nothing that calms and clears the pores quite like it. Ah yes, a day at the spa. And this trip to the spa hardly costs anything … all you need is a home humidifier and you’re set. It’s that easy!

But cats have a sense of humor, right? Or at least they like to humor us, and this kitty attempts to paw at and catch the vapor in vain.

Or maybe he is performing some sort of misty ritual, summoning kitty apparitions from the past to give him strength to confront his archnemesis — the laser pointer! — again.

Whatever his intention, it certainly looks adorable.