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10 Haiku Poems Written by Cats

Do you believe cats don't have deep thoughts? Think again. Here are 10 poems penned by kitties.

 |  Jan 30th 2013  |   42 Contributions

Cats spend quite a lot of time staring into space -- and sometimes at invisible spots on the wall. I've often wondered what they might be thinking about during those zone-outs. Are they be daydreaming about finally catching that red laser dot? Are they trying to figure out how to retrieve that catnip banana they'd batted under the dining room hutch? No and no. They're mentally writing cat haiku, of course.

Here are 10 haiku poems by cats:

"Haiku -- do you?" Cat Resting Under Jade Plant by Flickr Creative Commons

Aromatic trash

You forgot to close the lid

Remnants of taco

"Do I smell Mexican?" Scavenger by Flickr Creative Commons

At the toilet tank

Licking sweet condensation

J'aime les toilettes

"J'aime des toilettes." Tucked in on the Toilet by Flickr Creative Commons


My prison, a plastic noose

The cone on my neck 

"The shame ..." Treats? by Flickr Creative Commons

Key in the front door

Excited to see you but

Mostly I want food

"Welcome Home. Feed me." Beautiful White Ragamuffin Cat by Shutterstock

 How can I expect

To appear dignified with

This wig on my head?

"I sure hope Mittens and the guys never see this one."

Your head is quite small

Tell me why I cannot have

Most of your pillow

"That's not so bad, right?" Gus Likes to Sleep on My Pillow by Flickr Creative Commons

Deep concentration

Focused, my eyes fixed ahead

Here comes number two

"And heeere it comes." Cat Dispose in Litter Box by Shutterstock

Cocooned in blankets

Cruel truth descends upon me

You're making the bed

"Thanks for ruining my morning." Cat Under Blankets by Shutterstock

My morning greeting

Your first hello to the day

My butt in your face 

"Wakey, wakey!" Woman and Her Cat Relaxing in Her Bed by Shutterstock

Your lips, dry and cracked

I've batted all your Chapstick

Under the sofa

"Don't even try to kiss me with those chappy lips."

What would your cat's haiku look like? Give us a sample or two in the comments! Remember to use only 17 syllables.  


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